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Customer Testimonial – 2/2012

Air Conditioner Service
Air Conditioner Service

My wife and I have been Home-Tech customers for several years now, and during that time, most frequently during our annual air conditioning check-ups, we have interacted with several of the company’s technicians.  We have always found the staff to be technically competent and customer-sensitive as well.

I am writing to you today, however, to single out an exceptionally gifted Home Tech  employee, Matthew F-.  From the moment when he first rang our doorbell, until he had completed his work, packed up his tools and cleaned off his work  area, Matthew provided the absolutely highest levels of technical excellence and customer service.  Not only did he perform the most thorough review, testing, calibrating and re-checking of our entire AC system that we have ever had, but he performed each step of the process with extreme diligence and professionalism.

When I queried him about the potential desirability of switching our humidistat from its current parallel wiring to in-series connection, he took the time to clearly explain the operational differences and options between these two implementations.  Rather than simply vacuuming our semi-permanent air filter, as had always been Home-Tech’s procedure, he physically washed the filter before drying and repositioning it.  At every step, he provided over-the-top service.

To boot, he performed all of his tasks with a most pleasant demeanor and most personable communications  interaction.  Many thanks to Matthew F-.  He is the epitome of what an outstanding service rep should be, and is an exceptional resource for Home-Tech and its operations.

Most  appreciatively,

John C –