May 26, 2015

Dishwasher Rebates from Home-Tech May 2015

DishwasherRebatesIf you’re a fan of the popular TV series “Mad Men”, you probably noticed that in the final episode of the series this past Sunday night, there was a scene that captured one of the main characters, 15-year old Sally Draper, standing at the kitchen sink, painstakingly doing the dishes. Keep in mind, the show was set in 1970 – before it was commonplace for homes to come with built-in dishwashers. It seems that there is actually a day dedicated to this chore – “Do Dirty Dishes Day” – okay, but not without an automatic dishwasher from Home-Tech.

Those Were (Not) The Days

If you’re over the age of 50 or so, you can certainly recall having to stand on a step stool in order to reach the sink, filling it with sudsy water, and scrubbing each individual glass, plate, pot, pan, fork, knife, and spoon – usually with a brother or sister on rinsing and towel drying duty, while a taller family member put all the dishes away. I don’t think any of us considered doing dishes a favorite chore. Especially when the water started to cool down, the suds dissipated, and bits of food rose to the surface (gross). All those kids in a dish-duty assembly line may have looked like a happy team, but trust me – they were not. It was just the last chore before we got to sit down in front of the TV. To say some of us may have rushed through the job to be able to turn on “The Carol Burnett Show” is putting it mildly. And inevitably, there was that one pot that still had a bit of burnt spaghetti sauce left on the bottom that would have to soak for several days. The only good news about washing dishes, was that allegedly, according to the ad pros on Madison Avenue, Palmolive dish soap would make your hands softer (“You’re soaking in it!) – yeah, right.

Welcome To The Dishwashers of The MillenniumWhirlpool gold dishwasher

Thankfully, dishwater hands, kids’ dish assembly lines, and sinks full of soaking pots and pans, ended later in the 70’s when dishwashers became more common, not just in wealthy homes, but in almost all homes. And these days, Home-Tech offers state-of-the-art millennium style dishwashers that are not only practically silent, but almost invisible, as they integrate smoothly into the rest of your kitchen. And best of all, we have dishwasher rebates to offer!

Wonderful Whirlpool

We love Whirlpool, and we’re currently offering a rebate on their Compact Tall Tub Dishwasher (model #WDF518SAAB) in black, white, or monochromatic stainless steel. It’s perfect if you have space issues in your kitchen, yet want an appliance that does a big job. Plus, it boasts the Quiet Partner Sound 1 package – between its convenient size and barely-there noise level, this dishwasher never disappoints.

Gee, G.E., You’re Great

We’re also offering a rebate on our G.E. 18” Spacemaker Built-In Dishwasher (Model # GSM1800FBB) in black or white, with strong racks designed for your biggest and dirtiest dish loads. The full-length flat door looks great with your existing cabinetry and adds elegance.

SP32-20150520-140450The Beauty of Bosch

The rebates continue with the innovative Bosch 24” Recessed Handle Special Application Dishwasher in sleek black (model # SGE63E06UC). With four wash cycles, a sanitizing option, and the distinction of being the quietest dishwasher in its class, this appliance will not only make life easier – it will make your kitchen more beautiful.

There are plenty of reasons to be nostalgic about the 70’s – Donny Osmond, Earth Shoes, and of course, “The Carol Burnett Show” – but washing dishes was never one of them – softer hands or not.

Women In Business Meet at Home-Tech

Women In BusinessAt employee owned Home-Tech, we love hosting a party – especially if it’s right on one of our favorite turfs – our Fort Myers Member Appliance Center on Plantation near Daniels.

Mix &Mingle

The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce monthly Women In Business gatherings are among the best events to network, have fun, eat, drink, and be merry. Whether it’s seasoned business leaders like Gail Markham who spoke about the importance of volunteerism at the event, or newcomers looking to meet new contacts, Women In Business is the perfect place get to know the ins and outs of the Southwest Florida business world.

