October 31, 2014

Excellent Appliance and AC Repair is Always the Home-Tech Trend

electrical service Home-TechWith it being the week of Halloween strange and spooky things start trending on the internet. Just a quick perusal this morning shows sexy Ebola nurse Halloween costumes taking the lead and causing quite the controversy. Right below that is puppy sized spiders. Yes, you read that right. They have found spiders in the Rainforest that are the size of actual puppies. (Remind me not to visit the Rainforest anytime soon).  And in other spectacular news – who knew – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg can speak Chinese.

We like to keep the trending news here at Home-Tech a little more real. Employee owners continue to be involved in local charities, Home-Tech has recently joined the Bonita Springs and Naples Chambers of Commerce and the Attaboys keep pouring in for our well trained, professional appliance and AC repair technicians.

Always Happy to Do Business with Home-TechRepair Technicians Home-Tech

Shaun was very good with finding my problem and he stayed for an extra 5 /10 minutes to make sure everything was ok. He was very thorough. I had a technician earlier in the day who could not find the water release that had come out of the side of the house but he was very determined to find it and dug up and found it under my mulch and extended the pipe up and out. He was very good. I guess he didn’t put a cap on the inside handler so water was forced down through and out the side of the house and it worked and it didn’t work so that’s why Shaun had to come back. Anyway both guys were very good technicians. I’m always happy to do business with Home-Tech.

A. Schwindt

Good Work

Brian S made a call today and he was very polite and helpful and very quick and got done in a hurry replacing my disposal. It was good work. Thank you.

Mrs. Ebright

Very Good Service and Attitude

I wanted to compliment Steve on his service and his attitude.  It was very, very good. I had a good day. Thank you.

Mr. Fortune

AC repair technician Home-TechDedicated and Diligent

Pedro is a terrific young man, very dedicated and very diligent in working things out. He’s a great guy and a very good asset to your organization.

You Guys are Great

I just had an employee of yours stop by and do my air conditioning check. James is a very excellent employee. Did everything well. He’s very special and I can’t say more about him or Home-Tech. You guys are great.

C. Sogasi

Home-Tech and Key To The Cure – A Cause Close to Our Hearts

WP_20141016_09_31_48_ProLast week, we here at Home-Tech were excited to participate in and attend the annual Key to the Cure kick-off shopping event with the always festive Breakfast at Saks. The breakfast and fashion show was hosted by the Lee Memorial Health System Foundation to support local cancer care – a cause that Home-Tech proudly supports – and an event that we’ve been involved with for the past three years.

In The Pink

Honoring the color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October, tablecloths were bright pink and fun pink feather boas were worn by many guests. Lots of fashionable attendees wore pink and the many of the guys sported pink ties.

Eye Candy Galoresaks

The weather was perfect for the sold-out event held just outside in the Bell Tower courtyard where sponsors get to decorate their tables and show off their creative skills. There were animal prints, cupcake centerpieces, wine bottle themes, and tons more. Home-Tech partnered with Just Like Family Home Care & Concierge to create a striking violet and orange themed table, plus we were excited to donate a keginator, the ultimate party appliance to keep your beer nice and cold, to the auction, which was won by Diana Willis of Jason’s Deli (pictured with Sonya Sawyer, Home-Tech CFO).

Shop ‘til you Drop

We spotted lots of media folks, politicos, and community leaders in the crowd – and it was a super fun way to kick-off the day. And now it’s time to shop! Saks Fifth Avenue at the Bell Tower will donate 2% of all sales from Oct. 18th through Oct. 21st to benefit women’s cancer initiatives at Lee Memorial Health System’s Regional Cancer Center in Fort Myers during the Key to the Cure charity shopping weekend celebration.

