Appliance Rebate from Bosch

(This blog posted on April 24, 2012.  The rebates mentioned are no longer current.)

Are your outdated kitchen appliances an eye-sore? Should they be on display in the Smithsonian? Have you repaired the same appliances more times than you care to mention? Well, it may be time to update that kitchen with a new refrigerator, cooktop and dishwasher from Bosch. Think about how great your kitchen would look with stainless steel appliances, all shiny and new. And an appliance rebate to boot!

Take your kitchen from blah to BAM!

Rebates, Rebates, Rebates

Saving energy and saving money is the name of the game these days. Bosch appliances deliver quality performance, efficiency and a sleek modern style. CurrentlyBosch is offering two big rebates:

  • Receive up to 15% rebate on eligible Bosch kitchen packages
  • Receive up to $300 consumer rebate on Bosch cooktop

The 15% rebate on the kitchen package breaks down as follows.  If you purchase at least (3) 300, 500 or 800 Series Bosch Appliances and receive a 10% rebate of the purchase price OR purchase at least (3) 800 Series Bosch Appliances and receive a 15% rebate of the purchase price. The rebates will be placed on a prepaid Visa card.

The eligible appliance types are:

  • Built-in Coffee Machine/ 800 Series
  • Freestanding Refrigerators/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Built-in Refrigerators/ 800 Series
  • Recessed Handle Dishwashers/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Bar Handle Dishwashers/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Custom Panel Ready Dishwashers/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Specialty Dishwashers/ 300 & 500 Series
  • FS Gas Ranges/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • FS Dual Fuel Ranges/ 800 Series
  • FS Electric Ranges/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Electride Slide-In Ranges/ 800 Series
  • Dual Fuel Slide-In Ranges/ 800 Series
  • Electric Wall Ovens/ 800 Series
  • Wall Ovens/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Gas Cooktops/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Electric Radiant Cooktops/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Electric Induction Cooktops/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Warming Drawers/ 500 Series
  • Built-In and OTR Microwave Ovens/ 300, 500, 800 Series
  • Ventilations/ 300 & 800 Series

If a new cooktop is all you need, rebates ranging from $50 – $300 are available, depending on the type of cooktop that fits your needs. The average rebate on a gas cooktop is $75, an electric cooktops range from $50 – $100 in rebates.  The induction cooktops provide the $300 rebate.

Why Bosch Makes It Easy

Bosch has made it very easy to claim your rebate online, just click through to theirAppliance Rebate Center.  No mail-in is required, allowing for faster processing with options to expedite your payment.  Process updates are available to consumers online, via email and text messaging.

Our Home-Tech Appliance Specialists are available to speak with you by phone or in person at one of our Showrooms, with one in Fort Myers and one in Sarasota/Bradenton. These rebates are NOT available to any of the big box stores, so come into our Showroom or shop our Online Appliance Store day or night.

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