May 26, 2015

Excellent Appliance and AC Repair is Always the Home-Tech Trend

electrical service Home-TechWith it being the week of Halloween strange and spooky things start trending on the internet. Just a quick perusal this morning shows sexy Ebola nurse Halloween costumes taking the lead and causing quite the controversy. Right below that is puppy sized spiders. Yes, you read that right. They have found spiders in the Rainforest that are the size of actual puppies. (Remind me not to visit the Rainforest anytime soon).  And in other spectacular news – who knew – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg can speak Chinese.

We like to keep the trending news here at Home-Tech a little more real. Employee owners continue to be involved in local charities, Home-Tech has recently joined the Bonita Springs and Naples Chambers of Commerce and the Attaboys keep pouring in for our well trained, professional appliance and AC repair technicians.

Always Happy to Do Business with Home-TechRepair Technicians Home-Tech

Shaun was very good with finding my problem and he stayed for an extra 5 /10 minutes to make sure everything was ok. He was very thorough. I had a technician earlier in the day who could not find the water release that had come out of the side of the house but he was very determined to find it and dug up and found it under my mulch and extended the pipe up and out. He was very good. I guess he didn’t put a cap on the inside handler so water was forced down through and out the side of the house and it worked and it didn’t work so that’s why Shaun had to come back. Anyway both guys were very good technicians. I’m always happy to do business with Home-Tech.

A. Schwindt

Good Work

Brian S made a call today and he was very polite and helpful and very quick and got done in a hurry replacing my disposal. It was good work. Thank you.

Mrs. Ebright

Very Good Service and Attitude

I wanted to compliment Steve on his service and his attitude.  It was very, very good. I had a good day. Thank you.

Mr. Fortune

AC repair technician Home-TechDedicated and Diligent

Pedro is a terrific young man, very dedicated and very diligent in working things out. He’s a great guy and a very good asset to your organization.

You Guys are Great

I just had an employee of yours stop by and do my air conditioning check. James is a very excellent employee. Did everything well. He’s very special and I can’t say more about him or Home-Tech. You guys are great.

C. Sogasi

Great Repair Technicians – Attaboy Shaun, Matt, and Shawn

electrical service Home-TechWith Home-Tech’s Attaboy program there are plenty of ways for our customers to give our technicians reviews for their repair work.  Customers can call in, email or give us a Google review.  Here are the comments about the service from Shaun, Matt and Shawn, three excellent technicians with Home-Tech.

Stayed Until the Bitter End

I’ve been having trouble with my refrigerator and been really worrying about.  I had one of your techs, Shaun come over to my place.  Shaun did a heck of a job. Helped me, told me what he was doing, why he was doing it. He was here on time and stayed until the bitter end. I thought his personality was very helpful. I appreciate Shaun’s repair service.  He does Home-Tech well when he represents them.

J. Geissler

Great Job!Repair Technicians Home-Tech

Shaun did a great job.  Very polite, on-time and my refrigerator is working good.

Thank you!

bonita springs air conditioningGreat Customer Service

My many thanks for both Matt and Shawn.

Matt came when the ac quit cooling, determined the problem, and got the ac to cool while a part was ordered. He is polite, sweet to the dogs who live here and efficient.

Shawn came today with the part to fix the ac. What a nice young man! He fixed the problem, cleaned up after himself and was gone in short order.

I do appreciate that the company has taken the time to invest- wisely, I might add- in these young folks as they start their careers! What an excellent way to build both loyalty and great customer service!

Kudos to you!

M. Turns, Fort Myers, Florida

A Fine Representative of Home-Tech

Shaun did a great job getting our A/C up and running quickly. He is personable and a fine representative of Home-Tech.


S. Grabiec

Kudos to Shaun

This is just an Attaboy for Shaun who was here today for my Refrigerator.  He was very polite and thorough, so that is an Atta Boy!  Also, thanks to my problematic refrigerator, all of the reps who have been here deserve Kudos as well.
Thank you, R. Gilmore!

Thank-You For Timely Service

Just a note to say thank you for the timely repair service today. Shaun was able to  correct the problem by replacing the thermostat.
Thanks again!
D. Myers

Air Conditioning Repair Worth Every Penny

Appliance Service TechWhat do Home-Tech customers think about the value of our air conditioning repair service or appliance repairs or having a Service Agreement?  Inquiring minds must know.  We hear from customers every day and love sharing their opinions.  If you would like to tell us about the value of your Service Agreement visit our Facebook page or review us on Google.