Sparkling Crowd

Last Wednesday evening, Home-Tech was filled with a who’s who of area female leaders in business. There were Public Relations experts like Connie Ramos-Williams, Kimberly Pollock, and Erica Palmer. The nonprofit world was represented by the like of Angela Melvin, Stefanie Ink, and Angela Katz. Lots of ladies from Home-Tech were happy to help host including Sonya Sawyer, Tracey Hendershott, and Margo McQueen.

What She Saidwib 2

Plenty of ladies loved being at Home-Tech for Women in Business. “It feels like you’re in someone’s comfy kitchen,” said Ink.

“It’s great how everything’s set up here,” said Ramos-Williams. “It’s perfect for a party – and for shopping!”

Vashalynn Natal of U.S. Health said it was her first time at Home-Tech, “It’s such a good concept – the set-up is so realistic of actual kitchens. It feels like home.”

Home-Tech donated a beer kegerator and a PureWash system to the raffle to generate more ticket sales for the scholarship fund. The mixture of men and women who attended enjoyed fresh Italian food catered by Blue Moon Pizza and everyone went home with a Service Agreement brochure and the special drink recipe for the night.

wib 3Stop In

We hope you’ll come by and see what Women in Business already know. Home-Tech is the place to be and be seen, whether you’re networking or looking for a new air conditioning system, a Service Agreement or a fabulous new appliance – we’ve got you covered.

Women In Business takes place in a variety of area locations on the first Wednesday of every month from 4 pm until 6 pm. For more information, contact the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce.

At Home-Tech, AC Repair Rhymes with Fair

Broken AC reducedOn Friday we discovered, much to our delight, that it was Mother Goose Day. If anyone should have their own holiday, it’s certainly Mother Goose whose clever nursery rhymes can be adapted to any occasion.

In fact, Mother Goose, who offered a great service and was a lifesaver for scores of parents as they rhymed their children to sleep, got us thinking about our own service department at Home-Tech helping folks with their AC repairs.

Because whether it’s a kindly old lady in an apron named Goose, or one of our fantastic Service Technicians in their snappy uniforms– a lifesaver is a lifesaver.

The Rescue of Mother Hubbard

Fabulous and fit Mother Hubbard

Always kept tools in her cupboard

Just in case of an AC repair.

She  always tried to care for her lair

But, sometimes, life can be unfair,

and the AC stops making cold air.


tools reducedShe opened up the instruction book

And attempted to give it a look.

But the fine print made no sense

And still, no air came from the vents.

So she turned on all the fans

And started wringing both her hands.

It’s hot and almost summer!

Broken AC is a major bummer.


And so she began to call around

Only to discover, no help to be found.

Suddenly, she remembered what Miss Muffet had said:

“Call Home-Tech when you’re AC is dead!”


She called and magically a Tech came to her door,

Like a Prince arriving by boat on a shore.

When she bought a Service Agreement her first call was FREE

She was so happy, she shouted with glee!


AC Crew improvedThis isn’t just a child’s nursery rhyme.

To have a repair won’t cost a dime.

A Service Agreement is your hero

And it’s magical when you pay zero.


Sweet dreams – from all of us at Home-Tech.






Take Children to Work Home-Tech Style

Steve and SonyaBack in 1993, Take Your Daughter to Work Day was established as a day of celebration and a way to celebrate women in the work force – in 2003, the celebration grew to include boys – and is now recognized as Take Your Children to Work Day. It’s always the 4th Thursday of April, and this year fell on April 22nd. But, here at Home-Tech, our President & CEO, Steve Marino has been taking his daughter, Sonya, to work every day since she was 7-years old. “Well, technically, Dad took me to work every day, because in the beginning, Home-Tech operated out of our house,” says Home-Tech CFO, Sonya Sawyer.

