Home-Tech is Tagging Graffiti in Support of Arts for ACT Fine Art Auction

Tagging Sponsor - Home-Tech Supports Arts for ACT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Fort Myers, Fla. - July 28, 2011)  Home-Tech, an air conditioning and appliance sales business headquartered in Fort Myers, is the Tagging Sponsor of Arts for ACT Fine Art Auction, "Graffiti Night."  The gala event will be held on August 6 at the Harborside Event Center in the River District, … [Read more...]

New AC System with Home-Tech

Home-Tech receives customer reviews every single day and we thank you for them. When your AC system is down there is only one thing you want - cool air again. Good job, Dave to take care of this and get the customer a new ac system in place in no time.  Attaboy! Call today to schedule a free evaluation and to see more customer reviews visit our Google + page and again, thanks … [Read more...]

AC Duct System Replacement

air conditioning repair duct

Do You Need AC Duct System Replacement? Not necessarily.  Many existing ac duct systems are adequate to accept new air-conditioning systems.  Your Home-Tech Indoor Comfort Specialist will give you the facts about the condition and size of your current duct system, as well as an estimate for minor duct work adjustments and new duct material to transition your new … [Read more...]

Home-Tech Appliance Showroom in Bradenton Florida

appliance showroom

Home-Tech has taken the idea of an appliance showroom to a new level.  Stop by and visit our exciting, interactive showroom which features fully functional, custom designed, "live" kitchens.  There is also an interactive laundry area allowing customers to see the appliances in action.  The showroom is filled with the latest in refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, cook tops, … [Read more...]

Cool Furry Customers ~Animal Refuge Center

July 18, 2011 RE:  OMG Home-Tech is the Best! TO:  Tracey Hendershott Tracey~ Thank you so much for coming to my rescue and the resuce of more furry pets than I wish to admit.  We were called right after I spoke with you as to if Home-Tech could come to our aid.  And then Justin arrived maybe only 20 minutes after that. He is diagnosing our unit right now and we … [Read more...]