Dryer Vent Maintenance for Fire Prevention

fire extinguishersFire Prevention Day came and went earlier this week without incident – at least at my house, where O.C.D. reigns supreme. Leaving home, even for a quick jaunt to CVS, can be a major production for me. Typically, it goes like this:

Get out the door and suddenly remember the coffee maker – run back inside and realize I already turned it off. Get out the door again and decide to go back and physically UNPLUG the coffee maker. While I’m at it, make sure the stove isn’t on (even though I haven’t used it for days). Out the door again, almost to the car, when it hits me – the curling iron! Rush back in, run to the bathroom, and switch it off – for good measure, unplug it. While I’m at it, unplug the blow dryer too, because, here’s how my mind works: the cat jumps on the counter and accidentally knocks the blow dryer to the floor, which somehow triggers the “on” switch, and since it took such a hard fall, the wires get tangled, so it sets the bath mat on fire, and burns down our entire home.

Dryer Vent/Duct Maintenance Saves Lives (and stress triggers)

Given all of the above, you can only imagine my reaction recently when the dryer was tumbling along, filled with fluffy flammable bath towels, my husband suggested we go to brunch. Seriously, does he not even know me? Not only did I stop the dryer with our damp towels inside as we walked out the door, I left the dryer door propped open (just in case the cat knocked it closed and triggered the “on” switch). If I wasn’t concerned about looking insane, I’d have unplugged it completely.

Home-Tech is an Expert with Dryer Repair

Amerovent logo

Home-Tech repairs every brand of dryer on the market. So if your dryer is acting up just give us a call. While I’m obviously off the chart when it comes to O.C.D. dryer vent maintenance is no joke – and at Home-Tech, we leave that to the experts at Amerovent. We’re happy to recommend Amerovent to make sure your dryer vents are clean and SAFE. Overheating can be deadly, so make sure your vent duct is free of flammable debris so that when you leave the house you have NOTHING to worry about – except the coffee maker… and maybe the curling iron… and – ok, never mind. Safety first (check your toaster)!



Home-Tech Goes Beyond AC Repair and Appliance Repair

Do something nice to day graphicThis weekend, the calendar told us it was Do Something Nice Day, but for Home-Tech, every day is the perfect day to do something nice. We believe that you can’t do ac repair and appliance repairs in a community unless you’re a part of that community — and if you’re part of it, you want to do everything you can to make it better.

Nicely Done

As the first few breezes of Fall make their way across Southwest Florida, lots of our fabulous winter residents are making their way back to our tropical oasis — and while lounging around in the sun with a frosty beverage is a very nice and much-deserved way to spend your time, there are plenty of hours in the day to do something nice for others, too.

A “Pawfect” Way To Be NiceARC

We have some favorite causes here at Home-Tech and if you visit our main headquarters in Fort Myers, you’ll be able to guess one that’s close to our hearts – when it comes to the cute pups making themselves at home at Home-Tech, we’re happy to report that most are rescue dogs that our big-hearted team members have adopted. We love the Animal Refuge Center in Fort Myers, a non-profit, no-kill shelter that can always benefit from donations, volunteers, and animal lovers to foster homeless pets. If you’d like to do something nice, visit their website for more information: www.animalrefugecenter.com – and while you’re at it, you can order tickets to A.R.C.’s 20th Annual Starlight Auction happening November 29th at Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort & Spa. Home-Tech is a proud sponsor of this sparkly event that helps our furry friends.

Home-Tech habitat for humanityHappy Habitats

If you’re handy and you love to build, we hope you’ll check out www.habitat4humanity.org and learn about all the nice things you can do for Habitat for Humanity. Our team has built many houses, plus we’ve donated materials — and there’s nothing more gratifying then helping a future home owner build their first home.

PACE Yourself

Another cause we love here at Home-Tech is PACE Center for Girls. PACE is a school for at-risk girls and they make a huge difference in our community. PACE needs mentors — plus they have everything from school supplies to clothing to toiletries on their wish list. Do something nice and visit www.pacecenter.org

Let’s make it Do Something Nice Day every day of the year – Home-Tech is right there with you.





Air Conditioning and Appliance Repair Techs Celebrated

Atta Boy rectangle graphicLast week, Techies Day was celebrated nationally.  It was a day for everyone to give thanks for all of the techs in their lives. Anyone working in an office knows and appreciates that one person from I.T. who comes to fix your computer when it’s locked up. And there are so many medical technicians that help us each time we go for any kind of tests or procedures at the doctor’s office or hospital. We certainly wouldn’t enjoy the fun of using our smart phones without all of the involvement of all of the telecommunication techs out there. And any time you see a theater production or movie, the list of technicians involved in the credits goes on and on. Where would we be without techies? We’d be in a lot of trouble.