Bright Beginnings

When she was little, her sister had to move into Sonya’s room to make room for Steve’s office. And even at that young age, when her Dad went on service calls on weekends, Sonya would go with him, “It was fun,” she remembers. “I’d hand him his tools while he was working on an appliance, so I’d know the difference between a flat head and a Phillip’s head screwdriver. The customers were always really nice – sometimes, they’d even feed me,” she laughs.

The Tradition Continues

Sonya says she loved having quality time with her Dad – and seeing him help people. As a teenager, Sonya worked at Home-Tech after school and on weekends. She became a CPA and worked at a large firm, but in 1999, her Dad offered her the CFO position. “He really treats me like any other employee,” says Sonya. “But, then again, everyone’s treated the same because we’re one big family here at Home-Tech. We take pride in being a locally owned and operated business.”

Family Pride

These days, Sonya’s been known to bring her 7-year old daughter, Chloe to work – and her 10-year old son, Brandon, is already getting his hands dirty by helping out in the warehouse. “He’s already told me that when he grows up, he wants to work at Home-Tech,” she says, smiling.

At Home-Tech it really is all in the family. From management, to our team, and to the customer – family pride means quality work. So if you take your daughter or son to work – you never know – they might end up working just down the hall from you someday.

Wine Bars for Cheese Storage

CheeseBallHere at Home-Tech, we think the world might be a little better off if EVERY day were Cheese Ball Day. I mean, we’re certainly overjoyed that April 17th celebrates the wondrous and delicious cheese ball — but really, cheese, whether it comes in a ball, a slice, a wedge, or a block truly makes all things better. Everything is tastier with cheese on it – let’s face it, who just orders a Quarter-Pounder? No – you order a Quarter Pounder with cheese. Europeans may think that they own the cheese market, but we believe that cheese is decidedly American – just ask Kraft.

Wine Bars – The Right Appliance For Cheese… And Morewine cooler appliances holidays

The most important thing about cheese – regardless of what kind – is keeping it fresh. There’s nothing worse than biting into a hard piece of cheese and realizing that it’s past its prime. Luckily, there exists The American Cheese Society (an organization you can actually join – cheese lovers unite!) that among other things, provides tips on proper cheese storage. The recommended temperature for storing cheese is around 40 degrees, give or take a few degrees – and we were happy to learn that wine coolers are an excellent place to store cheese – and who doesn’t love killing two birds with one stone? Talk about a go-to place for all of your favorite things – wine AND cheese – perfect.

Wonderful Wine Coolers

At Home-Tech, we’re happy to carry a variety of wine coolers from top brands like Frigidaire, G.E., Avanti and more. They’re not only practical, they look fabulous in any room of your home – whether it’s the kitchen, dining room, or even your outdoor living area. Keep your wines organized and fresh, plus store your cheese in your wine cooler, freeing up room in your ‘fridge. Stop into our Member Appliance Center and let one of our appliance experts show you the perfect wine cooler.

Meanwhile, it wouldn’t be Cheese Ball Day without a delicious cheese ball recipe – this one is super easy to whip up and enjoy over the weekend – and it’s a tried and true classic:

Say Cheese! Cheese Ball Recipe

  • 1 Package of Cream Cheese
  • 1 Bunch of Green Onions
  • 1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 Teaspoon Garlic Salt
  • 1 Tablespoon of Season Salt
  • 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice
  • 5 ounces Dried Beef, chopped
  • Mix together the first five ingredients and form into 2 or 3 cheese balls.  Roll them into the cut up chipped beef and refrigerate until you’re ready to eat – serve with your favorite crackers.

Home-Tech Gets 5 Stars for Appliance Service

Home-Tech ReviewsI am rating Home-Tech five stars out of five. I am also rating the appliance service person who came to my home five stars out of five. Here is why….

The company representative I spoke with (Pat, I think) when I first called told me exactly what rates, pricing, and time frames I could expect.

The follow-up was exactly what the home base representative told me to expect…. they called early in the day to give me a two-hour window within which the service person would arrive, and I was called by the service person when he was within ten minutes of arriving at my home.

