May 22, 2015

Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 Refrigerator Versatility

SP32-20150309-151954Last Friday was National Frozen Food Day. And just in time to celebrate that, Home-Tech introduced a new French Door Refrigerator/Freezer in our showrooms from Samsung. Everyone who has walked by it has said, “Whoa, what’s that?”  Or, “I want that!” It really is an eye catching thing of beauty with a very modern stainless steel design which would look great in any kitchen.

Everyone has a different take on frozen foods. Some families buy everything in bulk and even have an additional freezer in the garage to hold their side of beef. Then there are those like my Dad, who is retired and just cooks for one, usually. His freezer has bags of steamer rice, frozen juices, waffles and a carton of ice cream. He doesn’t need much freezer space. We’ve addressed in an earlier blog what a bachelor keeps in his freezer.

The Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 can work for everyone and fill every storage need because the bottom right side of the refrigerator can be freezer or refrigerator space – YOUR CHOICE.  Ding ding ding – isn’t that smart?

Connected Refrigerator

Speaking of smart, this Samsung refrigerator can be controlled by an app on your smart phone.  That’s right, you can be out grocery shopping and know that you are going to bring home a bunch of food that is going directly in the freezer and you can tell your freezer “Incoming!! Crank down the temperature!” Oh, and by the way, this refrigerator holds up to 34 bags of groceries! It will also let you know if the door has been open longer than 2 minutes. You can call your teenager and tell him/her to make up their mind and shut the door.

Here’s what else you can do with the app:

  • View freezer and fridge temps
  • Receive an alarm when the door is open for more than 2 minutes
  • Control your ice
  • Activate the Power Cool and Power Freeze functions. These functions rapidly cool either your refrigerator or freezer.
  • View an energy consumption report

What is the Power Freeze/Power Cool Function?SP32-20150309-141614

There is a button. You hold it for 3 seconds and WHAM cooling increases. This is great if you need to quickly freeze a large amount of food or items that spoil easily. Remember those Thanksgiving leftovers? This is perfect, right?

The Bottom Right Has Got it Going On

The “Cool Select Room” on the bottom right of your refrigerator can be set to Freezer, Soft Freezing (helps keep meat and fish fresh longer) Chill (sets temperature to 30) or Cool (41) for drinks, juice, beer etc. The versatility of this is so convenient. If you are having a party and need extra cold beer you can fill it up and chill it on the refrigerator setting.  If you are having an Ice Cream Social you can set it to Freezer Mode and put all of the ice cream flavors in there.

SP32-20150309-141630Fresh Sparkling Water – Whenever You Want It

On the dispenser control panel is the sparkling water control. This fridge makes its own sparkling water. No more taking up storage space with bottles. You push the button and it will fill the sparkling water tank with water and inject CO2 gas into it and make sparkling water. You can control how “sparkling” it is. How would you like yours?

It’s Built with a Chef In Mind

It has a Chef Pantry which creates the perfect temperature with a temperature setting recommended by Michelin star chefs. It has Chef Mode with chef selected temperature settings providing the perfect condition for every type of food. It has a Chef Pan where you can marinate meat and fish separately in the stainless steel chef pan. Pull the chef pan out of the refrigerator and put directly into the oven to cook. It has a Chef Basket which is perfect for storing smoked cheeses and cured meats. For added convenience, it can be easily removed and taken with you.  All it needs is a Chef owner!

Important EngineeringSP32-20150309-141554

The Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4 features innovative Metal Cooling that locks in cold and seals in freshness. The stainless steel paneling helps maintain consistent temperature throughout the refrigerator. With Triple Cooling, a premium cooling system which features 3 evaporators for ultimate freshness and provides precise temperature and humidity controls in all three zones. And it has 4 Pillar High-Efficiency Lighting which brightens every corner of your refrigerator. It emits less heat and is more energy-efficient than traditional lighting. And it exceeds the government’s Energy Star requirements.

