April 18, 2014

Hot Chicks Bouncing Around Southwest Florida

Easter Chick home-techThe gossip around the Home-Tech appliance showroom is that the Easter Bunny has finally had it with all the baskets, jellybeans, and peeps – he’s finally hopping down the bunny trail of retirement and all he wants to do is sit by a pool somewhere with a margarita, a cigar, and a magazine filled with shapely bunnies. And truly, who can blame him? It’s time for the Easter Bunny to relax and get a little extra fluff in his hop.

Eggs-citing Chicks!chickintruck

So, who’s going to hide all the eggs and deliver all the baskets? Luckily, the Easter Bunny has an egg-sperienced staff of hot chicks on hand to take over Easter duties. But, with no transportation, these chicks waddled into Home-Tech to see if they could hitch rides with our friendly technicians as they cover Southwest Florida checking and repairing air conditioning and appliances. Not wanting to ruffle the feathers of such cute chicks, Easter has been saved by Home-Tech – the same way we save you time and money when it comes to your all your air conditioning and appliance repair needs.

So, if you see some hot chicks in any of our Home-Tech trucks, just wave and wish them a Happy Easter – and if you’re lucky, they may even throw a peep or two at you.



Refrigerator Repair Reviews


Believe it or not, refrigerator repair is one of the things Home-Tech does most often for our customers.  And, let’s face it, when your refrigerator is not working, you need a quick fix so you don’t lose all of your goodies in there. Fast, reliable repair is what you want . . . and that’s what you get.  If you’ve had Home-Tech out to your home to work on your refrigerator we’d love to hear about it.  Review us on Facebook or Google. We always enjoy hearing from our customers!

We Love Working With Home-Tech for a Refrigerator Repair

To Whom It May Concern,

We want to give an “Atta Boy” shout out to both Milt and Steve, who came out to Lakewood Ranch to service our GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator Freezer.

We knew there was a leak and even though these guys were not scheduled to see us that day; they showed up, friendly as can be, and stayed until they got the job done (which was not easy)!!  We were very impressed with them and appreciated their hard work more than they know. We love working with Home Tech!


R. Littlejohn, Lakewood Ranch, FL

We Appreciate the AttentionAir Conditioning Home-Tech Service vehicle

To whom it may concern,
My wife and I just had an issue with our Samsung refrigerator which we had purchased from you July, 2013.  Just recently, we had started hearing a vibration coming from the fridge which we had not heard before.   We called to make an appointment to have someone come out to check to see what the problem was.  We spoke with Lisa who is responsible for all the warranty covered appliances.  After explaining the problem, she scheduled a day for a tech to come to our residence.  First it was Marty who came and tried to hear the vibration to see where it might be coming from.  Unfortunately, he was here for 45 minutes and never heard the vibration.  Because of his work schedule and the fact he had not heard the vibration, we all concluded it would be best if he continued on with his day.  Though he did suggest that we could try recording the sound and then replay it for him or another tech who may respond if it should continue to make the vibrating noise.  The next day, we heard it again and called Lisa again.  She scheduled another tech to come out.  Brian S came out.  Because we were able to record the vibration, we played it for him and he knew almost immediately where the noise was coming from.  He moved the fridge out from the wall and took off the back panel.  During this time, he was able to recycle the fridge and the noise did occur.  As he looked, he did not see anything malfunctioning, however, he did put his hand on something and the vibration stopped.  It seemed as though a small piece of  plastic may have been causing the vibration so he moved it somewhat and the vibration stopped.  When he replaced the rear panel, he used some extra padding in order to reduce any further vibration.  He also suggested that the fridge remain an extra inch or two out further from the wall.  After a day or so, the vibration returned.  So, we called Lisa again and again she rescheduled a tech to come to the house.  This time it was Marty again.  As soon as he came to the house, he was able to hear the vibration.  He too determined that the vibration was coming from the rear of the fridge.  He removed the panel, also determined that it was nothing mechanical but did find that a horizontal, thin black bar seemed to be causing the vibration because it seemed to have moved out of place.  He moved the bar back into place and he recycled the fridge to see if the vibration would occur and it did not.  He replaced the back panel and put the fridge back in place and also agreed to keep the fridge an inch or two away from the wall.  Since then, we have not heard the vibration at all.  It has been a week and half and we have not heard any vibration noises.
Needless to say, we are very, very pleased with the service and the attention that was given to this somewhat minor problem.  We can’t say enough about Lisa who was very patient and also very attentive to our needs.  Brian and Marty both were patient, understood the problem and were more than accommodating.  We would just like you to know how much we appreciate the attention that was given to our problem.  Of course, we have never had any problem with any of the techs that have been to our home.
Thanks again.
R. Friedman

