May 24, 2015

Race for Pace Center for Girls with Techster Duckster

Our Mallard of Mystery Has Some Tales of His Own About Training for the Pace Center for Girls Duck Race and Helping out the Ducks of Tomorrow

Home-Tech Race for Pace

Techster Duckster on Display for Best Dressed Duck

Race day is a little more than two weeks away and Techster Duckster has been hard at work, training for the big day on the Manatee River. Thanks to Tropical Storm Debby, Techster has found plenty of new ponds to train in. Not even the rain could keep him away from going for the gold at the Lucky Ducky Race for Pace Center for Girls.

We were lucky to catch Techster Duckster before he waddled out of the office for his afternoon workout.

Techster, what do you do when you aren’t training for the big race?

When I am not quacking with the other ducks, I hang around Home-Tech’s new showroom in Lakewood Ranch with Jeff Hendershott.  He is always baking me fresh cookies in the Whirlpool display ovens.  I think I motivate the team to sell, sell, sell.  They are a great bunch, even if I am last in the pecking order when it comes to getting a beer from the TRUE beverage dispenser (kegerator).  OH!  And most recently, they let me go out and drive around in the WOW truck. That was really fun!

We often see you around town with little ducklings?  Are they yours?

QUACKTASTIC QUESTION!  The ducklings are my little buddies.  Every good duck needs a strong drake to teach them how to swim and learn right from wrong.  I am their BIG DUCK and they are my LITTLE DUCKLINGS.  Many of the ducklings are from the charities of choice Home-Tech participates in, all of which help children.  With me today are ducklings from the Ronald McDonald House, Pace Center for Girls in Lee and Manatee and the C’Mon Museum.

Home-Tech Race for Pace

Techster Duckster and the Ducklings

Are the sunglasses for protection or just a signature trademark?

Very funny.  They improve my eyesight on the water. There is a lot of glare out there, and in order to perform at my best during the race, I need to have a clear visual of the finish line.  Also, I wear them to keep the paparazzi away.

Is there a special feathered female in your life right now?

I am a highly sought out duck, but I am bachelor.  For the right chick or hen, I would be quite the catch.  I am an awesome cook and a laundry aficionado.  My laundry room and gourmet kitchen in my nest are top-notch, thanks to Home-Tech, of course.

We hear you are quite the comedian.  Tell us a joke?

A duck walks into a pharmacy and says, “Do you have any chapstick?”  When the pharmacist hands it to him, the duck replies, “Thanks, just put it on my bill.”

We thank Techster Duckster for taking time out of his training schedule to check in with us today.  Please help out Techster and his team, Home-Tech’s Ducktales.  Help us build up Techster’s team, so he has plenty of teammates.  A lonely duck never makes it to the finish line, but a flock can dominate.  Help out Techster and Pace Center for Girls in Manatee today.

Appliance Sale – Celebrate the Savings!

(This blog was posted 6/28/2012. This sale is no longer available. Check for offers from Home-Tech in our Online Store.)

appliances on sale for July 4th

Celebrate the Savings at Home-Tech

Don’t be sad that we don’t have a long weekend to enjoy our nation’s Independence Day.  Even though the 4th falls mid-week this year, there is still plenty to celebrate.  Imagine putting the finishing touches on a home improvement project, like a laundry room makeover or updating your kitchen appliances.  Really, all you need is that new washer and dryer set or that new refrigerator and dishwasher.  Lucky for you, Home-Tech is sharing the savings on home appliances in our showrooms now through July 4th.

Rebates Make a Big BOOM This 4th

There are big rebates available from Whirlpool, Maytag and Bosch.  All three manufacturers have appliances on sale at Home-Tech, and can provide a rebate on select appliances:

  • Whirlpool: Up to $625 Mastercard rebate by mail with the purchase of select Whirlpool appliances.  Applicable June 28 – July 4, 2012.
  • Maytag: Up to $700 Mastercard rebate by mail with the purchase of select Maytag appliances.  Applicable June 28 – July 4th, 2012.
  • Bosch: Up to $200 Visa prepaid card rebate by mail with purchase of select Bosch dishwashers.  Applicable July 1 – July 31, 2012.

Low Prices  – Worthy of a Celebration

Appliances on Sale at Home-Tech

Home-Tech Saves You Money on Appliances

We would light off firecrackers if we could to let everyone know about our super savings. How about an 18′ cubic ft. refrigerator for as low as $499?  Does a dishwasher for $329 strike your fancy?  What about an electric range for as little as $399?  We have appliances for everyone and every price range.  Just come in the store and see the savings for yourself!