More to the point, what would we do if we had to do our own appliance repair and perform our own air conditioning repair?  It would get ugly fast, wouldn’t it?  I don’t know about you but when my air conditioning has been down it’s blistering hot in my house, I’m never happier to see that colorful Home-Tech truck pulling in my driveway. So let’s hear if for the techies out there and especially – ATTABOY to the technicians at Home-Tech who visit homes all over SWFL making repairs right and left.

And now some Attaboys from our customers!

Job Well DoneHome-Tech technician

I writing to notify Tyler’s manager on a job well done. Tyler arrived within stated time, very pleasant, removed shoes upon entering, his work was efficient, mindful, and professional. In addition, he was knowledgeable and competent regarding the repair and deserves recognition for being a stand-out employee.
M. Storgion

So Helpful and So Nice

Attaboy for Joe and Loius. They just worked on my house. I wanted to express how great these two guys were.  They did a fanstastic job and were so helpful and so nice. I just wanted you to know it.  Thank you.

J. Dukelow, Naples, Florida

Home-Tech technicianWas Excellent

Shawn was just here today. He fixed two things – was terrific.  All of your service people are good. I’ve never had an issue.  They come right out and fix what I need fixed and that’s all I can say. Shawn was excellent. Thank you.

T. Parrott

Always Does a Good Job

Steve as usual did a great job. Came in, got the problem under his control, checked a few things out for me. And I understood what was happening. He always does a good job. I’m glad I always get Steve. Thank you.

Ms. Musuchi

Ice Maker Repair

We had a visit from your technician Shaun regarding our ice maker.  He did a very, very fine job, got to the problem right away, had the spare part needed, fixed it and cleaned up very well after himself.  So I really applaud his work and wanted you to know about that.

Gioflo Family

Terrific Job

Joe came today and was very efficient very nice and did a terrific job.

Goldstein Family

We Can’t Say EnoughBrian S Technician

We had service by Brian S and he did such a wonderful job.  He called before he came here, he was on time. Polite, quick everything was clean when he left. We just can’t say enough about him. Thank you.

J. Owens, Cape Coral

Great Repair Technicians – Attaboy Shaun, Matt, and Shawn

electrical service Home-TechWith Home-Tech’s Attaboy program there are plenty of ways for our customers to give our technicians reviews for their repair work.  Customers can call in, email or give us a Google review.  Here are the comments about the service from Shaun, Matt and Shawn, three excellent technicians with Home-Tech.

Stayed Until the Bitter End

I’ve been having trouble with my refrigerator and been really worrying about.  I had one of your techs, Shaun come over to my place.  Shaun did a heck of a job. Helped me, told me what he was doing, why he was doing it. He was here on time and stayed until the bitter end. I thought his personality was very helpful. I appreciate Shaun’s repair service.  He does Home-Tech well when he represents them.

J. Geissler

Great Job!Repair Technicians Home-Tech

Shaun did a great job.  Very polite, on-time and my refrigerator is working good.

Thank you!

bonita springs air conditioningGreat Customer Service

My many thanks for both Matt and Shawn.

Matt came when the ac quit cooling, determined the problem, and got the ac to cool while a part was ordered. He is polite, sweet to the dogs who live here and efficient.

Shawn came today with the part to fix the ac. What a nice young man! He fixed the problem, cleaned up after himself and was gone in short order.

I do appreciate that the company has taken the time to invest- wisely, I might add- in these young folks as they start their careers! What an excellent way to build both loyalty and great customer service!

Kudos to you!

M. Turns, Fort Myers, Florida

A Fine Representative of Home-Tech

Shaun did a great job getting our A/C up and running quickly. He is personable and a fine representative of Home-Tech.


S. Grabiec

Kudos to Shaun

This is just an Attaboy for Shaun who was here today for my Refrigerator.  He was very polite and thorough, so that is an Atta Boy!  Also, thanks to my problematic refrigerator, all of the reps who have been here deserve Kudos as well.
Thank you, R. Gilmore!