Air Conditioning Repair TechVery Professional Refrigerator Repair

Brian serviced our refrigerator months ago.  He left his comment card, which we didn’t respond immediately because the problem had been recurring so frequently. I found it today when cleaning out my desk and want to let you know that it appears he resolved the problem and the refrigerator is working fine now. He was very professional and helpful so we wanted to be sure to comment.
Thanks Brian!
P. Harrington, Fort Myers, FL 33919


Best Air Conditioning Clean and Check Reviews

Air Conditioning GaugeMany of our seasonal residents are getting ready to head back up North for the Spring and Summer. Before you leave your home here you may want to call Home-Tech and schedule your annual air conditioning Clean and Check of your system. If you’ve never hired Home-Tech to perform air conditioning service before you may be curious as to what to expect.  We’ve shared some reviews from our customers and there are many many other reviews throughout our website.  If you would like to share about a service experience with Home-Tech we invite you to visit our Facebook page or give us a review on Google.

Thorough Air Conditioning Check

I had my annual service check done today by your tech Chris.  He was thorough and very pleasant.  He also took the time to explain several features of my HVAC system and other appliances.  Excellent!

C.Romero, Naples

Prompt, Polite and EfficientHome-Tech Air conditioning repair

We just had the good fortune of having your service rep Joe service our central air conditioner. Joe took the time to explain to this novice (me) exactly how the system worked, what he was doing and how to set it up for optimum performance once we head north for the summer. He was prompt, polite and efficient. You can be proud of him as a representative of your company.

B. Heaslip, North Fort Myers. FL.

air conditioning repair ductAnnual Cleaning and Maintenance for Two AC Systems


Today your representative, Chet, came to our home to conduct the annual cleaning & maintenance for our two A/C systems.  Based on our past experience, we have found every one of your people to be exceptionally good representatives of your Company.  However, today our experience with Chet established a new “benchmark” that others will have difficulty meeting in the future!

Chet arrived on time and with a pleasant greeting when he introduced himself.  He was well dressed and spoke well.  Throughout the process of cleaning and servicing our A/C system he was careful to put down a sheet to catch any falling dust and dirt and even used a dust rag before opening the hatch in the ceiling of my wife’s closet to make certain that no dirt fell on her clothes.  He kept us informed of his progress and answered all of our questions directly and intelligently.

You are most fortunate to have Chet as a member of the Home-Tech Team!

L. Pearce, Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Very Neat and Cleaned UpAir conditioning repair line set

I am writing to let you know that Chris was at our home this morning doing our annual check-up of our air conditioner and furnace. He was very personable and efficient. He explained all he was doing to my husband and what he needed to do to help maintain our AC/FUR. He was very neat & cleaned up after himself. Chris’s work ethic is excellent (kind, prompt, helpful, neat). He is a good ambassador for your company. We were more than pleased with Chris. Thank you.

B. McCormick, Fort Myers, FL

Very Helpful With Routine Maintenance

Gentlemen, just a note to say that your technician Jason came to our home yesterday to do a preventive maintenance check on our A/C units. He was prompt , courteous , neat in appearance , communicative and very helpful , pointing out some areas where I can help with routine ongoing maintenance of our system. He did a very thorough job.
R. Haller

New Customers

We are new customers and today we had our first visit from home-tech to check our air conditioning system. I cannot say enough about the technician, Jason. He was very pleasant and thorough with his inspection. Jason also explained everything to us and the condition of our system. Thank you for having such a conscientious and friendly employee.

Sincerely -
W. Flemming

Home-Tech Announces European Appliance Break Through!

washer2The newest in technology and innovation has come EXCLUSIVELY to Home-Tech. We’re thrilled to report that Home-Tech is the only appliance retailer in the United States to carry the latest in innovation and technology from the brand new French Appliance Designer, Avil Trompier.

