Refrigerator Storage Solutions – Where to Put Your Groceries

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Groceries . . . you need them.  You’ve made your shopping list,carefully conquered the grocery store, reading labels, finding sale items, using your coupons to get good prices.  You’ve paid for all your goodies, bagged them and driven them halfway across town.  After lugging them in, and perching them precariously on the counter top you think, “Where do I stash all of my loot?” … [Read more...]

How to Clean Your Oven’s Glass Cooktop

oven cooktop

When you are doing a lot of extra cooking, you are bound to get more spills on your oven’s glass cooktop. Have you ever had the mashed potato water boil over, leaving water and starch stains? Or have the pumpkin pie or sweet potatoes dripped out of their pans, leaving piles of sugar burned on? Has flour, for thickening the gravy, gotten sprinkled on a burner and baked on? And, … [Read more...]

Appliance Care Tips for the Holidays

Overloaded garbage disposals and overused dishwashers during the holiday season cause breakdowns at crucial times.  Home-Tech offers appliance care tips to reduce malfunctioning equipment that can take away from your magical holidays. "Now is the time to take some simple steps to help ease this holiday season stress with a little preventative appliance maintenance, not when … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Prepare Florida Homes for Winter

prepare Florida Homes for Winter

Home-Tech, Southwest Florida’s leading air-conditioning and major appliance sales and service provider, is urging southwest Florida residents to prepare Florida homes for winter now. Seasonal residents, in particular, should check all of their homes’ systems and appliances before the busy holiday season to be sure everything is in working condition before it’s actually … [Read more...]

3 Benefits of New Dishwasher

new dishwasher

There is quite a bit of advice out there as to how you can easily remove baked on food from your pans and/or casserole dishes.  There is also advice about how to prevent this before it happens.  But let’s delve into what we really want to know.  If you put a dirty casserole dish in a dishwasher, will it come out clean?  Well, it depends on the dishwasher.  Home-Tech, being one … [Read more...]