Thank-You For Timely Service

Just a note to say thank you for the timely repair service today. Shaun was able to  correct the problem by replacing the thermostat.
Thanks again!
D. Myers

Sonya Sawyer, CFO of Home-Tech Sparkles as Apex Award Winner

Steve and Sonya Sawyer Apex AwardOur very own Sonya Sawyer, CFO of Home-Tech, sparkled up a storm last Saturday night at a glittering gala at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa in Estero, as she accepted the prestigious Apex Award presented by the Women In Business Committee of the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce. Sonya shared the award with the lovely and accomplished Kathryn Kelly, who spearheaded the Heights Foundation for a struggling local neighborhood.

9th Annual Apex Awards

Sonya’s accolades were well-deserved, as she’s lent her time, talents, and heart to a variety of local charities, including Habitat for Humanity, PACE Center for Girls, the American Heart Association, and so many more.Lovely both inside and out, Sonya made her entrance with chic platinum blonde short hair slicked back and wowed the crowd in form-fitting red gown. In fact her whole family — husband, Brian and kids, Brandon and Chloe were all coordinated with touches of red.Sonya SawyerThis year marks the 9th annual Apex Awards, which means that Sonya joins an elite, respected, and high-profile group of community leaders. Around 200 guests kicked up their heels at the gala which included dancing and festive toasts. The theme of the evening was “Peacock” and the ball room was breathtaking, decked out in beautiful shades of blue.

A Special Dedication

Sonya was honored with a special video dedicated to her and her accomplishments.  She and her children then graced the stage for her acceptance speech.  She thanked her parents for giving her the platform (Home-Tech) to do so many things in the community. She dedicated her award to her two grandmothers who had both passed away this year.


Before the magical evening came to a close, Sonya joined past Apex Award winners on stage, as all the women donned blue feather boas and got their groove on while the band played Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”. There was last years winner, Mei-Mei Chan, publisher of the News-Press — along with restaurateur Sandra Stilwell in pink taffeta and financial expert and business owner, Gail Markham in a peacock patterned gown. Rounding out the kick line of local glitterati was Christin Collins of Galisano Children’s Hospital in traffic-stopping red, Samira Beckwith sparkling in elegant black, and more.Congratulations, Sonya, we’re proud as peacocks of you and all you do!

Ditch TV Dinners – Try Steam Cooking with Thermador Steam Ovens

nomoretvdinnerTV Dinner Day was last week and it created feelings of nostalgia here at Home-Tech. Can you blame us? If you grew up before the days of microwaves, you remember the TV dinners of yesteryear from brands like Libbyland, Swanson, and Banquet. They came in tinfoil containers with individual sections for each serving. Do these tasty creations ring a bell?

Salisbury Steak

Turkey with Gravy

Classic Fried Chicken

Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce

Classic, right? Then there were the side dishes — a solid square of “mashed potatoes”, slightly soggy Tater Tots, and overly colorful peas and carrots. Lest we forget the desserts (which as kids, most of us went for first) — cobblers galore, like cherry, peach, and apple with lots more sweet, chewy crust than actual fruit preserves.

Convenience CAN be HealthyThermador Steam Oven

We’ll never forget our moms peeling the tin foil off the trays as our TV dinners came out of the oven, while she set us up in the living room in front of our favorite show (“Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” come to mind) with a glass of Nestlé’s Quik to accompany our Salisbury Steak. But, the truth is, while actually pretty yummy, TV dinners back in the day weren’t exactly known for their nutrients and health benefits. Those cardboard boxes of frozen, processed tastiness were more about convenience. Thankfully, times have changed and not only has convenience gotten healthier, it tastes better — and looks fabulous in your kitchen in the form of a Thermador Masterpiece Steam & Convection Oven (model #MES301HP).