The service person arrived in a company vehicle, was clean cut, in a white shirt and khaki slacks, with identifying patches and a name badge on his uniform.air condioning service technician

The service person had already been briefed correctly on the description of the problem I’d given to the base representative, confirmed that with me, and got right to work. His manner was pleasant, reassuring, and professional.

It was obvious that the serviceman was experienced in servicing this and similar machines. He was able to identify the problem within the first ten minutes, and was confident that he could fix it within a short time.

The serviceman exhibited an excellent work ethic, keeping to the task, working even while my wife and I talked to him, and had the job done well within his estimated time.

Whether planned or by coincidence, it was a smart move by the company to send one of their more experienced and efficient service people on a call to a new customer.

The labor rates charged are, in my opinion, somewhat high. But then I was paying for: a) someone to come to me instead of my having to bring the problem to them b) their experience and backup support, and c) the assurance that I wouldn’t get someone who comes into my home sweating and smelly, asking for a drink, stopping work to jibber-jabber on the phone, telling me the worst outcome I can expect before he’s even looked at the problem, leaves his basic tools in the truck (while I pay for the time it takes him to go back and forth from the truck), and who works like he’s already burned out on doing the work he’s in – OR – an inexperienced upstart who must spend half of his charged time on the phone with the company asking for help and instructions.
I would not hesitate to recommend Home-Tech to a friend, neighbor, or other family member. I was entirely pleased with their service, the service person, and the results.

Incidentally, the service person who came to my home was Matt E.. Extremely nice, capable, knowledgeable, professional young man who, from what I learned of him in a short time, seems like he’s going to do well for himself, his family, and for Home-Tech.

J. Bogart

Home-Tech Hearts Our Community By Supporting the Heart Ball

2015 Heartball logoWhen it comes to giving back to the community, here at Home-Tech, we like to mix it up a little. You might see us pounding nails and lugging lumber as we help Habitat For Humanity build a first home for a local single mom and her kids. We love to help one of our favorite non-profits, the Animal Refuge Center, as hands on as we can, as we adore our furry friends. And given the chance to get involved with the sparkling, black-tie, glamorous Heart Ball, we always put our hearts into it every year.

Heart Health MattersHeart ball 1

The Heart Ball supports the American Heart Association on a local level. With funds raised from this fabulous and festive evening at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa benefiting a variety of programs – from Go Red for Women, which is all about heart health for women, to educating children about healthy eating, exercising, and avoiding childhood obesity. But, that’s not all – the event is cosponsored by Lee Memorial Health System and Naples Community Hospital – making the event a true Southwest Florida effort – and Home-Tech is proud, as always, to be a sponsor.

heart ball 2Home-Tech Sponsors the Silent Auction

Previously, our very own rock star CFO, Sonya Sawyer, has been the co-chair of the festivities, along with her wonderful husband, Brian. This year, Home-Tech was thrilled to be the official sponsor of the Silent Auction, plus we donated one of our wine coolers for bidding which garnered a hefty amount for the cause. Over 500 guests attended, dancing into the wee hours to the band “None Other”, as NBC-2 Anchor Kellie Burns and Auctioneer Scott Robertson officiated. Spotted in the crowd from Home-Tech was our own Sonya with Brian, CEO, Steve Marino and his wife, Tammy Surratt, and Pam Marino, Service Operations Manager.  Also enjoying the fun, Pason and Renee Gaddis, Dr. Larry and Mrs. Becky Antonucci, Nancy McGovern, Kathy Tolle, Laura Regan, and so many more.

Home-Tech has a heart – and we LOVE having a ball – thanks to the American Heart Association of Southwest Florida for letting us join the party of giving back – we can’t wait until next year!


What Does March Madness Mean To You?