So you might want to stop by one of Home-Tech’s appliance showrooms and take a look for yourself. It’s a pretty amazing refrigerator. Or call and speak to our appliance staff. They are always ready to help. (800) 800-8356 Ext. 4 

Electrolux Appliances Reward Cards

electrolux applianceSince Home-Tech is one of the major appliance sellers and service experts in Southwest Florida, we are always researching the best appliance brands and offers for our customers.  Until November 1, 2013 Electrolux is offering a sweet deal to allow you to complete your kitchen.  You can get up to $1200 in American Express reward cards for purchasing Electrolux appliances now.  There are reward cards for wall ovens, ranges, cooktops, microwaves, refrigerators, range hoods and dishwashers.  Stop by one of our two showrooms to “kick the tires” on the Electrolux models that are available.  To further entice you, today we will share information about one of their top of the line refrigerators and ranges. All of the products included in this offer as well as their features can be found at

Electrolux Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Wave-Touch Controls EW23BC85KSElectrolux french door refrigerator2

Save $250 now with the rebate offer and start enjoying a truly spacious (15.7 cu ft) and responsive French Door Refrigerator which is ENERGY STAR rated.  You can configure the shelving to suit how you store food in your refrigerator.  It has beautiful lighting to accentuate your foods.  If the lighting makes those fruits and veggies look more appealing maybe the family will make healthier choices.  Keep those healthy fruits and veggies fresh in the humidity-controlled crisper drawers which are self closing.

Electrolux perfect temp drawerOne of the most desirable features of this refrigerator is the Perfect Temp Drawer with 9 preset food temps.  You can adjust the temperature from 28 – 42 degrees.  Are you already imagining what you could store in it?  It’s perfect for a cheese plate or an ice cream birthday cake.  Or load it up with wine or your favorite beer for your next party.  Speaking of parties, it serves up restaurant quality ice for the perfect cocktails.  Want to see more?  Check out this video by Electrolux

Electrolux perfect turkey buttonElectrolux 30″ Dual-Fuel Built-In Range with Wave-Touch Controls EW0DS75KS

Save $200 now on this dual fuel, wave touch control range.  The cooktop is gas and has an easy to clean surface. The oven is electric.  All you do is touch the control panel and all the cooking options appear for you to choose from.  Do you ever stress about cooking a delicious turkey dinner at holiday times?  Never again.  The Perfect Turkey Button ensures stress free poultry cooking. Watch this video by Electrolux to see how the Perfect Turkey Button works.  The Min-2-Max Burner offers an 18,000-BTU boil to a gentle 450-BTU simmer. With Perfect Convect3 technology you get consistently even results and can cook up to 30% faster.  This range has luxury features like Design Lighting with halogen lighting for functionality and beauty.  The Luxury-Hold Door feature keeps the oven door at any angle you want it.  You can program your Favorite Settings so things you do routinely can be done at the touch of a button.

This range allows you to:

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Convection Bake
  • Convection Roast
  • Convection Broil
  • Keep Warm and
  • Slow Cook

You won’t believe all of the Baking Options:

  • Perfect Turkey
  • Defrost
  • Dehydrate
  • Bread-Proof
  • “My Favorites”
  • Multi-Stage Cooking
  • Temperature Probe
  • Rapid Preheat
  • Delay Bake and
  • Convection Convert

Visit one of our showrooms, call (800) 800-8356 with questions or learn more at  Our appliance experts are always available to help.

Get Off the Bottle – Bottled Water Vs. Purified Refrigerator Water

refrigerator water purication two glasses of waterDoes it surprise you that buying bottled water for a year could cost you $600?  At $1 – $2 per bottle it adds up quickly.  Since Earth Day was earlier this week, Home-Tech needs to mention as well that 2 million tons of bottles get dumped into our landfills each year.  (Only 23% of bottles are recycled.)  We are going to recommend that you give up the bottle and try the refreshing taste of purified, ice cold water right from your refrigerator.  As you know, Home-Tech knows a lot about refrigerators and their features since we sell and repair all the top brands.  Most models now come equipped with an excellent water purification system.

Bottled Water Doesn’t Mean Pure

Many times bottled water is TAP WATER.  If your bottle doesn’t say spring water on it, then chances are it’s coming straight from a municipal water source.  Chemicals from the plastic bottles can also leach into a bottle of water as well.  And, there is no regulation of bottled water by the federal government.   A study done by the Environmental Working Group in 2008 found chemicals in every brand tested.  You don’t have these concerns with a refrigerator purification system because you know exactly what is being removed from your drinking water.

