Customer Happy With Refrigerator Repair

“We just got in from Ohio and found our refrigerator was not working.  Fortunately we had emptied before we left in May.  We didn’t know who to call but found a magnet on the fridge.  We called Home-Tech that night for our refrigerator repair and they were willing to come out right then but we said that the next morning would be fine.  Sure enough they called first thing in the morning and had a man on the way.  Alex was a very nice man and quickly found the problem, made the repair and offered a big discount on the service if we signed up for their service contract.  It was a great offer and we were so impressed with the service so we signed up.  Found out most of our neighbors already had their contract.  We’ve lived most of our lives in Ohio and never had service like Home-Tech.  I would recommend this service to anyone.”

~ Rose Marie V -, Bonita Springs, FL