Dear Home-Tech –

You guys are worth every penny.  You always come quickly and kindly, but Shaun wins the prize.  My air-conditioning didn’t seem to be working when we returned home from a 3 week trip.  I called you to ask for help.  While I was on my cellphone talking to Comcast because my phone wasn’t working either, Shaun called to say he was on his way.  I couldn’t switch over fast enough and I missed his call.  Then it seemed like the air-conditioner was working so I called you back to tell you that.  A few minutes later, Shaun was at the door.  He said, “I was right near here so I stopped to see if things were okay.”  And they weren’t!! So he saved the day and fixed it!  We were able to sleep in comfort.  What a guy! Thank you.

J. Pryor

Recommends Service AgreementService Invoice with No Charge

I arrived home last Thursday at 4:00 p.m. to find out I had no air-conditioning.  I called for a service call and was told that a service person would be out by 6:00 p.m. and would call when he was on the way.  Shaun called and said he was on his way. Shaun was very courteous, polite and knowledgeable.  He fixed the problem and it was before 6:00 p.m. which I greatly appreciated as it was very hot in my home.  To have service that quickly when you are so busy with other air-conditioning problems was appreciated so very much.

Every time, someone from your company has been to my home, they are prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. I have told several friends about Home-Tech and they need to inquire about a service plan. Again, thanks so very much.
N. Russell

Committed to Service and Hard Work

air conditioning guages 1I simply wanted to pass along our deepest appreciation for the committed effort of Matt and his colleague Tim.   After being without A/C for 3 days (in September….in Florida), and after valiant effort of their colleagues (Brian on Saturday and Robert on Sunday), Matt and Tim showed up to finally provide our family some comfort.  Armed with not just the appropriate parts and the appropriate knowledge, but also with the appropriate sense of commitment and compassion, Matt and Tim dedicated the majority of their Monday evening to provide cooler air for my wife and our 4 year old son.  We can’t express our genuine and sincere appreciation deeply enough….to both Matt and Tim.   I surely hope the leadership of Home-Tech recognizes and appreciates the assets (in these two young men) with which they are fortunate enough to be blessed.  In our current day and age (and culture), it is refreshing to find individuals so committed to service and to hard work.   Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
M. Mathias, Naples, FL

We Get Our Money’s Worth

Home-Tech never fails to disappoint us! Always on time, always there when we need them, one of the few services we feel that we get our money’s worth from.  Joe did our yearly service on our air-conditioning today.  Could not have been nicer, more efficient and a complete professional.  I’m happy to give him this “Attaboy” comment. Thanks again!
D. Marconi

Air Conditioning Service Rated Off the Charts

air conditioning repairToday’s testimonials are all about Kevin.  Attaboy, Kevin! Every day we get loads of emails from our customers who have just had our technicians out to service their appliances or air conditioning.  Did you know if you are a Gold Service Agreement Member you don’t have to pay a service call fee for those visits?  Besides the excellent service, we know our customers appreciate the savings as well.

We welcome the feedback and appreciate the time it takes to compose the messages.  If you have had a service experience with Home-Tech and would like to review us we welcome your visit to our Facebook page.

An Exemplary Representative for Home-Tech

We wanted to let you know what a fabulous employee you have in Kevin!! Kevin came to our house for service today on our washing machine and our air-conditioning unit.

From the moment he arrived he was professional, polite, informative, thorough and an exemplary representative for Home-Tech. We learned so much from him today and it is clear he knows his profession.  It was a true pleasure and if there was a rating of 1-10, Kevin would earn a 12! You should be very proud to have him as a member of the Home-Tech family. He will go far!

Kind regards –

R. Lewton

Positive and Engaging

What a great young guy.  He came for a first-time service of our 2 air conditioning units in our new house.  He took great care in checking them thoroughly.  Very polite, positive and engaging.  I would like it if he always took care of them.  I can tell he takes his work seriously and cares about quality service.

Thank-you –

C. Ganjamie

Very Proficient

This is to let you know Kevin provided excellent (semi-annual) service today for our Trane air-conditioning filters.  He cleaned and checked the units at both our residences and was very proficient.

G. Bridger, Naples

Fine Service

This is to confirm that we had excellent service from Kevin today for the repair of our washer.  He was very professional and prompt and the washer works well this afternoon.  Thanks for the fine service.