While Avil Trompier is new, the design company, located in Menteur, France is already receiving rave reviews and accolades in the appliance industry — and Home-Tech is introducing the La Laundry Extraordinaire!

It Does Everything

The experts at Avil Trompier have been working on this inventive new washer and dryer package at their headquarters in Menteur, France since 1996, and finally, they’ve unveiled a machine that has the appliance industry amazed. You simply load your laundry in and push a button as a dispenser senses how much water and detergent is needed and fills automatically. After the rinse and spin cycle is complete, the La Laundry Extraordinaire becomes a dryer, with air coming from small holes in the barrel.

But, That’s Not All

French designers were able to add a whole new element! After the laundry is dry, a component within the machine then separates and folds everything in the La Laundry Extraordinaire. When this process is complete, your freshly folded laundry is rolled out onto a conveyer belt. But before you have to put it away, grab a chair and pull it up to La Laundry Extraordinaire as something truly revolutionary happens (leave it to the French to come up with something so fabulous). Slide your bare feet up to La Laundry Extraordinaire and sit back as prosthetic, life-like hands emerge from inside the machine to give you a one hour foot massage. Yes, that’s right — Avil Trompier has you covered in every way!

Note: Avil Trompier is easily translated into English (Avil is French for April; Trompier is French for Fools). Happy April Fool’s Day from Home-Tech — and let’s hope somebody comes up with La Laundry Extraordinaire SOON. Meanwhile, Home-Tech has you covered for all you appliance needs.






Home-Tech Nominated for Uncommon Friends Award

about us service agreements steve marinoWe at Home-Tech are thrilled to spread the news that we’re one of three nominated finalists for the prestigious Uncommon Friends Business Award! The winner will be announced at a glittering gala at Harborside Event Center on March 26th. Home-Tech Founder and CEO, Steve Marino says, “We’re absolutely honored to be one of the finalists. We pride ourselves in our commitment not only to the customer, but to the community as a whole.  I believe if we are awarded this honor it will be partly because of our mission statement and the way we fulfill it every day. ”

High Recognition For Ethical Business Practice

According to the Uncommon Friends Foundation, the award is presented in recognition of the critical importance of ethical leadership in today’s businesses and will be presented to the business that exemplifies the highest standards of ethical behavior.

Giving BackMission Statement

For more than a decade, Home-Tech has given back to a variety of Southwest Florida non-profit organizations. Sponsorships include Golisano Children’s Hospital of SW Florida, The American Heart Association, The Eden Autism House, PACE Center for Girls, Partners in Breast Cancer Care, and many more. Home-Tech serves the 5 counties in Southwest Florida with locations in Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Naples.

“Home-Tech is an employee-owned company,” says Marino. “Because our employees are owners, there is a high standard of ethical behavior and accountability to our customers and the communities in which they live.” A spirit of adventure, a sense of purpose, and a commitment to positive values and unending personal growth are the building blocks of the Uncommon Friends Foundation Inc.

If You Go

Tables and individual tickets are available, as well as sponsorships. Tables of eight are available for $750; individual tickets are $100.

For information, call 337-9503 or visit uncommonfriends.org.



Appliance Cleaning 101

Appliance Cleaning 101Happy first day of Spring! It’s officially Spring in Southwest Florida and since most of us shudder at the phrase “spring cleaning”, we at Home-Tech have decided to go with spring sparkling instead! It’s time to make those beautiful appliances of yours sparkle – not just on the outside, but on the inside, too. While students get to be out of school and on spring break (by the way, why don’t adults get a spring break? It should be mandatory!), it’s time for us to open our notebooks and get to class for Appliance Cleaning 101. Maybe you don’t feel like cleaning your appliances because they are so old and broken down. If that’s the case stop by one of our showrooms and pick out some new shiny, sparkling ones.

Delving into the Dishwasher

First, run an empty cycle with white vinegar in the detergent cup to wipe out lime deposits. Next, do the same with powdered lemonade – the citrus agents help get rid of stains. Use a small vacuum attachment to clean the dust out of fan slats.