For those looking for something on the higher end, Whirlpool is offering a savings of $700 off the price of their 26 cubic foot stainless steel french door refrigerator, and about $730 in savings off the price (after rebate) of the Whirlpool Duet Front Load Washer and Electric Steam Dryer Pair.

Don’t miss out on Maytag’s 25 cubic feet stainless steel side by side refrigerator.  The sale price is $998 after rebate.  It is has a Store-N-Door Ice Dispenser and is Energy Star rated.  There are also steep discounts on Bosch’s 500 Series, 300 Series and 800 Series stainless steel dishwashers.  The 500 Series is the quietest in its class with 48-dBA.

We are Igniting Savings in Our Showrooms

Want a little more BANG for YOUR BUCK?  Come into either of Home-Tech’s two showrooms and receive a $100 Gift Certificate for use towards an appliance purchase.  How easy is that?  Just stop by either the Fort Myers or Lakewood Ranch showrooms and receive $100!  You can also shop our Online Appliance Store.

Should you have an appliance that needs repair this holiday, we have got you covered.  Call us at 800-800-8356 to schedule a service call.  And, if you would like complete peace of mind, consider purchasing ourGold Service Agreement to cover all of your major home appliances.

Air Conditioning Service Never a Disappointment

air conditioning service

June 21, 2012

To whom it may concern:

I want to tell you that the service performed by Ceasar, Jason, Steve and Ryan was outstanding.  They told us they would be here at 8am and they were.  They started work immediately and except for a few breaks because of the weather and being in an attic that had to be extremely hot, they worked continuously.  After a very long day they went about cleaning up and put the unit in operation.

We have been with Home-Tech for many years and as of yet we have never been disappointed with any service technician that has been sent to repair any of our problems.  And luckily we have not had a lot of problems.

We are thoroughly enjoying the new Reem heat pump and air handler, as Ryan had told us we would not need to keep the thermostat at the same setting that we were using before the installation.  You can pass along to him that Jan, my wife, is now comfortable at 80 degrees.

S. Jackson

Air Conditioning Advice for Weathering Tropical Storm Isaac

Air Conditioning Anchoring and Other Helpful Tips

As Tropical Storm Isaac approaches, it is important to Home-Tech that we educate our customers about staying cool and safe during the storm season.  Here are some preliminary questions that test your air conditioning and storm knowledge.  We ask that you try to answer the following questions:

  • Can your air conditioning hold up against high winds, heavy rain and flooding?
  • Do you know if you should pre-cool your home, in case of a power outage?
  • Have you had your air conditioner strapped down or do you know why anchoring your air conditioner is important?
  • What do you do, or who do you call if your air conditioning system is broken during the storm?

How did you do? If you needed some help answering them, don’t worry.  Home-Tech is here to help with storm related air conditioning repairs.

air conditioning units strapped downAnchor Time!

If you purchased your AC unit prior to 2007, it may not be properly grounded or secured, compromising the durability of this equipment during an electrical storm, tropical storm and hurricane.  In the 2007 Florida Building Code, anchoring cooling and heating systems were made mandatory, in order to insure the integrity of the unit in hurricane force winds.  Many residential air conditioning systems are strapped or anchored to the ground, but think about our fellow residents that dwell in apartments and condominiums.  Their units have to be properly strapped down to the roof. Home-Tech’s Comfort Specialists and technicians can get your equipment properly secured before the next big storm.

Keeping Cool While the Storm Heats Up

Home-Tech recommends a pre-cooling of the home prior to the storm. Lower your thermostat a few degrees below your normal comfort level.  To keep you and your equipment safe, turn off your air conditioning system as the storm is passing. Turning off the AC avoids electrical surges from taking out a compressor or another system component.  After the storm has passed and electrical surges have subsided, turn your air conditioner back on, as long as you have power.  Getting your system back up and running is important to avoid any mold issues from occurring.

Storm Aftermath

Should a severe storm cause your air conditioner to malfunction or cease operation, your first call should be to Home-Tech.  Our qualified technicians will inspect the unit, informing you of any repairs that need to be made.  If our technicians find that your system is beyond repair, we will work with your insurance company to get you the correct system replacement.  We will be there  to help you every step of the way.

