May 25, 2015

Thermador MES301HP – An Oven for Healthy Cooking

Thermador MES301HP Home-Tech features the Thermador MES301HP oven to help our customers prepare their foods in a healthy way.  It is three ovens in one, cooking with:  Steam, True Convection and Steam and Convection.  It can bake, roast, defrost, steam, broil, reheat and keep foods warm.  For those who have been using a traditional oven for years, having all of these cooking methods in one appliance can be quite a step up.  Best of all, not only will your healthy foods look good once cooked, they will taste better than you ever imagined and retain more of their nutrients and vitamins.

Convection Cooking

If you aren’t a professional baker, you may be unfamiliar with convection-baking technology.  A traditional oven radiates heat. Usually your foods don’t bake evenly, thus, you have to turn the cookie sheet around half way through the baking time, or switch the pizzas from one rack to another.  The Thermador MES301HP, like all convection ovens, constantly circulates the heat around the food to ensure even baking.  You can count on your baking results to be consistent.  In fact, the increased air flow helps the yeast in breads to rise to its maximum capacity.  Another benefit of convection cooking is that it takes less time.

Steam Convection Cooking with Thermador MES301HP 

The Thermador MES301HP 24″ Single Steam and Convection Oven is large enough to accomodate a 14lb turkey.   When cooking in the steam method, steam shoots out and surrounds your food and cooks it gently, keeping it moist inside and crisp on the exterior.  This is perfect for cooking raw fish, chicken or vegetables.  You can also gently reheat foods, keep foods warm and provide a steamy interior for bread dough to rise.

Steam and ConvectionThermador MES301HP

Your food is cooked using the regular convection method but then superheated steam is blown over the food to brown and crisp it.  You can bake a perfectly crisp chicken or turkey that remains juicy on the inside.  Here are the healthy benefits for you.  The moisture on the food helps absorb the salt and it drips away.   The high temperature of the steam helps take the fat out of the food and it drips away too.

Don’t Forget the Water

Because this oven cooks with steam, you need to add water to the large 1.4 quart water tank, which is enough to complete an entire cooking cycle.  Home-Tech technicians can install this oven into any home because it does not require plumbing.

It’s Easy to Cook With It

This oven is equipped with 40 EasyCook food programs which automatically set the oven temperature and humidity to make sure your food cooks perfectly.  There are also 9 advanced cooking methods and you can program 6 favorite settings for meals you cook all of the time.  It comes with 1 rack and 4 pans (2 of which are perforated).  There is a Steam Clean function which makes it a breeze to keep this oven spotless.

ThermadorHome-Tech Makes it Easy to Buy Thermador Appliances

Home-Tech is the only appliance dealer on the west coast of Florida with fully functioning Thermador kitchens installed in our showroom at our Bradenton location.  You can stop by, try the appliances out and really get a feel for them.  You can also buy appliances online in our Appliance Store.  For more details on Thermador products call our Appliance Specialists or stop by our showroom in Bradenton or Fort Myers.

Chilling Holiday Party Ideas for Your Freezer

freezer funEven though most December days in southwest Florida aren’t as cold as the winter days up north, there are still ways to capture that “icy” feel of Christmas here in the sunny warmth.  Sure, we can’t whip up a blizzard, but we can do some really “cool” holiday party ideas with our freezers this year.

  • Make some snow.  Are you missing the snow or just want your children or grandchildren to have the fun of lobbing snowballs at each other?  You can make fake snow from Sodium Polyacrylate.  With it, you can form snowballs and freeze them in the freezer for some Christmas fun.
  • Turn your freezer/refrigerator into a full sized snowman.  Clever refrigerator magnets transform your kitchen appliances for Christmas.
  • Here’s how to get that “bad smell” out of your freezer.  Be sure to dump the ice from your ice-maker completely a day or so before any party.  It’s best to start over with fresh ice.  That way you won’t have to worry about the ice having a weird flavor which can make your drinks taste funny.  You can also wipe out the inside of your freezer with a small amount of vanilla.

Create Holiday Party “Cheer”reindeer head

Whether you are having friends over for a Happy Hour or a full out New Year’s Eve party, these ideas will give your guests something exciting in their toasting glasses and delicious on their plates.

