Home-Tech is Top Notch

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We received a copy of this note today from our customer, T. Crawford.  We really appreciate the feedback and him spreading the word about Home-Tech's service. Ft. Myers, FL 33913 July 8, 2015 Melanie Payne Consumer Advocate Editor Ft. Myers News-Press Dear Mel, I know that most often you get involved in the dark side of consumer advocacy.  Here’s a look at … [Read more...]

Excellent Appliance and AC Unit Repair the Home-Tech Trend

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We like to keep the trending news here at Home-Tech real - excellent appliance and ac unit repair is always a focus around here. With it being the week of Halloween strange and spooky things start trending on the internet. Just a quick perusal this morning shows sexy Ebola nurse Halloween costumes taking the lead and causing quite the controversy. Right below that is puppy … [Read more...]

Great Repair Technicians – Attaboy Shaun, Matt, and Shawn

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With Home-Tech's Attaboy program there are plenty of ways for our customers to give our technicians reviews for their repair work.  Customers can call in, email or give us a Google review.  Here are the comments about the service from Shaun, Matt and Shawn, three excellent technicians with Home-Tech. Stayed Until the Bitter End I’ve been having trouble with my refrigerator … [Read more...]

Air Conditioning Repair Worth Every Penny

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What do Home-Tech customers think about the value of our air conditioning repair service or appliance repairs or having a Service Agreement?  Inquiring minds must know.  We hear from customers every day and love sharing their opinions.  If you would like to tell us about the value of your Service Agreement visit our Facebook page or review us on Google. Dear Home-Tech … [Read more...]

Air Conditioning Service Rated Off the Charts

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Today's testimonials are all about Kevin.  Attaboy, Kevin! Every day we get loads of emails from our customers who have just had our technicians out to service their appliances or air conditioning.  Did you know if you are a Gold Service Agreement Member you don't have to pay a service call fee for those visits?  Besides the excellent service, we know our customers appreciate … [Read more...]