Maytag Maxima Laundry Pair Rebate

appliance maytag maxima washer and dryer

Get a Rebate . . . if you Buy Before May 31, 2014 Maytag is currently offering a MasterCard® prepaid card by mail with the purchase of a select Maytag Washer Dryer Combos.  The Maxima™ Laundry Pair (washer and dryer) is on the select list as well as a slew of other Maytag appliances.  When you buy the combo you get a $250 rebate. See more rebate offers from Home-Tech. Wow … [Read more...]

Washing Machine Laundry Detergent Dispensing

laundry drum dirty from detergent

How much is too much? Remember the old days when a plastic scoop came in your powdered laundry detergent? There was no question about laundry detergent dispensing. You just put in a scoop, right? If things were really grimy, maybe you put in a heaping scoop. Well, today’s laundry appliances and laundry detergents have become more complex. You just can’t blindly add a scoop … [Read more...]