Rare Blue Moon – Great Service Never Rare


If you’ve got the summertime blues, there was a little event that maybe broke it up for you – not only did we get a full moon Friday night – we got a rare Blue Moon. And if you’re wondering how rare it is – well, it only comes along once in a Blue Moon. But Is It Really Blue? Puns aside, the last Blue Moon that came along was three years ago this month. And in fact, there … [Read more...]

AC Breakdown Season is now in SW Florida


It’s officially the dog days of summer – ac breakdown days - and if you’re new to Southwest Florida, we’d love to tell you that this is as hot as it gets -- but we’d be lying. And if you’ve lived here for awhile, you know it’s not even August yet – and that some say that September makes August look downright chilly. It’s July in the tropics – and while people like to say, “It’s … [Read more...]

Home-Tech is Top Notch

Brian S Technician

We received a copy of this note today from our customer, T. Crawford.  We really appreciate the feedback and him spreading the word about Home-Tech's service. Ft. Myers, FL 33913 July 8, 2015 Melanie Payne Consumer Advocate Editor Ft. Myers News-Press Dear Mel, I know that most often you get involved in the dark side of consumer advocacy.  Here’s a look at … [Read more...]

Independence Day Appliance Repair

july 4th barbecue

Here at Home-Tech, we want to wish you a sparkling Independence Day – and while we’re all about you being independent, we want you to know that if something starts sparking that’s not supposed to -- say an appliance -- you can depend on us to make sure your Fourth of July is a festive and fabulous one. That's right - we offer emergency Independence Day appliance repair service. … [Read more...]

Samsung 8700 Active Wash Top Load Washer

laundry appliances 2012

It’s that time of year – sun, fun, and unfortunately, lots of sweat. Laundry is multiplying with a vengeance in this 90-something degree weather and some folks are having to change their shirts several times a day. And if it’s not all about the perspiration, then it’s about getting drenched in the afternoon downpours. Add kids being out of school for the summer, playing in the … [Read more...]