Service Agreement vs. Necktie This Father’s Day

service agreement Home-TechNext to mothers, fathers are the most important people in our lives.  Home-Tech loves to celebrate all the great Dads living in Southwest Florida, and of course, we want to give you a great Father’s Day gift idea, one that provides convenience, peace of mind and savings for your Dad.  Of course, we are recommending you purchase one of our Service Agreements.  While this may seem like an unconventional gift, it actually makes a lot of sense.  Your Dad would much rather being playing a round of golf or having fun rather than trying to fix something or spend time waiting around for an unreliable repairman.  A Service Agreement is something he appreciate and use to the fullest.

The Service Agreement vs. The Necktie

The old staple for a Father’s Day gift is the necktie, baseball tickets, golf club or grill tool set.  All of these make great gifts, but are they really something that he can use and rely on every day?  Will they make his life easier? Lets do a comparison:

The Necktie

  • Dresses up a suit
  • Fits in any drawer
  • Brought out on special occasions
  • Is a gift you have given before, right?  Admit it?

The Gold Service Agreementservice agreements gold

  • Covers (1) Air-Conditioning System
    (1) Heating System, (1) Refrigerator, (1) Ice maker (including replacement, in covered refrigerator), (1) Microwave, (1) Range, (1) Dishwasher, (1) Disposal (including replacement), (1) Washer, (1) Dryer and, (1) Water Heater (electrical system only)
  • Keeps his air conditioning running perfectly all year long so he can be comfortable.
  • Saves your Dad lots of money on costly service calls, and appliance and air conditioning repairs.
  • Provides him with peace of mind because he knows just who to call every time – Home-Tech!
  • Gives him more free time to spend on the golf course, instead of trying to fix it himself or wait around for service people who may or may not be dependable.

Service Agreement – The Best Gift for Dad

Clearly, the Gold Service Agreement is the better choice.  Look at it like this.  Your Dad is always saying, “The best gift you could give is just spending time with me.”  Well, you can spend more quality time with him when he is not worrying about his appliances and air conditioning. Best of all, he will brag about you to all of  his friends, because he will be so happy with our service.  Others aren’t fortunate to know about Home-Tech’s Service Agreements.  Be a sport, tell your friends!  Spread the word!  It truly is a win-win for parent and child.

For more information on Home-Tech’s Service Agreements, call us at 800-800-8356 or visit us online.  Even if you live in another state and your Dad lives in Southwest Florida you can order him a Service Agreement online.


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