Thermador MES301HP – An Oven for Healthy Cooking

Thermador MES301HP

Home-Tech features the Thermador MES301HP oven to help our customers prepare their foods in a healthy way.  It is three ovens in one, cooking with:  Steam, True Convection and Steam and Convection.  It can bake, roast, defrost, steam, broil, reheat and keep foods warm.  For those who have been using a traditional oven for years, having all of these cooking methods in one … [Read more...]

Chilling Holiday Party Ideas for Your Freezer

freezer fun

Even though most December days in southwest Florida aren't as cold as the winter days up north, there are still ways to capture that "icy" feel of Christmas here in the sunny warmth.  Sure, we can't whip up a blizzard, but we can do some really "cool" holiday party ideas with our freezers this year. Make some snow.  Are you missing the snow or just want your children or … [Read more...]

Christmas Trees vs. Dryer Lint – Which is More Dangerous?

dryer lint

Dryer lint buildup is a dangerous fire hazard every day.  During the holidays, our live Christmas tree can be hazardous as well.  So, which would you guess is the MOST dangerous - your Christmas tree or your dryer lint?  If we took a match to a dry Christmas tree as well as to a ball of lint, both would go up in flames instantly.  Home-Tech wants you to be safe in your home all … [Read more...]