Drink Up from the Whirlpool® Side by Side Models

The filter for the Side by Side Refrigerator Models (6ED2FHGXVA, 6ED2FHGXVQ, EC3JHAXRL, EC3JHAXRS, ED2DHEXWB, ED2DHEXWL, ED2DHEXWQ, ED2FHAXSB, ED2FHAXSL) reduces these common contaminants:

  • Chlorine taste & odor
  • Particulates
  • Mercury
  • Lead
  • Alachlor
  • Cysts
  • Atrazine
  • Benzene
  • Asbestos
  • Chlorobenzene
  • O-Dichlorobenzene,
  • Tetrachloroethylene
  • Ethylbenzene
  • Endrin
  • Toxaphene
  • Lindane
  • Styrene
  • Turbidity

This filter does not remove beneficial flouride.  And it’s best to change it every 6 months.

The Trickle Down Theory

If you buy bottled water and you don’t have a new refrigerator with a water purification system in it then consider the $600 a year cost savings (plus energy savings by getting an EnergyStar model).  Just with what you’re saving on bottled water you could have a brand spanking new refrigerator sitting in your kitchen with all the latest and greatest features.  Home-Tech is here to help you with any appliance purchase you might ever need.  Our appliance experts are fully educated on every brand and feature of refrigerator that we sell.  Start your process by browsing in our online appliance store or come on in to one of our two showrooms.  We are happy to show you everything and do the math with you.  With Home-Tech, water purification and refrigeration is easy.


The Next Big Thing: What You Ought to Know About Smart Appliances

The big buzz at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) this past week in Las Vegas was the rise of smart appliances. With LG and Samsung leading the pack, how will these new smart appliances fit into our kitchens and lifestyles? What makes an appliance smart? Let Home-Tech show you the latest and greatest in major appliances and teach you a thing or two about these new smart appliances that will change the face of appliance maintenance forever.

There’s an App for That

For starters, there is the Samsung RF4289HARS, 28 cu. ft. 4-Door Refrigerator and 8″ LCD Digital Display with Apps. Keep your kitchen and family organized with special apps made for your refrigerator. Leave notes for your loved ones. Display photos from your Picasa library, mobile phone or SD card. Stay up to date with all your family activities with Google Calendar. Access hundreds of recipes from Epicurious. Plus, get the latest weather and news via Weather Bug and Associated Press all through Samsung’s brilliant, WiFi-enabled 8″ LCD screen.

LG’s Smart ThinQ  is Head of the Class

LG’s smart appliances go a step farther than a computer in the appliance.  They developed a way for appliances to talk to each other and to the owner, providing self diagnosis when one of these appliances is in need of repair. With built-in WiFi, this range, or other connected LG smart appliance can communicate with LG’s service network to diagnose problems and share its status with the Smart ThinQ app on an iPad, iPhone or android phoneOur friends at LG mentioned that their, “New smart appliances are equipped with innovative device-to-device connectivity features and the LG Home Energy Management System (HeMS), opening up a new era in convenient and efficient home management.”

Smart Appliances in the Real World

Home-Tech’s Corporate Sales Manager, Mike Hendershott, is excited about the forward movement of smart appliances. He explains, “Besides the bells and whistles, like being able to turn on your oven and set it to bake a roast from your cell phone, the practical uses of smart appliance technology will revolutionize the service and repair end of our business. Expect to be able to self-diagnose a broken smart appliance by simply launching the app on your phone or tablet. Smart appliances will send the error code to you and to the manufacturer, who will then notify the customers’ preferred appliance repair company of the appliance breakdown.”

Of course, there is a down side to this new technology. As it is still new and evolving, there is still no way to connect smart appliances from one manufacturer to another. Expert blogger, Ethan Wollf-Mann, who was lucky enough to attend CES, had reviewed the LG LRE3023ST, 6.3 cu.ft. Capacity Electric Single Oven Range with Fan Convection.  He remarks about the LG’s Smart ThinQ software, “It will connect to the LG ecosystem, but so far this software (like LG’s competitors) is proprietary and it’s impossible to link a Samsung washer, a Whirlpool dishwasher, an LG range, and a Hisense fridge.”

More on Smart Appliances

For more information, demonstrations and product availability, contact the appliance experts at Home-Tech. Our experts are trained on the advancements in smart appliances, and can show you how they can be of great value in your home or kitchen. Call 800-800-8356 to speak with an appliance expert or shop our online showroom to see our inventory.


