September 21, 2014

Ditch TV Dinners – Try Steam Cooking with Thermador Steam Ovens

nomoretvdinnerTV Dinner Day was last week and it created feelings of nostalgia here at Home-Tech. Can you blame us? If you grew up before the days of microwaves, you remember the TV dinners of yesteryear from brands like Libbyland, Swanson, and Banquet. They came in tinfoil containers with individual sections for each serving. Do these tasty creations ring a bell?

Salisbury Steak

Turkey with Gravy

Classic Fried Chicken

Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce

Classic, right? Then there were the side dishes — a solid square of “mashed potatoes”, slightly soggy Tater Tots, and overly colorful peas and carrots. Lest we forget the desserts (which as kids, most of us went for first) — cobblers galore, like cherry, peach, and apple with lots more sweet, chewy crust than actual fruit preserves.

Convenience CAN be HealthyThermador Steam Oven

We’ll never forget our moms peeling the tin foil off the trays as our TV dinners came out of the oven, while she set us up in the living room in front of our favorite show (“Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” come to mind) with a glass of Nestlé’s Quik to accompany our Salisbury Steak. But, the truth is, while actually pretty yummy, TV dinners back in the day weren’t exactly known for their nutrients and health benefits. Those cardboard boxes of frozen, processed tastiness were more about convenience. Thankfully, times have changed and not only has convenience gotten healthier, it tastes better — and looks fabulous in your kitchen in the form of a Thermador Masterpiece Steam & Convection Oven (model #MES301HP).

Thermador MES301HPSteamed and Lean with Thermador Steam Ovens

Home-Tech loves this awesome appliance from Thermador for a number of reasons – it’s perfect for foodies who adore cooking – and it’s the best friend of people who’d rather throw a TV dinner in the oven. There are forty – yes, forty pre-programmed cooking modes that make life easier. Humidity and temperature are automatically set for the perfectly cooked meal. Instead of a boxed meal, throw some fresh veggies, some seasoning, and olive oil into a bowl and in ten minutes, you’ve got a delicious and healthy side dish, steamed to perfection. Thermador shares tons of recipes running the culinary gamut from Steamed Mussels with Tomato Garlic Wine Broth to Mocha Cream Filled Éclairs. Plus, at 24” this sleek built-in oven goes beautifully with any kitchen décor.  With the Thermador Masterpiece Steam & Convection Oven, your taste buds will thank you – and while you’re welcome to eat your dinners in front of the TV, what you’ll be cooking, WON’T be your mama’s TV Dinners.




Lucky to Have Home-Tech for Air Conditioning and Appliance Repair

attaboy_sealblueHome-Tech customers give testimonials about appliance repair and ac repair work done by Brian.  Attaboy, Brian!

Knew His Stuff

Dear Customer Service,

We just wanted to pass along our compliments to you. The service techs that have come to our place have always been fantastic. Very polite, knowledgeable and professional. Today Brian S. came to deal with an a/c issue. Really great guy. Knew his stuff and was very good at explaining issues. Very impressive.

We always say how lucky we are to have found Home Tech.

Many thanks for this opportunity.

E. Rosen, Naples,FL

Solved Our Problemappliance repair

Writing to let you know what a great job Brian did for us. Took the time to solve our problem without trying to sell us something we did not need.  He is a credit to Home-Tech! Please extend our thanks to him.

G. Haemmerle, Naples, FL

Another Sterling Example

Brian did an above and beyond the call of duty repair job on my freezer last Friday. Another sterling example of competence and customer service from Home-Tech! Attaboy!

W. Dobbins, Fort Myers, FL

Home-Tech washer iconI Would Give Him a 10

Could not ask for better service than I had today on my washer problem. Brian S was here within the promised, time, took care of the problem and was as pleasant as could be. If there is a rating system of 1 to 10 I would give him a 10. Thank you.

J. Lash, Estero, FL

Worked Quickly and Efficiently

Brian S is a great representative for your company. He did an absolutely great job diagnosing and repairing our AC unit. He worked quickly and efficiently. Thank you Home-Tech for a job well done! Kindest regards!

