May 23, 2015

Customer Happy with Air Conditioning System

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“We want you to know how pleased we are with the new whole house air conditioning system which Home-Tech installed recently.

Functionally it is working superbly.  Temperature throughout the house is uniform, humidity is totally under control and all the rooms are more comfortable than ever before with the old equipment.

We are equally impressed with all of Home-Tech’s personnel.  From your clear explanation of all the options and manufacturers available, to the two installers who did an outstanding job to personnel who came later to fine-tune and check the installation, everyone was highly professional and knowledgeable.  The job was completed on time and the worksite was left clean and in good order.

In our opinion, Home-Tech more than lives up to its slogan, “Service That Works”, and we look forward to doing business with Home-Tech in the future.  We heartily recommend your company to prospective customers.

Thank you again.  Please share our thoughts and good wishes with everyone involved with our job.”

Cordially –

Paul & Paula S –     Fort Myers, FL

Florida Hard Water – It’s Hard On Appliances

Florida Hard WaterIf you are noticing cloudiness on your glassware, a dinginess or harsh, scratchy feeling to your clothing or an odor causing residue on the inside of your washing machine there must be something in the water!  In Florida, hard water is a problem.  What is hard water – water containing minerals.  Although hard water is not bad for your health, it is awfully hard on your appliances, dishes and clothing.

There Must Be Something in the Water!Florida Hard Water

Here are two way to discover if you have hard water.  You can soak a piece of cloudy glassware in white vinegar for 5 minutes.  If the cloudiness is removed, it is a hard water deposit.  Also try this website which allows you to enter your zip code and will reveal the exact mineral content of the water in your area.

Since 1981 Home-Tech has been selling, servicing, and installing appliances and seeing the effects of Florida hard water every day.

Recommendations to Extend the Life of Your Appliances.

  • It is very important to remove the build up of mineral residue on your appliances.  If it is not removed from your washing machine, it can damage fibers and shorten the life of clothing by up to 40%.  Plus the soap scum left on the clothing can feel scratchy and uncomfortable.
  • Home-Tech recommends using Washer Magic® which helps remove odor causing residue.  It cleans, freshens and helps maintain machine performance.  It also removes hard water stains.
  •  For your dishwasher, Home-Tech recommends using Dishwasher Magic® once a month which removes lime, minerals, rust and grease.

Florida Hard WaterHome-Tech offers both of these products in our showroom which is open to the public.  If you schedule service with us, let customer service know that you need these products and your technician will deliver them to you.  If you have any questions about any of your appliances, we are happy to answer them.

Happy Customer

Home-Tech Air Conditioning Experts

Home-Tech Air-Conditioning Experts

Another Happy Customer With Home-Tech Air-Conditioning Expertise

Thank-you for sending the perfect team to install my new Carrier.  These men were very professional and it was a pleasure to see how they worked together.  To me, workers in my home is stressful, but in this case no stress and when they finished no mess!

I also have to include the gentleman that came out to inspect my old one.  He explained very carefully what was wrong with the old one.  Didn’t treat me like an idiot.  Again I say thank-you!

E.L. ~ Fort Myers

Funding for Vocational Education Must Be Maintained

vocational educationBy Steve Marino

We all know that an educated population is necessary to move our country forward.  And, while it is absolutely essential for all children to read, write and have a working knowledge of mathematics, it is not necessary for every child in the United States to attend college.  From my own experience I can tell you that college is not the only answer.  I personally found school to be boring, inefficient and (according to my teenage attitude) a waste of my time.  I wanted to work, get on with it, show the world what I could do!  I’m not proud of this fact, but I graduated 280th out of 310 students.  This wasn’t because of a lack of intelligence.  (I actually could tie my shoes.)  I was not interested, not challenged and bored.

The Educational System Failed Me

It did not respect that I was an individual with a unique set of skills; skills that could be tapped, producing gushers of ingenuity, creativity, brilliance and entrepreneurship.  Too often, educators fail to recognize that educational apathy results from a lack of challenge.