  • Make fancy, fun, ice cubes!  You can now make ice in the shape of Christmas trees, snowflakes, Legos®, bullets, the Titanic, caterpillars, the alphabet, skulls and bones, gems, women’s high heeled shoes, and even golf balls.  Find unusual and creative ice cube trays.
  • Make your own ice cubes with holiday items inside.  Fill an ice cube tray half way with water and freeze it.  Then wet the item (a slice of lemon, an edible flower petal, a cinnamon candy, cookie sprinkles, etc.) and stick it in each compartment of the ice cube tray.  Put it back in the freezer for a bit.  Then completely fill the ice cube tray to the top and finish freezing it.  Your guests are guaranteed to love the uniqueness of their drinks!
  • Keep the vodka and the juice mixers in the freezer.  By keeping your alcohol in the freezer, you won’t need to add as much ice to chill the drinks.  If you make your mix or juices ahead of time in ice cube trays, you can add these ice cubes instead of water ice cubes.  That way the drinks won’t get watered down too quickly.  Don’t try to freeze your bubbly mixers though, as they will go flat.
  • Make ice cubes from cut up citrus fruits.  Take limes, lemons, oranges and grapefruits and cut them into thick wedges.  Leave the peel on.  Arrange them on a tray and freeze them for several hours until they are frozen solid.  Drop them in your cocktails to chill them.  No ice cubes necessary!
  • Make Christmas candle holders out of ice.  All you need to two containers of different sizes to accomplish this.  Fill the larger one halfway up with water.  Place the smaller container inside the larger one on top of the water and weigh it down with a rock, so it sinks to the bottom.  Go ahead and finish filling the larger container with water.  You can add lemon slices, evergreen pieces, fresh flowers, candy or whatever you would like to the water to add to the design.  Freeze until right before party time.  Remove from the freezer, run the bottom of the container under warm water to release it and then place it on a plate or tray to catch the drips.  Remove the interior container next.  Then burn a t-light candle inside to enjoy the icy glow.
  • Make a snowman dessert out of vanilla ice cream balls rolled in coconut.  The kids and grand kids are sure to love this little yummy guy.  For a delicious and super cute snowman, follow these directions.
  • How about a snowman made out of cheese balls?  This looks so festive and is tasty with crackers as an appetizer.  Enjoy this recipe.
  • Freeze red grapes for a delicious healthy treat.  Be sure to take them off the stems and freeze them for several hours.   They taste great and take awhile to eat.  That makes them a perfect snack for anyone who is dieting or just trying to eat healthy.  Don’t freeze green grapes as they harden completely and are difficult to eat.
  • Make Christmas cooking easy by freezing chopped, fresh herbs in ice cube trays.  This is a great way to save money and preserve the remainder of your fresh herb harvest instead of drying it.  Chop the herbs, put them in an ice cube tray and cover them with water.  Freeze and then store the cubes in a Ziploc bag.  Pull out a cube or two to add to soups, sauces, or gravies when fresh herbs are needed.

Do you have questions about your freezer or refrigerator?  Is it running correctly?  Be sure to give Home-Tech a call.  We can take care of all of your appliances before Christmas and be sure they are up and running when you really need them – right now!  Are you shopping for a new appliance?  Visit our online Appliance Store.

Christmas Trees vs. Dryer Lint – Which is More Dangerous?

dryer lint Dryer lint buildup is a dangerous fire hazard every day.  During the holidays, our live Christmas tree can be hazardous as well.  So, which would you guess is the MOST dangerous – your Christmas tree or your dryer lint?  If we took a match to a dry Christmas tree as well as to a ball of lint, both would go up in flames instantly.  Home-Tech wants you to be safe in your home all year round.  Please review the following safety tips.

A Wet Tree is a Safer Tree

Although Christmas tree fires don’t happen often, when they do, they can be serious.  According to the NFPA’s website, 1 in 18 reported fires starting with a Christmas tree led to a death.  The flames engulf a tree in seconds and then leap to other household goods.

In southwest Florida, most of the live Christmas trees for sale are cut and transported from tree farms up north.  Once the trunk of the tree is cut, it immediately begins to seal off, which dries out the tree.  Because of the transport time and time sitting on the lot, these northern trees can already be dry when you buy one.  Choose carefully.  Feel the needles.  Do not get a tree with the needles falling off.  Once home, cut off the bottom 2” of the trunk.  This “opens” the trunk back up to absorb water.

  • Immediately place the tree in a stand filled with fresh water.
  • Check the water level every day.  A wet tree is a safer tree.
  • The tree must be 3 feet away from any source of heat.
  • Do not put it near candles, fireplaces, radiators, or vents.
  • Don’t block a doorway with the tree.
  • Use light strands that have been independently tested in a laboratory.
  • Check the lighting manufacturer’s instructions for strand safety.

See the difference between a dry tree and wet tree in these Christmas tree fire videos. 

Once your tree starts dropping needles, it is a fire hazard.  Dispose of  it immediately.  Do not leave it in your home, garage or up against the house. 

Dryer Safety – Lose the Lint

There are a number of things you can do to keep your dryer from being a fire hazard.  Clean out your lint trap each time you start a load.

  • Go outside and look at your dryer vent. Is there any air flowing? If not, it’s a sign of a build up.
  • Plastic or foil, bendable duct work is dangerous, as it traps lint.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the venting system and install what is recommended.
  • Declutter the area around your dryer.  Pull the dryer out and clean behind it (where lint can build up).
  • Don’t dry clothing that has flammable liquids spilled on it, like gasoline, cleaning agents, cooking oil or furniture stain.  It is best to hang it outside to  dry.  Also, do not leave this clothing in the dryer or piled in a laundry basket once it’s dry.

Is your clothing still damp after the drying cycle completes?  Is it taking longer than normal to dry?  Those are signs of lint build up.  If you haven’t had your dryer vent professionally cleaned recently, Home-Tech recommends Amerovent for the job.

Home-Tech’s Appliance Specialists are here to answer any questions you may have.  Stop by our showroom which is open to the public Monday – Friday from 9am to 6pm or give us a call.