M. McCabe

Provided Clear Answers

Brian and an assistant performed this year’s annual checkup.  Both were extremely professional. Brian carefully explained the need for replacement of certain parts for a UV system, and provided clear answers for all our questions. The appointment was kept with the 3 hour projected time frame.  I was very pleased with the service. Thank you very much.

R. Rabbideau

A True Asset

Good morning -

Brian has just left after doing a superb job on our washing machine. He arrived as scheduled, was courteous, friendly and incredibly polite, a true asset to your company.

Regards -

L. d’Ali


Professional Approach to Appliance Repair and Air Conditioning Service


Home-Tech’s customers are always quick to report in when they think a technician has been doing a good job with appliance repair and air conditioning repair. Today’s “Attaboys” are for Nick. If you would like to have this kind of quality service and have all of it at NO CHARGE look into our Service Agreements.

Professional Approach

I was very pleased with NICK the service man.  His professional approach to solve the problem impressed me. Nick has a good work ethic and  takes pride in his work.  Nick cleaned up the work area.  I appreciated this, I did not have to clean up. Take good care of NICK. He takes his job seriously, that is rare to find in workers, that want to be the best at what they do. A special order part is required.  I  would very much like NICK to return to complete the job. Thank You.
M. Price

Great Job, Efficient, Quickappliance repair technician

I’m reporting on Nick from Home-Tech. He gave me outstanding service today. He has been to my home before and the repeat visit today was very welcome. It was good to see him.  The visit today was a great job, efficient, quick, in and out  – thumbs up. Have a good day!
R. Cornman

Happy with Their Work

I had two nice young men come out and do some repairs at my home. One of them was Nick and his associate Brian was with him. They did an excellent job, they even cleaned up a little bit and it took them no time at all.  I just wanted to say how happy I was with their work. So thank you very much.
C. Sessman

Celebrate Senior Citizen Day with an Appliance Repair Service Agreement

seniorsThis month, Home-Tech celebrated National Senior Citizens Day and you won’t be surprised to learn that some folks are happy to step right up and own their special day by treating themselves to a congratulatory lunch out or taking advantage of discount drinks at Happy Hour. I know of one frugal penny-pinching lady who, while still in her mid-40s, did her best to convince cashiers in various area stores that she was old enough for the senior citizen discount — seriously, she’d go shopping without make-up, her hair in a scarf, and wear sensible, but unflattering polyester pants. When she really wanted the discount, like when she went to the movies, she’d wear reading glasses and even fake a slightly frail voice, just to save $3.50, “That’s right, sonny,” she’d say to the ticket-taker, “I’m an old timer; I’m 55.” When she finally did turn 55, she celebrated – and if denied the Senior Citizen Discount, she always had her Driver’s License at the ready.

Not Quite Ready…Father's Day

Meanwhile, I have friends who throw away their AARP invitation and cards whenever they receive them in the mail. They don’t even bother opening up the envelope. They find holding onto their youth to be far more important than saving a buck or two. These are the same people who still got carded for buying beer well into their 40s and like to remind you at every opportunity.

Senior Citizen or Not, We’ve Got Your Appliance Repair Needs Covered

The good news is, whether you’re welcoming senior citizenship with open arms, or you’d prefer to keep it under wraps, you can have it both ways with a Service Agreement from Home-Tech. If you want to feel youthful and carefree, worry lines and wrinkles will smooth right out when you’re guaranteed that if one of your appliances breaks, Home-Tech will have a qualified technician to your home before you know it.

home tech gold service agreementYou won’t have to sit around, wait, or furrow your brow. On the other hand, if you pride yourself on being a Senior Citizen and saving big bucks, then you’ll love that we have two Service Agreements to choose from – Gold and Silver. You pay one price for the year and SO much is taken care of. Gold includes unlimited Service Calls and both Agreements provide emergency service, 7 days a week, including holidays.