B. Finkbeiner, Fort Myers


Air Conditioning Service By the Best

Air conditioning Home-TechNo matter what you call it –  your HVAC, A/C system, air conditioning unit, etc.  Home-Tech has got you covered when you need air conditioning service on it.  For 33 years Home-Tech technicians have been giving the BEST air conditioning service in 5 counties in Southwest Florida – Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee.

If you would like to share about a service experience you’ve had with Home-Tech, please visit our Facebook page or Google + page and give us a review.  Your feedback is much appreciated.  Today’s customer testimonials are all about Milt who is dispatched from our Bradenton location at the Lakewood Ranch exit 217A off of I-75.

AWESOME Service Call

We would like to thank you for another AWESOME service call.  Milt is extremely knowledgeable, professional and courteous.  We have complete respect and trust in his recommendations.  We highly recommend him to our neighbors and friends.  We would be happy to complete a formal survey if needed.  Milt saved our house AGAIN!

P. Twargoski, Sarasota, FL

A Very Good Employee

I was very pleased with Milton, the service technician who serviced my A/C unit on Wednesday afternoon.  I asked questions and he explained to me what he was doing as he serviced my A/C unit.  He was very courteous in the way he communicated information to me.  You have a very good employee working for you.  Thank you.

J. Hoseth, Sarasota, FL

Continued Satisfaction

It was easy to set up an appointment.  Unfortunately, the first appointment had to be rescheduled since the technician was running behind schedule.  The second appointment was on schedule.  Milt called to let us know that he was about 20 minutes away.  Milt inspected the HVAC installation thoroughly, replaced the filter, checked the outdoor condenser and provided home maintenance tips.  Good service – Milt was polite and answered all questions.  We continue to be satisfied with Home-Tech and their professional team.

R. Weichlein

Air Conditioning Maintenance Is Vital – Way to Go, Joe

Air Conditioning Maintenance ServiceWe’re not blowing hot air here.  AC maintenance is vital!  Did you know that if you are a GOLD Home-Tech Service Agreement Member you automatically receive an annual air conditioning maintenance check up as part of the program?  In this Florida heat, where your ac is running practically non-stop all the time, it’s important to protect your investment and take advantage of this Clean and Check/inspection which Home-Tech provides at no additional charge.  And, remember to change your filters monthly to ensure your system will run efficiently.  Call (800) 800-8356 Ext 2 to learn more. If you would like to comment about service you’ve received recently from a Home-Tech representative please visit us on Facebook.  We’d love to hear your stories.

Today we share some customer testimonials all about Joe!  Attaboy, Joe!

To whom it may concern –
I had my A/C checked and an outside surge protector added on Monday.  Joe was the service person.  I just wanted to again thank  him for such great service and on his prompt arrival.  We need more knowledgeable people like him to deal with our everyday problems.
C. Parson, Naples FL

Polite and Pleasant

Joe was here to do our annual air conditioner cleaning and service.  He did an excellent job and was most polite and pleasant.  He even crawled under the sink to try to help me fix the detergent bottle that was leaking.
V. Heitman

You Make Our Lives EasierAir Conditioning Maintenance Guages

Today Joe came for our annual air conditioning servicing.  He did his usual outstanding job.  Thank you all at Home-Tech for making our lives easier.
J. Favata, Pelican Preserve

Very Knowledgeable

Joe did a very good job with my a/c unit the other day, answering questions from me, etc.  Very knowledgeable, pleasant and had the good appearance of a Home-Tech employee.  Thanks!
E. Graves

Very Thorough

Want to let you know that we had Joe perform the annual air conditioning maintenance on our unit.  He was very thorough, competent and professional.

A. Boccone, Naples, FL

A Credit To Your Company

Dear Sir:

My annual A/C service was conducted by Joe yesterday.  He was very courteous, polite and thorough.  A credit to your company.


D. Haley

Absolutely Fabulous!

Last week Joe came to my house to perform an annual A/C inspection.  He was absolutely fabulous!  He performed his duties, had a fabulous attitude and left each area clean and free of debris.  As a property manager, I know the value to good workers as a means of representing my office.  For this reason I wanted to send a note to let you know Joe did a fabulous job representing Home-Tech!