This country has long been a breeding ground of ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit.  And that must continue.  It is the responsibility of both the government and private enterprise to grow and train American talent.  But, how to financially support and foster that talent is the question I would like to raise here.  Current federal budget proposals would cut funding for vocational education by 20% in the 2012 budget, in a misguided attempt to ensure that more students attend college.  It’s discriminatory to neglect the funding of trade or two-year schools.  It is my personal belief that an individual who does not go to college, actually has a head start of four to six years in building his or her career in the real world.  This great country affords that, but these students need help.  Young people need the basic training to begin to work.  They also need hope and direction to succeed in the working world.

Real Need For Business Diversity

If we have learned one thing from the recession that has shattered southwest Florida, it’s that there is a real need for business diversity to maintain a balanced economy.  And, diversity, by its very definition, comes in a variety of forms.  As local government woos new industry to southwest Florida, we must be able to provide the skilled labor to staff those businesses.  Local public schools can do their part, as long as vocational training continues to exist.  This training provides students who have little desire, time, grades or funds to attend college and gain the skills they need to start to work in the “trades” of plumbing, electrical service, air conditioning, auto mechanics, etc.  These schools provide the foundation.  Then, local businesses that hire young men and women coming out of vocational education programs at High Tech North and High Tech Central, need to do their part to continue that training.

Funding for Apprenticeship Programs

Can you imagine how effectively our tax dollars could be spent if employers received funding to help in the hiring of non-skilled workers to apprentice?  Several years ago, our business established an in-house apprenticeship program to grow and train our own service technicians.  This program has been extremely valuable, helping us to develop a core group of talented individuals who are carefully trained to our exacting standards.  It has been instrumental in helping our business grow, while hundreds around us closed their doors.  Yes, this costs money.  But we’ve always viewed this as an investment.

While I cannot find fault with the idea of increased funding for education, our eggs should be in multiple baskets, to be spread evenly between academics, vocational education and creative ways of offering incentives to job creators.  Study after study proves that enhancing vocational education improves the overall quality of learning that takes place in our schools.  Funding should not be cut.  Instead, let’s remove the cap on this well and stand back.

Steve Marino is the founder of Home-Tech and continues as President and CEO.  Based in Fort Myers, employee-owned Home-Tech has been an industry leader and trendsetter in the fields of home service agreements, air conditioning and major appliance sales and service since 1981.  The privately held company has 140 employees and provides exceptional, concierge-type customer service to Lee, Collier, Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte Counties in Southwest Florida.



Successful Air Conditioning Installation Naples – Another Happy Customer

air conditioning installationHomeTech

6400 Techster Blvd

Fort Myers, FL  33966


Just a note to let you know how pleased we were with our recent installation of a new Carrier unit for our home in Naples.

Your sales tech, David M- was very professional and not high pressure (which we appreciated) and your installation crew did a wonderful job of installing the new unit and cleaning up after their work.

The drain line became clogged after installation and the thermostat kept going on and off.  We called the office and someone was out within an hour and quickly “diagnosed” the problem and we have had no further trouble with the unit.

Thank you for another job well done.

Albert F-, Naples Florida

Benefits of Electronic Air Cleaners

cleanairAugust, one of the most severe pollen count months in southwest Florida, is a perfect time to consider improving indoor air quality because 5 trees, 14 weeds and 3 grasses are producing the most significant allergens.

Electronic Air Cleaners are Effective

Electronic air cleaners are very effective in removing small particles such as bacteria, pollen, animal dander and other airborne allergens.  Couple this with an effective pre-filter (for larger particles) and the homeowner can expect the highest and healthiest indoor air quality.

Home-Tech recommends just the right type of electronic air cleaner for your family’s indoor air quality.  Call Home-Tech today to speak with one of our indoor air comfort specialists. 1-800-800-8356


Water Heater Repair Fort Myers

water heater repairJuly 18, 2011

Re:  Services

Just wanted you to know how much we appreciate your service.