So, whether you’re welcoming your golden years and silver hair, or you’re a little slower about celebrating the next chapter, Home-Tech celebrates YOU – Senior Citizen, or not.

Does Your Dryer Eat Socks?

Dryer ate socksThis time of year, none of us in Southwest Florida should care at all about socks. I mean, truly, it’s 742 degrees outside with 900 percent humidity. No one is wearing socks. That is, except for me, your faithful Home-Tech Blogger, who has been down for the count with major knee surgery.

As a result of being housebound, shuffling around on crutches, and unable to reach past my cumbersome leg brace to put on shoes (flip-flops and crutches don’t mix, trust me on that), I was forced to search through my meager sock collection for temporary footwear – and when I say meager, I mean practically nonexistent. (I’ve lived in Florida since childhood and socks just haven’t been a priority).

Nevertheless, as I rummaged through my sock drawer, I was able to find a total of 17 socks. Not 17 PAIRS of socks, mind you — just 17 socks. Among them, there were just four pair. Now, I’m no math whiz, but that leaves 11 lonely, single, unmatched, very sad socks.

At first, I thought pain medication was playing a factor in my inability to match socks, but no matter how I tried to justify it, a pink argyle sock and a turquoise footie just do not go together — whether you’re on pharmaceuticals or not. And then it dawned on me one evening while my husband and I were bingeing on “House of Cards”.

The Case of the Hungry Dryer

missing sock

Officer, I need to report a missing person!

“The dryer ate them!” I said suddenly.

“The dryer ate what, honey?” asked my husband/nurse with the patience of a thousand saints.

My socks! The dryer must have eaten my socks.”

My husband sighed, “Sweetie, the dryer doesn’t eat things. The dryer doesn’t have a mouth – or teeth.”

I argued (and I think this was the pain medication talking),”Yes, it does. The dryer is one giant mouth and it eat socks.”

My husband rolled his eyes and then asked the proverbial question we’ve all been asking ourselves since we learned to unload a dryer and fold laundry, “Then honey, if the dryer eats socks, where do they go?”

Home-Tech Appliance Repair

Employee Owner, Roger

The Sherlock Holmes of Repair at Home-Tech

Maybe because I’m in recovery I have too much time on my hands, but I was bound and determined to get to the bottom of exactly where socks go after the dryer has eaten them. So, I spoke to the all-knowing top repair man, Roger, at Home-Tech in Fort Myers. At first, he feigned ignorance, “Socks? Lost in dryers? That’s crazy – I’ve never heard of that,” he said with an unmistakable glint in his eye.

I told him I had proof – eleven lonely, pathetic socks, without partners to walk through life with. So, he confessed and shared the ancient secret of disappearing socks with me – and I, in turn, am sharing it with you.

Finally, The Truth About Your Dryer

Stephanie Davis Home-Tech

Stephanie Davis, Home-Tech Blogger

It could be a minor (and common) occurrence – instead of the sock clinging to the side of the dryer tumbler, try feeling around the front of the inside – your stray may be hanging out there. Also, if you feel around the inside of the front, there’s a round felt and/or rubber seal. Wear and tear, plus age, can break down the seal and socks can get stuck there, just tumbling round, dizzily for years, cycle after cycle – a sort of purgatory for socks. And yes, sometimes they fall through a crack in the seal and end up in the innards (I like to call it the stomach) of the dryer. Thankfully, if your dryer starts digesting socks or other small bits of laundry and needs repairing, a Service Agreement from Home-Tech will cover it – and uncover your missing socks so they can be reunited with their life-partners.

Meanwhile, I can only grieve for my socks that have gone missing in action, as I hope to start a clever new trend of wearing one Christmas sock and one Hello Kitty sock. I could be onto something here, unless of course, this is the pain meds talking again…

Air Conditioning and Appliance Repairs Done Well by Joe from Home-Tech

appliance repairsAppliance repairs and air conditioning repairs are dreaded by most people, but not by Home-Tech customers.  They know they are going to get a quality technician like Joe showing up and doing the job right.  Also if they are GOLD Service Agreement customers that service call and repair (parts and labor) on covered items is going to end up being NO CHARGE. You can’t beat that.  Attaboy, Joe.