MarchMadness For some March Madness is all about printing out your brackets, studying your seeds, and making bets on which college basketball teams will make it to the Elite Eight or the Final Four, but for some teams – or rather flocks — of snowbirds, it’s more about preparing to fly (or crawl up 75) to the north. Either way, it’s normal to go a little mad with March Madness as you try to soak in the last week or so of Southwest Florida before Easter, catch some basketball on TV, and yet also work to get your home prepared for a long summer away.

Ideally, a Fairy Godmother would whisk in and take care of it all while you lounge by the pool, a margarita in one hand, and your cell phone in other as you describe the idyllic 85 degree weather to friends up north who are recovering from yet another fresh spring snow. Not to worry – by the time you get back up to the northern climes, the ice will have thawed, and there will be blooms on the trees. Meanwhile, since your Fairy Godmother still hasn’t shown up – it’s time to start the closing of your tropical home away from home. And while Home-Tech can help, here are a few things you can do on your own:

  • Summer humidity in Southwest Florida makes a steam bath look refreshing, so make sure every room in your home is sparkling clean so that mildew and pesky Florida insects don’t feel welcome.
  • Moisture is huge factor down here from May through September so close up your home tightly to keep it protected – that means every window and every door. You can also seal toilet bowls and tanks with plastic wrap; make sure kitchen, bath, and shower drains are plugged. If you have hurricane shutters, use them.
  • There’s no reason to leave food in the house except unopened canned goods. If you have flour, sugar, coffee, etc. seal it all well with Ziploc bags and store them in the refrigerator if you choose to leave it running.

What About Air Conditioning and Appliances?SP32-20150327-142928

You can not shut of your AC and go. You will return to a complete disaster of mold in your home. Air-conditioning is a great defense against moisture damage, so if you haven’t called Home-Tech to schedule your clean and check  make sure you do. Watch these two videos from Home-Tech for additional tips for setting your thermostat and humidistat and how to leave the appliances in your Florida home.

It’s a Slam Dunk

It’s all about peace of mind. With Home-Tech, there is no madness in March — you don’t have to worry about your Southwest Florida home when you’re at your northern home sipping a margarita on the porch, enjoying a breeze, and feeling tempted to call your Florida friends who are boiling in July. After all, the grass is always greener.



Appliances and Air Conditioning Need Leprechaun’s Luck Too


“May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.”
– Irish Blessing

The Luck ‘o the Irish

Luck and superstition mean bunches when it comes to St. Patty’s Day. For instance, if you eat corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll get rich. Wear a shamrock for good luck — and definitely wear green to avoid the inevitable pinch. And to let the family know that a lucky Leprechaun has come to call, put green food coloring and gold glitter in the toilet (even leprechauns have to go to the bathroom). For extra super-amazing luck — and a wicked post St. Patty’s Day hangover – consume copious amounts of green beer.

The REAL Pot ‘o GoldRainbowTruck

But, when it comes to the important stuff, you can’t rely on luck – or as the Irish say, “a lick and a promise.” When a major appliance or your air conditioner goes “banjaxed” (Irish for broken), you don’t need a happy leprechaun; it could cost you your pot o’ gold if you don’t have a Gold Service Agreement from Home-Tech. It’s more than magical – it’s common sense. Go for the Gold and get unlimited service calls at no charge, complete parts and labor coverage (we’re not pullin’ yer leg, we mean it!), and emergency service 7 days a week, including holidays (even the blessed St. Pat’s!).

Get Lucky With Home-Tech

You can’t rely on luck – Irish or otherwise when it comes to your air-conditioner, washer, dryer, refrigerator, or other major appliances – if you did, you’d probably be a bit “fluthered” (Irish for drunk on green beer). So call Home-Tech today and find out more about a Gold Service Agreement – it can be your pot of gold all year long – with or without a rainbow.

“May your feet never sweat

Your neighbor ne’re five you a treat

When flowers bloom, we hope you’ll not sneeze

And may you always have someone to squeeze.”


Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 Refrigerator Versatility

SP32-20150309-151954Last Friday was National Frozen Food Day. And just in time to celebrate that, Home-Tech introduced a new French Door Refrigerator/Freezer in our showrooms from Samsung. Everyone who has walked by it has said, “Whoa, what’s that?”  Or, “I want that!” It really is an eye catching thing of beauty with a very modern stainless steel design which would look great in any kitchen.

Everyone has a different take on frozen foods. Some families buy everything in bulk and even have an additional freezer in the garage to hold their side of beef. Then there are those like my Dad, who is retired and just cooks for one, usually. His freezer has bags of steamer rice, frozen juices, waffles and a carton of ice cream. He doesn’t need much freezer space. We’ve addressed in an earlier blog what a bachelor keeps in his freezer.

The Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 can work for everyone and fill every storage need because the bottom right side of the refrigerator can be freezer or refrigerator space – YOUR CHOICE.  Ding ding ding – isn’t that smart?

Connected Refrigerator

Speaking of smart, this Samsung refrigerator can be controlled by an app on your smart phone.  That’s right, you can be out grocery shopping and know that you are going to bring home a bunch of food that is going directly in the freezer and you can tell your freezer “Incoming!! Crank down the temperature!” Oh, and by the way, this refrigerator holds up to 34 bags of groceries! It will also let you know if the door has been open longer than 2 minutes. You can call your teenager and tell him/her to make up their mind and shut the door.

Here’s what else you can do with the app:

  • View freezer and fridge temps
  • Receive an alarm when the door is open for more than 2 minutes
  • Control your ice
  • Activate the Power Cool and Power Freeze functions. These functions rapidly cool either your refrigerator or freezer.
  • View an energy consumption report

What is the Power Freeze/Power Cool Function?SP32-20150309-141614

There is a button. You hold it for 3 seconds and WHAM cooling increases. This is great if you need to quickly freeze a large amount of food or items that spoil easily. Remember those Thanksgiving leftovers? This is perfect, right?

The Bottom Right Has Got it Going On

The “Cool Select Room” on the bottom right of your refrigerator can be set to Freezer, Soft Freezing (helps keep meat and fish fresh longer) Chill (sets temperature to 30) or Cool (41) for drinks, juice, beer etc. The versatility of this is so convenient. If you are having a party and need extra cold beer you can fill it up and chill it on the refrigerator setting.  If you are having an Ice Cream Social you can set it to Freezer Mode and put all of the ice cream flavors in there.

SP32-20150309-141630Fresh Sparkling Water – Whenever You Want It

On the dispenser control panel is the sparkling water control. This fridge makes its own sparkling water. No more taking up storage space with bottles. You push the button and it will fill the sparkling water tank with water and inject CO2 gas into it and make sparkling water. You can control how “sparkling” it is. How would you like yours?

It’s Built with a Chef In Mind

It has a Chef Pantry which creates the perfect temperature with a temperature setting recommended by Michelin star chefs. It has Chef Mode with chef selected temperature settings providing the perfect condition for every type of food. It has a Chef Pan where you can marinate meat and fish separately in the stainless steel chef pan. Pull the chef pan out of the refrigerator and put directly into the oven to cook. It has a Chef Basket which is perfect for storing smoked cheeses and cured meats. For added convenience, it can be easily removed and taken with you.  All it needs is a Chef owner!

Important EngineeringSP32-20150309-141554

The Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 features innovative Metal Cooling that locks in cold and seals in freshness. The stainless steel paneling helps maintain consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator. With Triple Cooling, a premium cooling system which features 3 evaporators for ultimate freshness and provides precise temperature and humidity controls in all three zones. And it has 4 Pillar High-Efficiency Lighting which brightens every corner of your refrigerator. It emits less heat and is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting. And it exceeds the government’s Energy Star requirements.

So you might want to stop by one of Home-Tech’s appliance showrooms and take a look for yourself. It’s a pretty amazing refrigerator. Or call and speak to our appliance staff. They are always ready to help. (800) 800-8356 Ext. 4