We started with you several years ago, in fact about ten years, and have never been disappointed in how you have taken care of any problems.

The last call we made was in regard to our water heater that wasn’t heating.  When we talked with the lady who received our call we thought it would take several days to have the repair done.  Her response was, “We consider that an emergency so we’ll have someone out there today!”  What a pleasant surprise that was, but then Home-Tech has shown us the best in the past so we shouldn’t have been surprised.

We are particularly happy with the people who have worked on our appliances.  They have been very professional and have explained just what the problems were.

Thanks for being there for us.  It’s comforting to know we have you to rely on.

Pat M-    Fort Myers, FL


Range Shopping Basics

range shoppingIf you enjoy cooking then you know you need a great range.  But there are so many options now.  Home-Tech’s range shopping basics will help guide you as you select your new appliance.  There are a few things to consider when purchasing a range or oven.

Range Shopping Basics – Gas or Electric?

The first decision when range shopping is whether you want a gas range or electric range. Unless you are completely renovating your kitchen, you will want to match the type of your new range to your existing kitchen design. After this decision has been made, you can begin to focus on the models you can realistically consider.

Set Your Budget

Knowing your budget should be the next step in range shopping. Certain features and finishes will affect the price. With a set budget in mind you can begin looking at features and conveniences.

All Brands Are Not Created Equal

Home-Tech offers only the most reliable brands of ranges. We recommend brands that we feel will give you less breakdowns and hassles.  We service appliances for a living. Our appliance specialists are happy to assist you with your brand choices.

Features You Can’t Live Withoutrange shopping

Consider your cooking habits, cookware, and personal preferences to determine which options will be most useful or important to you. How many burners do you need? How much time do you want to spend cleaning your appliance? Answering these questions will be helpful to your range shopping process.

range shoppingGet the Right Fit

Measure carefully if you are going to use your existing kitchen cabinets. Ranges come in a variety of sizes and styles. If your new range does not fit the existing gap between your cabinets or the new cooktop and wall oven require a different size cut-out in your counter top or wall, you will increase both the cost and aggravation of replacement.

If you have any questions or need help with your range shopping, call one of our appliance specialists. We’re happy to assist you. You can also stop in our showroom or shop online at our convenient Appliance Store.

Service on Air Conditioning and Major Appliances

air conditioning repairNeed service on a major appliance or air conditioning unit? Call Home-Tech and you will have a quick response and your problem will be solved. Thousands of homeowners in southwest Florida call the most trusted name in service, Home-Tech.

Why Call Home-Tech?

Since 1981 Home-Tech has been a household name for air conditioning and major appliance services and sales.

How Much Will It Cost?

Zero, if you are a Home-Tech Member.  A Service Agreement with Home-Tech means you never have to pay for an air conditioning or major appliance repair again on covered equipment!  You can rely on Home-Tech to respond quickly, courteously and professionally.

Call 1-800-800-8356 today!

Nate Certified Air Conditioning Specialists

NATE certifiedHome-Tech trains our technicians to be uniquely qualified to install and service your air-conditioning system so it performs flawlessly and delivers cool, comfortable air throughout your home.

Education + Training = Customer Satisfaction

All of Home-Tech’s air conditioning specialists are NATE certified (North American Technician Excellence), meaning they’re among the most knowledgeable and experienced at installing and servicing high performance, precision-engineered heating and cooling systems.  With Home-Tech, you know you’re working with someone who is committed to your total satisfaction.  It’s simple.  Home-Tech offers the best quality air-conditioning systems and we train our service technicians to be expert in servicing everything we sell.

Learn more about NATE certification. 

Does Training At Home-Tech Ever Stop?

We can tell you it doesn’t.  There are constant improvements to the technology in the equipment. If technicians do not continue learning they will be left behind. Home-Tech prides itself in our in-house training program which continues to equip our technicians with the skills needed to solve the problems they could face in your home.

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If you need an evaluation of your system or a repair, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give us a call.  800-800-8356.