April 16, 2014

Outdoor Kitchens – More Thrilling Than Just Grilling

outdoor kitchen

Home-Tech's Latest - Outdoor Kitchens

Have you ever felt a little lonely and disconnected from the rest of the party when you were outside grilling up the burgers by yourself?  Or have you ever felt left out when the whole group was outside enjoying the nice day while you were stuck in the kitchen cooking over a hot stove?  The perfect solution is to expand your indoor living space to the great outdoors with an outdoor kitchen, fully equipped with luxury appliances.

Outdoor kitchen spaces have become very popular with homeowners in Southwest Florida.  As they have embraced the concept of more open living space inside their homes, they’ve also enjoyed opening the space further, especially to patios and back yards.  An outdoor kitchen makes the perfect spot for entertaining, cooking, relaxing, and enjoying time with your friends and family.

Home-Tech, teamed up with Alfresco, is now offering beautiful, stainless steel appliances for your outside living space.  Alfresco, a company twice chosen to design and equip an outdoor kitchen for the New American Home project in the International Builder’s Show builds all of it’s products in the USA.  More information about the outdoor kitchen in Builder’s Show can be found at www.builderonline.com.

A Smokin’ Hot Grill

Alfresco’s LX2 series of grills have real commercial features.  They come equipped with 27,500 BTU burners to ensure even heating and perfectly seared, juicy meats.   They have an exclusive chain-driven rotisserie, integrated smoker, which holds wood chunks, plus halogen
lighting, so you can see what you are cooking.  The CoolDraft™ airflow
system keeps the front of the grill and the knobs cool.

outdoor kitchen burner

Outdoor Kitchen Burner

A Side Burner That Does It All

The VersaPower™ cooker is an extra “side” burner with transformation power.  It allows you to cook with your smallest saucepan all the way up to your 100 quart stock pot.  Deep fried turkey anyone?  It’s a teppanyaki griddle for teppan, breakfast pancakes, fajitas or burgers.  It also holds a Wok.  You can simmer at a low 400 BTU or you can have a commercial range performance at the top yield of 65,000 BTU.

All Weather Refrigeration

The Alfresco refrigerators for your outdoor kitchen work even in extreme temperatures.  The under grill refrigerator has two marinating drawers with removable food pans.  It can easily be converted with the optional keg kit in seconds to serve ice cold, restaurant style draft beer.  The countertop refrigerator has commercial top access.  It can be used as a bottle cooler, mug froster, pony keg cooler or an ice bath for cold drinks.  It also has removable food pans for condiments, burger toppings and garnishes. 

The Happiest Hour 

outdoor kitchen bartending center

Outdoor Kitchen Bartending Center

With the modular sink system and bartending center, you can take care of all of your friend’s beverage needs like a pro.  Imagine spending your happy hour with your friends in your beautiful back yard, fully equipped with the luxury outdoor kitchen of your dreams.  It’s sure to be the best time of your day for years to come.

Want to See It In Person?

Home-Tech understands that our customers want a hands on experience, to try out the appliances we sell.  That’s why we have two beautiful showrooms with everything installed in a designer setting.  Stop by today to check out the Alfresco outdoor kitchen of your dreams.  Our appliance specialists will answer any questions you may have and can assist you in planning the perfect outdoor kitchen.  Showroom Information