K. Neill

5 Stars

To whom it may concern:  This morning we had a very pleasant experience with your tech named Joe.  He did an annual service to our AC.  We would like you to know that Joe was very professional and courteous.  He explained some anticipated problems, but did not push any additional work that had to be done immediately.  Joe gets 5 stars in our book and we’ll certainly request his service when we need additional work on the A/C.


B. Rustick, Ft Myers Beach, FL

Highly Recommend Joe

Yesterday, I was scheduled for routine AC inspection and service.  Joe came to my home in the early afternoon as expected.  He efficiently inspected the AC system, both the inside air handler and exterior compressor.  All was found to be in good condition.  He performed the work in an expeditious manner and was in/out in a timely manner.  He provided feedback on the condition of the system, and was very friendly and efficient.  Highly recommend Joe.


J. Linebarger

Very Thorough Inspection

Today we had our air conditioner annual checkup.  Joe was our serviceman.  He did a professional job of checking everything out.  He was pleasant in his manners and upon completion of the a/c inspection discussed with me what he found in his checkup.  A very thorough inspection.  I absolutely would like to have him do our next annual inspection.  Thank you.

L. Hjalmquist

A True Asset

I just wanted you to know that Joe serviced my air conditioning system and he was very kind, considerate and took his time to make sure the system was running properly.  He is a true asset to your firm.  As they say, “Atta Boy” Joe!

R. Nardi


Service Employees That Go the Extra Mile

air condioning service technicianWhat does going the extra mile involve when you are a technician with Home-Tech?  As you will see, it’s doing the things that other companies don’t do. Home-Tech only hires the best technicians and then trains them in the “Home-Tech way” to give an outstanding, concierge-type service experience.  We know this training works because we read the testimonials from our customers day after day and love passing them on to you.

If you aren’t a Home-Tech Service Agreement Member yet, what are you waiting for?  You are certainly missing out on one of the most convenient and professional services offered in all of southwest Florida.

Attaboy James

Just a quick message about my service James provided.  It was excellent!  Great to have employees that go the extra mile.  Great job!

L. Tarman, Fort Myers, FL

Kept Us Informed

James was very thorough, knowledgeable and efficient.  Went thru his process very well.  Kept us informed and did a wrap up before he left.  Very pleased.

B. Scribner

Cleaned Up After He Was DoneHome-Tech Reviews

I am writing to let you know that James serviced my AC unit on Friday.  He answered my questions and concerns politely.  He cleaned up after he was done.  He did a fine job.

E. Small, Naples, FL

Asset to Your Company

James arrived as scheduled and called ahead to let us know he was on the way.  A pleasant young man who went about his job efficiently and in a timely manner.  James answered questions posed by my husband and myself in a friendly way.  He is an asset to your company.

D. Reardon, Naples, FL

Be Proud He Works For You

Just wanted to tell you what a super job James did on my AC inspection and cleaning.  Very professional young man.  You can be proud he works for you . . . I know I am.

S. Bishop


Air Conditioning Service – Straight Talk

Air conditioningLet’s face it . . . not many of us are trained air conditioning technicians.  There is a lot of industry jargon out there like: two stage compressors, heat pumps, aluminum fin coil, high and low pressure switches, refrigerant, puron, Seer efficiency, low stage cooling, variable speed fan coil, R-410A, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, our technicians can spout all of this off with the best of them because they are highly trained and knowledgeable about everything in this field.  But when they are visiting with you – they won’t.  When you get a service call on your air conditioning unit from one of Home-Tech’s best techs you also get a conversation that goes along with it that you can understand – just straight talk.  Check out what J. O’Connel experienced on her last service call with Home-Tech.

Explained in Terms a Retiree Would Understand

“We just had Home-Tech come out.  The techs name was Joe.  This young man is amazing, absolutely amazing.  Not only did he check the unit and explained it in terms a new retiree would understand, also he did find that two of the circuit breakers were marked wrong by the owners here before us.  He double checked before he put the surge protector on.

He was extremely polite.  He took away all the garbage and he was able to take time to talk on the phone with my husband who wasn’t able to be here today.  He was here 45 minutes.  What an absolutely amazing employee you have here.  I really hope that this gives him a few extra points.   I feel confident now that he is done and about what he did.  It was nice to have it explained to me in language I could understand.  We will continue to see Home-Tech for our needs.  Thank you.”