Meticulous Microwave

Fill a coffee mug with water and fresh lemon slices – put it in the center of the microwave on high for three minutes; wait another three minutes. The steam from the lemon water will not only cut odors, but also loosen grime for easy cleaning. A handy way to clean the turntable wheels is with an old toothbrush.

bad smell in refrigeratorResplendent Refrigerator

Wipe down the inner walls with vanilla extract on a paper towel – a simple and easy way to eliminate odors. Make sure you take out all removable shelves and drawers for a good soak in warm soapy water. Use a vacuum attachment to clean the coils behind the fridge where pet hair and dust accumulate. A great way to clean underneath is with a yardstick – just attach some duct tape to the end and swipe back and forth –- not only will it pick up the dirt – you might just find that earring that you lost last year.

Wonderful Washer

The best way to keep your washer clean and running properly is to not use too much detergent.  Home-Tech recommends you use HE detergent and only half as much as the detergent companies suggest.  If you have a front load washer, we recommend you wipe down the seal around the door with bleach occasionally to help discourage the growth of mold.  Both washers and dishwashers can use a good cleaning with Affresh or Washer Magic.  We sell it in our showrooms.

Delightful Dryerwasher cleaner

Your dryer needs TLC especially around the vent area.  Be sure to keep your lint trap clean and have your ventilation system professionally cleaned to prevent a build up of lint.  It’s a true fire hazard.

Clean Air

Now that our air conditioners will likely start running full-time for the next several, warm, humid months — call Home-Tech for a thorough inspection and clean and check. When you purchase a Gold Member Service Agreement – this service is included.

Sparkle this Spring with Home-Tech!

Appliance Repair – Two Thumbs Up

attaboy_sealblueHome-Tech technicians are highly trained in appliance repair and air conditioning repair.  That’s right!  We handle both! Today’s customer testimonials are about Brian and Ryan.  We invite you to review Home-Tech’s service on Google, our Facebook page or Yelp. We appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you!

Service Way Beyond the Others

Service Tech Boss!
I just wanted to note service done by 2 of your Techs that went way beyond what techs normally do. Had so much problems last year that it was a relief to get Techs that was so concerned, knowledgeable and understood us as people and just not a ticket number to do in the shift! So I want to commend you for sending 2 of your best! Brian and Ryan!
J. Romesberg, Cape Coral FL

Gold Star and Two Thumbs Upappliance repair

Brian  just left after a visit to repair our old(ish) Thermador oven. He arrived precisely when he said he would, and was pleasant and very professional. He even double-checked that he’d shut the access panels to our circuit panel. I give him a gold star and two thumbs up!
C. Vilks

Very Professional

This email is to let you know that Brian arrived on time, was very professional,  and very personable. In my opinion, those three traits are very rare these days, especially  to find  all three in one person!  The fan on my A/C unit would not stop running and he replaced the thermostat and now it works great!  “Atta Boy”  Brian and Home Tech!!

Pleased with AC and Appliance Repair

attaboy_celebrate3There are certain of our customers who are only in SW Florida for a very short visit and during that time besides having fun and enjoying the beautiful weather, they have lots to get done taking care of their Florida properties. Home-Tech is the perfect company to handle air conditioning service, and appliance repair as well. The reviews below are about Kevin. If you have had service from a Home-Tech technician and would like to give a shout out you can do so on our Facebook page or review us on Google.

Service on Air Conditioning, Dryer & Dishwasher

My husband and I were in Naples and had 3 service appointments for the short time we were there.  On Thursday we had our air conditioning unit service by Kevin. He was friendly and efficient as was the other gentleman that serviced our dryer and dishwasher. Just wanted to say how pleased we are with your company.
D. Lupu

A Great Techair conditioning repair

Very professional, well informed . . .  a great service tech.
R. Kennedy
Bonita Spring, FL

You Have a Star with Kevin

On Friday we had a leak in an air conditioning pipe and Kevin was sent to our home to check it out.  In all my years working with different technicians I have never met a technician who is as knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, caring and sincere as Kevin.  Kevin fixed the problem in seconds. If all trade personal were as competent as Kevin then we would not have the problems we have today.  You have a star with Kevin, I hope if I have any other problems I get Kevin sent to our home to repair them.
Thank you,
M. Lieberman

Knock the Daylight Out of Savings on Appliances and More

appliance savingsOn March 9th at 2 a.m., we spring forward an hour, which means longer days filled with Florida sunshine (uh-oh! Time to get swimsuit-ready – yikes) and, most importantly, major savings at Home-Tech.