Nice, Personable Tech

Joe just left and before I forget to do this–he was a very nice,  personable tech.  I have found all Home Tech employees to be easy to talk to and very considerate.   Kudos to Joe and to Home Tech.
P. Simones, Fort Myers

Asset to Your Organizationappliance repairs

Re: Tech Name—Joe

Joe is friendly, customer focused and quite technically competent. He is a asset to your organization.

G. Iwaskow

Neat, Considerate and Polite

On July 8, 2014 we had service on our Whirlpool washer performed by Shawn and Joe at our residence in Catalina Isles. We commend Home-Tech for hiring such quality individuals. The overall experience with them was excellent. They were on time, neat, considerate, polite, unobtrusive, and knowledgeable. Basically, everything good one could hope for. As work-at-home husband and wife, we were able to continue working seamlessly throughout the service period. We recently transferred our AC service to Home-Tech in addition to our in-home appliance coverage and recommend others to do the same.
E. Iannarella, Ft Myers

Excellent Ambassador for Home-Tech

Hi, we just had our air conditioner serviced by Joe.  He was very efficient, polite, and helpful.  He is an excellent ambassador for your company.

Best regards,
R. Loprete

Home-Tech and Habitat for Humanity: A Community Partnership

Home-Tech habitat for humanityOne of our philosophies here at Home-Tech, is that when you’re living and working in a community, it’s important to give back to that community.

Building from the Heart

We’re proud to partner with a variety of local nonprofits to do our part in making Southwest Florida a better place to live. And while we take the responsibility seriously, we also enjoy the fun and the rewards that come with giving. Recently, Home-Tech got the opportunity to sponsor a Habitat for Humanity home for a local resident in need, so we grabbed our tools and hard hats and went to work. The build took about three months and our Home-Tech crew dedicated two weekends of hands-on work – all from the heart.

Habitat for Humanitysonya sawyer with drill

Habitat for Humanity of Lee & Hendry follows the vision of  “a world where everyone has a decent place to live” – and that vision is made possible one home at a time – and that’s something Home-Tech is excited to be a part of. Our President and CEO Steve Marino and our CFO Sonya Sawyer were right in the thick of the action, “It was a great experience for me,” she said. “It really brought me out of my comfort zone – out of the office environment and into the hot sun, working with power tools.”

“Believe me,” she says with a smile, “I have a new appreciation for construction workers!”

This isn’t the first time Home-Tech has donated a house for Habitat for Humanity – in fact, this makes our 17th and counting. Says Sawyer, “Habitat is a fantastic charity because it provides home ownership to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity, due to unforeseen circumstances. We’ve really made a difference in the community and it’s a great feeling.”

Pat_holding wallSweat Equity

Mind you, it’s not just Home-Tech, our volunteer work force, and the folks at Habitat for Humanity that help make the dream come true – it’s the future homeowner as well. Local single mom, Clendy Young, helped build her new house for herself and her one-year old son, located in Lehigh Acres, by doing “sweat equity” of at least 300 hours. Before Habitat and Home-Tech stepped in, Young and her son had been sharing a cramped residence with seven other folks. The new house will give the Young family space, freedom, and security.

Welcome HomeHabitat for Humanity

Last month, Sawyer and Home-Tech President Steve Marino were thrilled to present Young with the house keys to her new home – and we’re already looking forward to the next home to build.

Happy home ownership, Clendy Young! Another fun and fulfilling mission accomplished by Home-Tech.

Bonita Springs Air Conditioner Service Reviews

Bonita Springs air conditionerHome-Tech has been providing Bonita Springs air conditioner service for over 33 years.  And that’s not all . . . customers are loving it!  Read some Bonita Springs customer reviews below about Dan and his great service and attitude.  Way to go, Dan. Attaboy!

