What’s in the Single Girl’s Refrigerator?


There’s a line in an early episode of “Sex and The City” where Carrie Bradshaw admits to buying Vogue magazine before buying food, because she felt the fashion magazine “fed her more”. Carrie, like a lot of single girls, had a kitchen in her apartment, but it didn’t see a lot of action. Back when your trusty Home-Tech blogger was single, my kitchen was pretty empty, too. The … [Read more...]

Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 Refrigerator Versatility


Last Friday was National Frozen Food Day. And just in time to celebrate that, Home-Tech introduced a new French Door Refrigerator/Freezer in our showrooms from Samsung. Everyone who has walked by it has said, "Whoa, what's that?"  Or, "I want that!" It really is an eye catching thing of beauty with a very modern stainless steel design which would look great in any … [Read more...]

Refrigerators with Bottom Freezers Perfect for Your Ice Cream

ice cream cone

Ah, the energy and impatience of youth -- those were the two main ingredients that went into making homemade ice cream back in the day. And since National Ice Cream Day fell on the calendar this past Sunday (we here it Home-Tech actually prefer to celebrate the holiday all month long -- oh, never mind, let's be honest -- all YEAR long), let's look back on the days of homemade … [Read more...]

Electrolux Appliances Reward Cards

electrolux appliances

Since Home-Tech is one of the major appliance sellers and service experts in Southwest Florida, we are always researching the best appliance brands and offers for our customers.  Until November 1, 2013 Electrolux is offering a sweet deal to allow you to complete your kitchen.  You can get up to $1200 in American Express reward cards for purchasing Electrolux appliances now.  … [Read more...]

Get Off the Bottle – Bottled Water Vs. Purified Refrigerator Water

Florida Hard Water

Does it surprise you that buying bottled water for a year could cost you $600?  At $1 - $2 per bottle it adds up quickly. Since Earth Day was earlier this week, Home-Tech needs to mention as well that 2 million tons of bottles get dumped into our landfills each year. (Only 23% of bottles are recycled.) We are going to recommend that you give up the bottle and try the refreshing … [Read more...]