Reluctant to Spring Forward?

If you’re reluctant to spring forward, you can always fall back with our fabulous Fall Back Plan – a Home-Tech Service Agreement. It’s the perfect solution to repairs that happen when you least expect them and it saves you thousands of dollars – money better spent on a springtime beach getaway somewhere where you’ll find fruity frozen beverages with umbrellas in them!

First Call’s On Ustrucksar1

We knock the daylight out with even MORE savings with our First Call’s On Us offer. This means no charge on your first service call when you need a repair. With our First Call’s On Us special Home-Tech will cover this repair up to $200 when you purchase our popular GOLD Service Agreement. We’d much rather see you out and about enjoying the longer days rather than sitting at home worrying about a repair that could have been costly.

kitchenaid refrigeratorMoney Back Rebates

As if we hadn’t knocked the daylight out of savings enough, we’ve got a few more punches left. How about a $100 rebate on a qualifying Frigidaire Refrigerator or Range (valid until 3/31/14)? Or a $300 rebate on Electrolux Laundry Pairs? See all of the appliances rebate offers at www.home-tech.us.

 Spring-Pic2Open House

There’s plenty more appliances and air conditioning savings where those came from and to introduce you to them, we’re hosting a fun Open House at our Fort Myers Showroom on Saturday, April 5th with exciting appliance giveaways and awesome savings. So, save the date and stay tuned for more info, as Home-Tech keeps on knocking the daylight out of savings!

Best Thing I Did – Get a Home-Tech Service Agreement

appliance repair attaboyShould I get a Service Agreement? What is the service like? Is it worth looking into?  Home-Tech answers these questions every day for our potential customers. Sometimes though it’s best to hear it from our actual Service Agreement Members.  Our blog is full of Attaboy testimonials where our customers are talking about how pleased they are with our service and that they made the investment in the Service Agreement.  Today’s testimonials are all about Shaun.  If you’d like to share a review with us, please do so on our Facebook page or review us on Google.

 Friendly, Helpful, On Time

We have wanted to write before, but with company visiting we have not had a chance.

We have unfortunately needed to use your services recently quite a bit. Fortunately the service techs have been great. Friendly, helpful and on time. The man who repaired our furnace answered some of my questions about the Fort Myers area and even recommended a book to read about it! Shaun has been here twice, once for our refrigerator and this time for the microwave and has been very professional and knowledgeable.

We certainly appreciate the calls telling us they are on the way and even the apology we received when one man’s GPS sent him in the wrong direction, but he called to let us know. In a time when it seems companies don’t care about the consumer it is nice to have one that does. Now if only you could talk to Comcast they could take a few tips from your practices.

J. Busack

 Happy with the ServiceService Agreement Technicians

We had services this morning from Shaun and Pedro to look at our microwave.  They provided the usual prompt and courteous service. We were happy with their service and we are glad to have this service available to us. Thanks!

J. Zentz

Jobs Well Done

Your guys Shaun and Jason replaced my broken AC thermostat. While here I asked them to listen too the fan on my Whirlpool refrigerator which I purchased from you last April. They agreed that it was too noisy, made some adjustments around the fan and the noise was lowered down to normal. Jobs well done.
J. O’Donnell

firstcall-nochargeI Purchased Your Service Agreement

I’d like to compliment your two service representatives Shawn and Tony.  They were both very professional and fixed my problem quickly and I enjoyed having them in  my home. After completing their work they explained your service agreement and were very thorough and well informed. Because I was so impressed by the work and attitude of both young men, I decided to purchase your service agreement.
J. Agle,  Ft. Myers, FL 33919

Best Thing I Did – Service Agreement

I couldn’t be happier with your service. Shaun just left. He was courteous, efficient, polite & solved our problem in minutes. I called for service this morning & then called again, deciding I couldn’t wait until our scheduled appointment on Monday. Shaun arrived Friday evening around 7:00.

Thank you- the best thing I did was get your service agreement.

Keep up the good work- we are impressed!!!!

J. Green