Great Job, Done Professionally

Dust had been accumulating in the condo for some time and last week, I noticed a frame on the thermostat which indicated  the filter was not working. It is for health reasons I have this special a/c, which you  all advised me to purchase and install 3 years ago.

Your serviceman Dan #083 appeared before the day was out and the filter was replaced the next day and working great. He gets kudos from me; great job done on my air conditioner, professionally, courteously and he was very caring.

Thanks again Dan for the excellent job.

P. Smith, Bonita Springs FL

Outstanding Job

Your technician DAN serviced my home Air Conditioner today.  He did an outstanding job.  He was polite at all times and explained each part of his service. He is a credit to your company.

D. Barton
Bonita Springs

Customer Oriented

Dan did an excellent job servicing our air conditioner.  He is a very friendly and customer orientated technician.

Attaboy, Dan.

J Lukert

Save Your Parents from Appliance Repairs

appliance repair for parentsWe’re celebrating Parents’ Day here at Home-Tech and while Mom probably loves flowers and Dad might like a gift certificate to Outback, flowers don’t last and meals are soon forgotten after the last bite. If you really want to take care of Mom and Dad and give them the gift that keeps giving, how about removing the stress, hassle, and worry from their lives?

Appliance Repairs Are A Dragappliance repair

When an appliance breaks down it’s not only costly, it’s a time-waster to sit around waiting on an appliance repair person to show up. If it’s the dishwasher, Mom’s going to be stuck at the kitchen sink scrubbing pots and pans – if it’s the dryer, you know Dad’s going to get out the toolbox and try to repair it himself, which isn’t going to work and makes for even more headaches. So, take care of our parents with a Service Agreement and give them the invaluable gift . . . peace of mind.

The Gifts of Gold and Silver

Home-Tech has been providing fast, emergency service for 33 years – and we serve in five Southwest Florida counties. There’s two great plans to choose from – Gold and Silver. Our Gold Service Agreement means one of each of all major appliances are covered with repair service through the year, plus all service calls are unlimited and free – even on weekends and holidays. Our Silver Service Agreement features many of the same advantages, such as an annual air-conditioning clean and check, plus complete parts and labor coverage, and you pay only a minimal service call fee. So, if you’re a parent, tell your kids what gift you really want – gold or silver.

Or just forward them this blog post – they’ll get the hint.


Bonita Springs Air Conditioning Service Review

attaboy_sealblueBonita Springs residents have been enjoying service from Home-Tech’s air conditioning technicians for over 33 years. Whether they have needed an air conditioning repair or ac maintenance or a clean and check, we have been there for them.  The reviews pour in every day.  Here are a few for Matthew.  Attaboy, Matthew for being a Bonita Springs air conditioning service star!  If you would like to give us a review please check out our Google+ page.  We really appreciate the feedback!

5 out of 5 Stars

Matthew serviced my AC/Heating system.  It was a pleasure to have him here.  He not only provided service but gave me a couple of tips for setting them when I am out of town and suggested filters that I could use instead of the reusable one he provided.  I would give him a 5 out of 5 stars.
A. Camaiani, Bonita Springs

Professional Air Conditioning Servicebonita springs air conditioning

We had the pleasure of meeting Matt and his associate this morning as they did the service on our air conditioning system.  The were very polite, professional and personable.  The service was done quietly, quickly and I am confident in their work. Everyone from Home Tech who has ever come to our home for service was polite and professional.  I would recommend Home Tech to any one who is looking for reliable and honest repair work.
T. Tunney


Kudos to Matthew who inspected and cleaned our air conditioning system this morning.  We have had this work done by Home-Tech in the past, but never more thoroughly than today’s effort by Matthew.  He is not only competent and thorough, but professional and very capable of establishing rapport with the customer.  I hope that he is with Home-Tech for a long time.

Thank you!

S. Scheff,  Bonita Springs

Friendly and Great Personality

We had Matthew  here for a repair on our air conditioner.  He was very friendly with a great personality.  He performed his tasks efficiently and our air is now working perfectly.  Thank you for the great service call.
N. Kowalczyk
Fort Myers, Fl 33908