The Laws of Leftovers. How Many Days Will They Last in Refrigerator?

The Refrigerator Rules of Leftovers

Face it. Holding onto to leftovers for too long is something we are all guilty of one time or another. At times, we shove foods into the far back of the refrigerator, hoping we will find it again later in the week. But instead, it goes bad and we find it after it has far surpassed its prime.

All of us at Home-Tech understand the natural inclination to hold onto the foods we have prepared and wish to enjoy again.  Refrigeration and food storage best practices will ensure enjoyment of your leftovers and decrease the likeliness of food spoilage.

How Long is Too Long in the Fridge?

  • Meats, cooked seafood, vegetables, pizza, soups, and casseroles should be eaten within three to four days.
  • Potatoes or pasta salads should be eaten within three to five days.
  • Rice, pasta, and hard-cooked eggs should be eaten within seven days.
  • For desserts: Cream pies and fruit pies should be eaten within three to four days; cake and cheesecake should stay safe for up to seven days. Note: Desserts should be refrigerated.

Refrigerator Home-Tech Leftovers LG The Ultimate Refrigerator for Leftovers

Check out LG’s Super-Capacity 3 Door French Door Refrigerator with Door-in-Door. This fridge is not only huge, but it is really convenient. Its layout and design make it easy to store leftovers while keeping your other foods fresh.If its shelf space you are looking for, then look no further. This refrigerator has the most shelf space, thanks to the ultra slim SpacePlus Ice System.

  • Door-in-Door Easy Access
  • Most Shelf Space*
  • SpacePlus Ice System
  • Helps Keep Food Fresh with Smart Cooling Plus
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified Refrigerator
  • Easy Access to the Freezer with the Smart Pull Handle.
  • 3-Tier Organization™ Freezer
  • Cleaner, Fresher Air from the Fresh Air Filter.
  • Tall Ice & Water Dispensing System can accommodate just about any size container.
  • 4-Compartment Crisper System

No Questions Leftover with Home-Tech

Have appliance questions or want to know about this refrigerator? Home-Tech’s appliance experts are here to help you. We can answer your simply or more complex appliance inquiries, all you have to do is ask. Call us today at 800-800-8356  to speak with our appliance experts directly, or stop into one of our Appliance showrooms to shop our a for appliances. Like to shop online? No problem! Check out our inventory in our Online Appliance Store.


Shine On. The Viking D3 Stainless Steel Kitchen Shimmers with Beauty

Make your holidays merry and bright with a new stainless steel kitchen package from Home-Tech. Just imagine preparing the holiday feast in a professional looking, efficient and dazzling kitchen. Then close your eyes and imagine you are cooking on a brand new Viking D3  range, oven, and microwave. This kitchen package will not only please the chef at home, but will please guests for years to come.

An Electric Range That Sparkles

The  Viking D3 electric range, RDSCE230-5B, delivers maximum performance in a minimal space. This 30′ stainless steel range is ideal for a condominium, galley kitchen or smaller sized kitchen.  With the largest capacity oven available, combined with the largest convection fan it offers perfectly even heat circulation for everything from sugar cookies to a honey baked ham. Not to miss is the QuickCook surface. It reaches full power in about three seconds. Now that’s convenient!

Merry Little Stainless Steel Wonders

The Microwave in this stainless steel kitchen set, the RDMOS2o1, is tiny but mighty.  It offers extra-large capacity and an array of powerful settings. This kind of versatility will please all your family members when reheating the holiday left overs. With its instant sensor settings and warm/hold function, every dish will be reheated just right. Some bonuses to the D3 microwaves are that they will add some much needed stainless steel bling to your existing cabinetry, as it will fit flush. Also, the integrated exhaust/ventilation is a convenient solution for any cooking surface.

Getting the dishes done in a D3 dishwasher will be a treat for anyone in this kitchen. With easy loading racks, it can accomodate up to 15 place settings. That’s enough for the entire extended family. Dirty dishes will be no match for the powerful Sure-Temp water heater and five stage filtration system, as it ensures every plate, dish, goblet, gravy dish and utensil comes out spotless.

refrigerator stainless steel home-techThe Right Stuff(ers)

Preparing Christmas dinner requires a lot of refrigerator space, something we all wished for a little more of, am I right? The Viking D3 French Door, Bottom-Mount Refrigerator/Freezer is a stainless steel show stopper. This large capacity model, the RDDFF236, opens wide to reveal a Cold Zone drawer, two moisture-adjustable Humidity Zone drawers, and internal filtering water dispensing. While this fridge could just sit there and look pretty, there are brains behind that stainless steel beauty. Feeling fresh? This refrigerator provides the ultimate in cold storage with dedicated shelves to accommodate every item on your grocery list.

