May 23, 2015

Customer Impressed with Home-Tech Professionalism

appliance care tipsOctober 13, 2011
Estero, FL

Dear Mr. Marino:

As contented customers for over five years, we had reason to contact you for service on both September 30 for no air conditioning and again October 7, for our annual AC/Heating System cleaning.  On both occasions we were most impressed with the level of professionalism and service which exceeded all previous service visits by Home-Tech.

At this time we are requesting letters of Commendation be placed in the personnel files of two exemplary Technical Representatives, Matthew E – and Matthew F -.

Matthew E – was contacted late Friday, September 30 and arrived within several hours of our call to address no cooling in our AC.  Matt discovered the air-handler valve had tripped with water in pan as well as a clogged drain line.  Math was the 1st Tech who actually flushed the line, never having been done in previous years.  Additionally, he gave an account of what he saw and explained in detail how he would correct it plus was articulate, accommodating and personable.

We again called Home-Tech to schedule our annual cleaning for the following Friday, October 7.  When Tech Mattew F – arrived we informed him of all that Matt E – had done so as not to repeat any unnecessary steps.  When Matt asked us about the plentum of our air-handlers he was surprised by it not having a duct door and asked how it had been cleaned.  He was surprised to hear it had never been opened and by his cutting a flap was dismayed with the condition of the clogged and dirty coils.  Not wishing to offend any of the previous techs, Matt stated he in all good conscience could not leave this air handler in the condition it was recognizing the seriousness and the condition of the overlooked coils.  He too like the other Matthew articulated why and how he would address the unforeseen situation not knowing how far this might set him back on his own schedule.  Believe us, the time element could not have been avoided and we were concerned like he, for the next customer and their wait.

Both of these Tech Representatives far exceeded any expectations we could have had.  Although we have always been pleased with your service having come highly recommended, we choose to acknowledge two exceptional, articulate, personable, accomodating and professional employees.  We are two happy customers who are in hopes that both technicians receive commendations/rewards of the highest level.

Most sincerely –

Alan and Barbara D –

Danger – Microwave an Egg

microwave eggQ – Is It Dangerous to Microwave an Egg?

A – YES!

At Home-Tech, we love to “shell out” advice on how to use your kitchen appliances, since we are appliance and air-conditioning experts.   Many people love to cook hard boiled or soft boiled eggs for breakfast.  It seems logical to cook them in the microwave for a quick breakfast.  What you may not realize is that this practice could be a safety hazard.


As the egg heats up in the microwave and cooks, the shell holds in the heat and the steam.  Even after you remove the egg from the microwave, it continues to cook.  Just handling the egg could cause an explosion of boiling hot egg pieces and shell flying up at at you.  The same danger is present when making sunny side up or fried eggs in the microwave.  The thin film that contains the yolk is strong enough to hold the boiling hot contents.  The egg yolk can explode when moved.  We don’t want you to end up with egg on your face.

Out of the Shell

For your safety, we recommend that you do not cook eggs in the shell in your microwave.  If you must do it, then puncture the egg shell and the egg yolk membrane with a needle before cooking.  When making sunny side up or fried eggs, be sure to break the yolk before you microwave it.  That way, your breakfast will be perfectly delicious and safe.

Microwave an Egg – Scrambled Anyone?

Here’s a tip to make quick scrambled eggs in the microwave.  Melt a pat of butter in the bottom of a coffee mug for 10 seconds in the microwave.  Then add 2-3 scrambled eggs to the mug.  Cover the mug with vented plastic wrap and microwave on high for 1 minute.  Stir the eggs, add grated cheese or parmesan, salt and pepper and microwave for another 30 seconds or more as needed.  Your scrambled eggs should be light and fluffy and delicious.

For more helpful information or if you need any type of major appliance repair you can always call Home-Tech at (800) 800-8356.

Burning Heater Smell – What Is it?

Burning Heater Smell - Dust on Coils

Does it get cold in SW Florida?  We know that in winter it can.  When the temperatures start dropping down in the evenings we know that some of our Service Agreement customers will be cranking on their heat for the first time in the season.  With the first start up of the heater, there could be some suspicious smells coming from it or your duct system.  How do you know if everything is ok or if there’s a problem? Most people in SW Florida do not have a furnace like people up north.  They have a heat strip.  It looks a little bit like a toaster.

Mysterious Burning Heater Smell

If the odor you are noticing smells hot or like smoke, it is probably dust burning.  Over the summer the dust accumulates on your heat strip coils and in your filter.  It burns away when you first start up your heater and blows through your duct system.  You might notice the odor for up to an hour. Don’t worry. It’s not an emergency.   It will go away.  You could open the doors or windows of your house to facilitate this.

A Smokey Smell

If you have a gas furnace and the odor smells like smoke, it could be that your burners are dirty.  Or something may be amiss with your furnace motor.

If You Smell Gas?

That is actually dangerous. If this is the case, you should contact the gas company immediately!

The One Thing You Can’t Smell

Do you know what it is? Super dangerous, carbon monoxide.  It has no smell, no color and no taste.  The only way to detect it is with a carbon monoxide detector, which you should purchase for your safety.  Here at Home-Tech we want you and your family to be protected from this deadly killer. 

burning heater smellMore Tips

You can follow Home-Tech on Facebook for more helpful tips or check out our YouTube channel for helpful video tips.  Here’s the link to our video all about the Burning Heater Smell.  Enjoy!


Happy Customer Likes “First Class” Installation

Steven L. Marino, President
Home-Tech – Service That Works
6400 Techster Blvd.
Fort Myers, FL  33966

First Class AC Installation

 Dear Mr. Marino,

On September 27th your company installed a new Amana Air Conditioning Unit in our house.  I want to let you know that everything about the entire process was “first class”.  Appointments were on time, the workmanship was excellent, and the sales presentation by Dave was also superb.

Having been in education for 36 years and a school administrator for 27 of those years I am trained to make observations that require teamwork.  I watched Enzo, Brian and Louis go about the installation process like a well oiled machine.  Each one performed their individual assignments with expertise and pride.  There were times when they worked in partnership and each one was supporting the other.  I never heard a word of discontent or negative comments.  “THERE IS NO I IN TEAM” AND THIS IS A TEAM THAT YOUR COMPANY SHOULD BE PROUD OF.

We are very happy with the purchase and will recommend your company to friends and neighbors.


Frank and Patricia E –