Home-Tech Private Appliance Sale

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Private and Just for YOU! At Home-Tech in Bradenton, in our exciting showroom, we’re rolling out the red carpet for our favorite customers, our members, at a private sale this Saturday, Feb. 22nd, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.! Be sure to bring friends along for the fun.  You are sure to see something you will fall in love with. Washers & Dryers, Kitchens and More You’ll save on … [Read more...]

The Lonely Back Burner. Celebrate the Unsung Hero of Cooktops

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You know they are there...two or three smaller empty spaces on your stove or cooktops that go mostly unoccupied. Those larger, bigger, more powerful burners get all the credit, the overachieving front row. Isn't it time you spread the love around? For too long, the back burners have been under rated. Sure, on big holidays they save the day keeping the gravy at the perfect … [Read more...]

Best of Air Conditioning – 2013 Best AC Systems for Southwest Florida

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We're just past going into hottest time of the year in Southwest Florida and Home-Tech, the leader in installation, service and Service Agreements is here to help our customers with their air conditioning needs.  It's time to share the facts and our recommendations on the best air ac systems on the market for this year. It is never easy when researching a major purchase, like … [Read more...]

Home-Tech Appliance Packages. Cook Up Valentine’s Day Dinner in Style.

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There you two are, standing in this gorgeous, shimmering stainless steel kitchen with wine glasses in hand. The smell of roasted duck is wafting in the air as you feed your Valentine a crisp piece of bruschetta with ricotta, honey and lemon on it. It's perfect. Your dessert is already chilling in your spacious refrigerator. The tablet is set, the candles are lit and you think … [Read more...]

Women in Management at Home-Tech: An Interview with Kerri Bigelow

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Name: Kerri Bigelow Position: Customer Service Manager How many years have you been a Home-Tech employee?   On March 31st, it will be 5 years. What other positions have you held here at Home-Tech or elsewhere?   I have been a Customer Service Representative and the Assistant Dispatch Manager for Home-Tech. Previously, I was in management for Publix … [Read more...]