Decking the Halls with Home-Tech Appliances

You know that Home-Tech has you covered, even when you need to replace your appliances. We know you want the pretty stainless steel kitchen that is every cook’s dream. Guess what? We have a wide selection of kitchen packages and stainless steel appliances. Need help deciding which appliances are right for you? Our experienced Appliance Experts can assist you in selecting the best appliances for your needs. Call today to schedule a one-on-one consultation at 800-800-8356 or stop by our showrooms to look around.

Space Saving Appliances- Can I Fit Everything in a Counter Depth Fridge?

Have you been looking at a side-by-side, counter depth refrigerator?  Are you worried about losing storage space if you go with a counter depth model? Worry not. Home-Tech’s appliance experts will tell you YES. Yes you can fit everything in a new counter depth model, but to fit it all, you will have to go with the side-by-side in the Whirlpool Ice collection

Upgrading the Style of your Appliances While Preserving the Capacity

Stock up on all your favorite fresh and frozen foods with the Whirlpool® 25 cu. ft. counter depth side-by-side refrigerator. The industry-exclusive MicroEdge™ shelves offer 25% more usable shelf space and help contain leaks. The In-Door-Ice® Plus ice dispensing system also creates 30% more usable space in the freezer and includes a removable ice bin. It tilts out and can be placed on the counter to make filling glasses, pitchers and coolers easy. This model of Whirlpool appliances also delivers efficient cooling performance using built-in sensors to measure internal temperature and activates the compressor only when necessary.

Largest Capacity Counter Depth Refrigerator

appliances refrigerators counter depthThis model’s counter depth styling isn’t just for looks. By combining counter depth styling and 25 cu. ft. of capacity, you no longer have to sacrifice space to take home the style you want. Counter depth styling gives you an extra 5″ of kitchen space, while fitting virtually flush with your current counters and other kitchen fixtures. The Whirlpool Gold 25 cubic feet, counter depth, side-by-side  is in a league of its own. Among these types of appliances, this is the only counter depth side-by-side model that offers 10 cu. ft. of interior freezer space. Now you can stock up on all your favorite frozen items, like pizzas, frozen yogurt and vegetables.

Accu-Chill™ Temperature Management System

Save energy on your appliances and cool your food quickly with this model’s temperature management system. This intuitive system senses and adapts using built-in sensors to measure the internal temperature and activates the compressor only when necessary, delivering efficient cooling performance.

Multipoint Ramp-up White LED Lights

Illuminating from all angles, this model’s white LED lights surround your food with light to reduce shadows. They also cast a more natural light on food and don’t reflect the unnatural blue hues found in other lighting systems in similar appliances. Select models even feature an LED light in the crisper, for a better view of fresh produce.

Exterior Filtered Water Dispenser with Tap Touch Controls

Minimize the need for bottled water with an exterior dispenser that offers cold, filtered water and ice without opening the door, while electronic controls make accessing features easy. The flush dispenser and Tap Touch controls also provide a sleek look and are easy to use.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified

ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerators exceed federal minimum standards to conserve natural resources and help save money on utility bills. These eco-friendly appliances are better for the environment and your wallet.

whirlpool appliances counter depth refrigeratorAdjustable Gallon Door Bins

Build your door storage to fit your needs. Adjustable gallon door bins easily move when and where you need to. The gallon-size bins can easily accommodate beverage jugs and other larger containers. Built-in handles on the EZ-Tote® door bins make it easy to carry all your condiments to the table at once.

Try Before You Buy Your Upgraded Appliances

At Home-Tech, we pride ourselves in stocking the latest and greatest appliances in our showrooms. Come in to see the spacious Whirlpool Gold 25 cu. ft, side-by-side, counter depth refrigerator. Get the hands on experience you need to purchase the right refrigerator for your home. Our Appliance Experts can assist you with upgrading your kitchen or laundry room appliances. Call us at 800-800-8356 or shop our online appliance store.