J. O’Connel, Bonita Springs.

Home-Tech Leads the Way

Every day we hear from our customers the many reasons they choose Home-Tech to handle their air conditioning installations, service and routine clean and checks.  You can read so many great testimonials in our Blog Archive and in our Testimonials that scroll on our webpage.  Call today if you need any type of air conditioning service.  We make it easy on you from the start of the process speaking to our Customer Service Departmant to set up your appointment until the end when the tech has left your home in spotless shape.  And, you will have everything explained to you step by step in terms you can understand.  Call 800-800-8356 to schedule today!





Home-Tech Delivers Appliances to Heart Ball Auction Winner

appliance for heart ball auctionThe 2013 Southwest Florida Heart Ball was held on Saturday, May 4th.  Home-Tech CFO, Sonya Sawyer and her husband Brian, were the co-chairs.  The theme was “White Out Heart Disease” and proceeds from the silent and live auction were all for the mission to fight stroke and heart attack.  The event had over 600 people from the surrounding communities in attendance.  Home-Tech employee-owners showed up as well to support the event which was held at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa in Bonita Springs.  Employees enjoyed the afterparty and dancing as well.

Home-Tech Delivers to The Community

Sonya Sawyer

Sonya Sawyer, Heart Ball Co-Chair

Besides being a co-signature sponsor, Home-Tech also donated a top of the line appliance pair for the auction.  Since Home-Tech routinely repairs over 1500 major appliances per week we know a lot about appliances and can recommend this set by LG – Washer #WM800 and Dryer #DLEX8000.   What would you enjoy about this pair?

The Washer features:

-Front loading with 29″ 5.1 Cu Ft

-Mega capacity


-Sanitary Cycle

-Digital Display

-Child Lock

-Smart Diagnosis

The Dryer Features:

-Front Loading 29″ 9.0 cu ft

-Mega Capacity with NeveRust

-Stainless Steel Drum


-Digital Display

-Child Lock

-Smart Diagnosis

-FlowSense Duct Clogging Indicator

Results Are In

The auction committee for the evening is reporting that the results are great . . . over $153,406.00 raised for research, education and science!  You can learn more about the efforts of the American Heart Association.  And we can report the Ciccarello family who had the winning bid in the auction were quite happy when Home-Tech showed up to deliver their new washer and dryer.

Call Home-Tech when you need service on your major appliances at 800-800-8356.  And if you are shopping for a new washer or dryer or other major appliances check out one of our two showrooms.  We have a great selection and knowledgeable people ready to help.

Good Job Solving Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning tech Home-TechHere some glowing testimonials from five of our customers about the good job done by one of our technicians – Shawn.

“Great Work”

Great work by Shawn and his service manager, Matt.  What we thought was a bad AC part turned out to be an electrical problem.  Good job in diagnosing and solving the problem.  I’m impressed.

Joanne Boelter

“Go the Extra Mile”

Shawn came to my home to do the annual clean and check on our air conditioning system.  He did an excellent job of inspecting, evaluating and cleaning the system.  He was courteous and professional in his demeanor and he explained everything that he had done and had found with the system.

I mentioned to him that at the last two annual checks the technicians had to add coolant.  He carefully inspected the outside system and found that a valve was defective and there was a leak at the valve.  He phoned in and said he would set up a service call to correct the problem.  By going the extra mile he found the leak in the system that was not detected on the two previous inspections.

He did an excellent job and I want to commend his efforts.

~ Francis Carlin, Jr, Naples, FL

“Very Impressed”

Shawn did our six month service today and we were very impressed. He did a thorough job (and it was hot up in our attic) and is very courteous, friendly young man.  Thanks for sending him to do our service call.

~Doug and Nancy Campbell

“Courteous and Friendly”

We had our home air conditioner serviced by Home-Tech at the beginning of the month.  The tech was very courteous and friendly.  He seemed to know what he was doing and explained everything as he went.  Before leaving he asked if we had any questions or any other problems with the air conditioner that he had not addressed.  My husband did have a question about the filters and the tech was very helpful and answered his question to his satisfaction.

~Dorothy Gill, Fort Myers, FL

“Asset To Your Company”

This morning I had an appointment for a clean and check on my air conditioner.  Shawn called me first and let me know he was only minutes away.  He opened the unit and told me the coils were really dirty.  This young man was polite and did his job extremely well.  He is an asset to your company.  I hope you are aware of his integrity.  It was a pleasure to have him in our home. Thank you.
Michele Marvell,  Naples FL