Thermador MES301HPSteamed and Lean with Thermador Steam Ovens

Home-Tech loves this awesome appliance from Thermador for a number of reasons – it’s perfect for foodies who adore cooking – and it’s the best friend of people who’d rather throw a TV dinner in the oven. There are forty – yes, forty pre-programmed cooking modes that make life easier. Humidity and temperature are automatically set for the perfectly cooked meal. Instead of a boxed meal, throw some fresh veggies, some seasoning, and olive oil into a bowl and in ten minutes, you’ve got a delicious and healthy side dish, steamed to perfection. Thermador shares tons of recipes running the culinary gamut from Steamed Mussels with Tomato Garlic Wine Broth to Mocha Cream Filled Éclairs. Plus, at 24” this sleek built-in oven goes beautifully with any kitchen décor.  With the Thermador Masterpiece Steam & Convection Oven, your taste buds will thank you – and while you’re welcome to eat your dinners in front of the TV, what you’ll be cooking, WON’T be your mama’s TV Dinners.




Lucky to Have Home-Tech for Air Conditioning and Appliance Repair

attaboy_sealblueHome-Tech customers give testimonials about appliance repair and ac repair work done by Brian.  Attaboy, Brian!

Knew His Stuff

Dear Customer Service,

We just wanted to pass along our compliments to you. The service techs that have come to our place have always been fantastic. Very polite, knowledgeable and professional. Today Brian S. came to deal with an a/c issue. Really great guy. Knew his stuff and was very good at explaining issues. Very impressive.

We always say how lucky we are to have found Home Tech.

Many thanks for this opportunity.

E. Rosen, Naples,FL

Solved Our Problemappliance repair

Writing to let you know what a great job Brian did for us. Took the time to solve our problem without trying to sell us something we did not need.  He is a credit to Home-Tech! Please extend our thanks to him.

G. Haemmerle, Naples, FL

Another Sterling Example

Brian did an above and beyond the call of duty repair job on my freezer last Friday. Another sterling example of competence and customer service from Home-Tech! Attaboy!

W. Dobbins, Fort Myers, FL

Home-Tech washer iconI Would Give Him a 10

Could not ask for better service than I had today on my washer problem. Brian S was here within the promised, time, took care of the problem and was as pleasant as could be. If there is a rating system of 1 to 10 I would give him a 10. Thank you.

J. Lash, Estero, FL

Worked Quickly and Efficiently

Brian S is a great representative for your company. He did an absolutely great job diagnosing and repairing our AC unit. He worked quickly and efficiently. Thank you Home-Tech for a job well done! Kindest regards!

M. McCabe

Provided Clear Answers

Brian and an assistant performed this year’s annual checkup.  Both were extremely professional. Brian carefully explained the need for replacement of certain parts for a UV system, and provided clear answers for all our questions. The appointment was kept with the 3 hour projected time frame.  I was very pleased with the service. Thank you very much.

R. Rabbideau

A True Asset

Good morning -

Brian has just left after doing a superb job on our washing machine. He arrived as scheduled, was courteous, friendly and incredibly polite, a true asset to your company.

Regards -

L. d’Ali


Professional Approach to Appliance Repair and Air Conditioning Service


Home-Tech’s customers are always quick to report in when they think a technician has been doing a good job with appliance repair and air conditioning repair. Today’s “Attaboys” are for Nick. If you would like to have this kind of quality service and have all of it at NO CHARGE look into our Service Agreements.

Professional Approach

I was very pleased with NICK the service man.  His professional approach to solve the problem impressed me. Nick has a good work ethic and  takes pride in his work.  Nick cleaned up the work area.  I appreciated this, I did not have to clean up. Take good care of NICK. He takes his job seriously, that is rare to find in workers, that want to be the best at what they do. A special order part is required.  I  would very much like NICK to return to complete the job. Thank You.
M. Price

Great Job, Efficient, Quickappliance repair technician

I’m reporting on Nick from Home-Tech. He gave me outstanding service today. He has been to my home before and the repeat visit today was very welcome. It was good to see him.  The visit today was a great job, efficient, quick, in and out  – thumbs up. Have a good day!
R. Cornman

Happy with Their Work

I had two nice young men come out and do some repairs at my home. One of them was Nick and his associate Brian was with him. They did an excellent job, they even cleaned up a little bit and it took them no time at all.  I just wanted to say how happy I was with their work. So thank you very much.
C. Sessman