Selecting Appliances with Style from Home Designer, Keffie Lancaster

Appliances keffie lancasterHome-Tech has wonderful professional relationships with many interior designers, architects and contractors in Southwest Florida.  Many of our customers are  likely to purchase appliances by the recommendation of their designer, contractor or the brands their friends and neighbors are recommended. Therefore,  we are pleased to introduce one of our very good friends, Keffie Lancaster, Associate ASID of Lancaster Interior Design in Sarasota. Keffie’s specialities include interior/exterior design, remodeling advice, window treatments, special event decor, staging, custom painting and faux finishings.


What are you seeing as the current trends in kitchen design?

Functional spaces and lots of room for friends and family! No matter the size of your home, guests always end up in the kitchen. I have noticed a shift lately, and I am designing less muli-level eating areas with bar stools and bar areas. The trend now is to create more room to work in the kitchen.  Many people have less square footage allocated to formal living spaces and choose to utilize their kitchen to display china and collectibles in glass cabinets.  Lighting and cabinetry made from reclaimed and recycled materials is also very high in demand.

What appliances, from your customers, seem to be in the most demand?

Energy-saving appliances, stainless steel appliances, and sleek designs.

Are you seeing more or less stainless steel?

I think stainless steel will always be in demand.  It goes with all styles of cabinets, matches many flooring types and is very timeless.  Second to stainless would have to be black.  I did hear a rumor that colored appliances are making a comeback, however!

Have you had any requests for redoing a laundry room?

Yes all the time!  Laundry rooms are more multi-functional than they used to be.  Families tend to need lots of work space in the laundry room.  A nice flat surface for folding, bins for organizing, and hanging space for drying clothes are all becoming important design elements. I always like to paint bright colors or hang a fun paper on the walls in the laundry room.  Let’s face it, no one wants to be in there.  Anything you can do to make it enjoyable could and should be done!

What advice can you give to a person trying to redo their kitchen on a budget?

We all have a number in mind when we start a project.  Some are big and some are small, but you can stretch your budget to make it work.  Figure out what items you might be able to do yourself, make a list of priorities, and make a list of wants and needs. Let’s just say you recently had new cabinets and floor installed in your kitchen. A corner you can cut would be to reuse your counter tops and paint them yourself.

I always recommend accessing what will give you the best return on your investment.  New appliances and cabinets are great for resale and increase the value of your home. My favorite DIY, super budget-friendly kitchen re-do  is a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets, some new hardware and a great new wall color.

How do you feel about mixing and matching finishes?

I love the idea of mixing and matching finishes!  Too much of one finish can be overwhelming, especially in a very large kitchen.  I really like to have a contrasting finish and counter top on the island,  if there is one.  I also love glass front cabinets with colored backs to highlight glassware or collectables in the cabinet, or better yet mirrored backs, my ultimate favorite!

I also am partial to layered finishes with depth and multi-toned wood.  Zebra wood and exotics are always fun, if you can work them in the budget.


Do a lot of your customers have custom cabinetry on their appliances?

Not as much anymore because of the trend towards stainless steel appliances.  My personal preference is paneled fronts on doors of refrigerators and dishwashers whenever possible.

More Design Ideas and Appliances

Thank you, Keffie for sharing your great design ideas for kitchens and laundry rooms. To learn more about Keffie or Lancaster Interior Design, check out her website. To check out the latest in kitchen appliance trends, stop into one of Home-Tech’s Appliance stores and try before you buy! From Thermador to KitchenAid, LG to Bosch and Maytag to Whirlpool, we have the appliances that are true trendsetters. Call today to speak with one of our Appliance Experts to help select the right appliances for your home: 800-800-8356.

Land Ho! Discover the Savings on New Appliances this Columbus Day

Today we celebrate the Italian voyager, Christopher Columbus.  While, yes, Home-Tech does have appliances on sale, we thought we would share a short history lesson. We all know of the famous fleet, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria. But, did you know it was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who made this a federal holiday in 1937? Here are five more little known facts about the famous explorer and this holiday.

  1. In early colonial America, Christopher Columbus was a symbol of American nationalism.  The District of Columbia, which houses the nation’s capital, is named after the famous explorer.
  2. Columbus Day has several other names across the western world: “Discovery Day” in the Bahamas, “Día de las Americas” in Uruguay, “Día de la Hispanidad” in Europe and “Día de la Raza” in Latin American countries.
  3. Columbus’s burial location is unknown. He was buried and re-buried around the world several times, including brief stints in Spain and Haiti.
  4. In 1905, Colorado was the first state to recognize Columbus Day as an official holiday.
  5. San Francisco claims the nation’s oldest continuously existing celebration with the Italian-American community’s annual Columbus Day Parade, which was established by Nicola Larco in 1868, while New York City boasts the largest.

Navigating Through the Deals on Appliances

If you are planning to replace and purchase new kitchen appliances, Home-Tech is the place to buy them. Right now, we have several  rebates on LG appliances, built in cooking appliance combos. There are three different combinations for this rebate: the induction combo, double wall oven combo and the single wall oven combo. A rebate of up to $400 is available on the induction combo, consisting of an induction cooktop and a double wall oven. The double wall oven combination rebate is worth $300  with the purchase of a gas or radiant cooktop and double wall oven. The single wall oven combo, with a value of $200, can be redeemed with the purchase of a gas or radiant cooktop and a single wall oven. The rebates are on a pre-paid VISA card. Click here for more information.

appliances from frigidaireIn 2012 You Did Dare to Save Money on a Brand New Frigidaire

Right now seems like the perfect time to save money on new appliances, doesn’t it? Have you been waiting on purchasing that new oven or range? The time is now and the brand is Frigidaire. Receive up to a $450 Rebate with purchase of 2 or more qualifying Frigidaire Kitchen AppliancesYou can receive up to a $75 pre-paid VISA card on the purchase of a new range or oven from Frigidaire’s Gallery line.  And,  you can receive up to a $50 Visa Prepaid card with purchase of qualifying Frigidaire Freezers .Come into our showrooms and try before you buy.

Rebates Galore on Appliances

Home-Tech has you covered when it comes to new appliances. If you are looking for the best kitchen packages with the latest appliances, we have the deals you are looking for. Stop in our showrooms or shop our online appliance store.  Have appliances that are in need of repair, yes, we do that too! Call to schedule service now at 800-800-8356. 



The Top 5 Household Appliance Repair Warning Signs

Can you read the appliance repair warning signs? What to look for so you know when it’s time to call for appliance repair.

At Home-Tech, we get all kinds of calls about appliance repair. We’ve heard it all. But, you may be surprised to learn that many appliance users don’t call us soon enough. Here is a simple rule of thumb: If an appliance isn’t working exactly right then it’s time to call us for expert appliance repair

appliance repair dryer

5. The Washer or Washing Machine

  • The basin is taking forever to fill
  • A burning odor is coming from my washing machine
  • The washer is making whining noises
  • My washer has stopped spinning
  • The washing machine is not draining

4. Range or Oven

  • My oven isn’t reaching the desired temperature
  • There are sparks coming from my oven
  • The burners on the cooktop are not lighting
  • The oven dials, clock or displays are not functioning
  • Oven door will not close

3. Refrigerator

  • Food isn’t as cool as it should be
  • My fridge is humming a really loud high pitched tone
  • There is condensation on the seals of my refrigerator
  • A pool of water has formed underneath or behind the fridge
  • Frost is visible inside the refrigerator

Appliance Repairman from Home-Tech 2. Dishwasher

  • Dishes are dirty after running the dishwasher cycle
  • The water in the dishwasher won’t get hot
  • There is rust on the bottom of the machine
  • The dishwasher is leaking water and soap onto the floor
  • The latch on the dishwasher isn’t securing properly

1. Dryer – The Most Common Appliance Repair!

  • Clothes are taking a really long time to dry
  • Dryer is shaking violently
  • Loud noises are coming from the dryer
  • The dryer won’t tumble
  • Clothes are marked or torn from the dryer

Home-Tech Has Appliance Repair Down to a Science

When you call Home-Tech, you get a trustworthy, experienced and reputable appliance repair service. Our appliance repair technicians are trained to repair any brand of appliances. No repair is too big for Home-Tech and we welcome taking on any of your biggest appliance repair challenges. Day or night, emergency service or a scheduled call, Home-Tech has got you covered. 

Call 800-800-8356 to schedule service or schedule online.