To schedule an appointment to anchor your air conditioning system, for a post-storm repair, inspection or to purchase and install a new AC system, call Home-Tech at 1-800-800-8356, or schedule online.

Best Appliance Damage Prevention Tips

appliance repair experts

Appliance and Air Conditioning Repair When You Need It Most

Appliance Damage Prevention Tips from Your Appliance Experts at Home-Tech

Do You Think To Check Your Appliances?

Appliances are not the first thing you think to check when preparing for a thunderstorm, tropical storm or hurricane.  Well, this blogger wishes she had.  This morning, I awoke to a malfunctioning appliance.  Our Whirlpool Duet Sport front-loading dryer  had condensation building up inside of it, without any laundry inside.  With Tropical Storm Isaac doing his damage, my dryer was taking in some rain water from the wind, through the vent.  In addition, the buttons on our dryer weren’t working either.

Luckily, this blogger works for Home-Tech and at work I am merely feet away from one of our appliance experts.  I wasn’t sure if I needed an Appliance Service Call or not.  After speaking with them, I was assured that in order to best service my appliance, a service  call needed to be scheduled. Hopefully my dryer will be up and running in no time.

Update Your Storm Prevention Checklist

Home-Tech has been thinking about other helpful tips we can provide to our customers to  prepare your home appliances for major storms.  Here’s what we’ve got for you.

Our friends at Florida Power and Light (FPL) shared these two important appliance tips:

  • Turn your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings ahead of time to keep food fresh in case you experience a power outage.
  • Turn off and unplug any unnecessary electrical equipment, including sensitive electronics.

The (AHAM) offers the following advice for your home appliances during a power outage:

  • Wait at least one minute after the power is restored before turning back on any appliance.
  • Refrain from using large appliances.
  • Customers without power should keep electric switches in the “off” position.
  • Keep the refrigerator door closed — to trap the cold air inside.
  • Check for spoilage of any food that has been stored in the refrigerator or freezer.

Home-Tech recommends throwing a blanket or comforter over the refrigerator and freezer for additional insulation to the appliance.  It can protect food from rapid spoilage.  A full freezer can keep meat frozen up to 48 hours.  Fill a partially empty freezer with water bottles to take up any available space.

We Provide the CALM After the Storm

We can be there quickly to help get your appliances up and running again.  As the storm season kicks into gear, we are sure to have more storm-related appliance and air conditioning service calls.  Home-Tech will keep you informed on the best ways to keep the appliances in your home safe from damage.  Be sure to get a Hurricane Preparedness Guide and add our phone number to it.  Do you have a storm related appliance repair need today?  Let us know, and call Home-Tech to schedule a service call at 1-800-8356.  Our appliance experts are standing by to help.


Air Conditioning Maintenance Contract vs. Service Agreements

Kimberly RichingWe conducted this interview with Kimberly Riching, one of our Service Agreement specialists and our leading outside sales person to answer the question – is there a difference between an air conditioning maintenance contract  and a Service Agreement?  To learn more about our Service Agreement products you can call and speak to anyone in our helpful Service Agreement department.  For over 33 years Home-Tech has provided this important coverage for homeowners in SW Florida.

What positions have you held over the years with Home-Tech?

Service Agreement Outside Sales and most recently I’ve been promoting our new product Golden Home Advantage for customers involved in a real estate transaction.

What is your unique approach to selling Service Agreements?Kimberly Riching service agreement

Because I have been a licensed Realtor for ten years, I am very familiar with the real estate business and market.  I am able to communicate the value to the Realtor, buyer and seller and how the Home-Tech Service Agreement helps in making the sale.

What is the most common misconception customers have about our Service Agreements?

Many people think our Service Agreement is similar to a maintenance agreement, which it is not. Some potential customers don’t fully understand their current agreement, and believe their air conditioner is “covered” with their maintenance contract. In fact, their contract only offers the maintenance on their air conditioner, similar to a clean and check, and a “discount” on any repairs.

Another misconception is that Home-Tech is a national home warranty company, which we are not. When I explain to the customer that we are a local business, and the competing home warranty is from a national company, they aren’t aware of the flaws of dealing with a larger, national company.

I try to point out that when the customer has a need for service, Home-Tech sends out our own technicians, not subcontractors like a national firm. Our technicians are safe, clean cut, criminally background checked and professional. We can provide service the same day, while our competitors can make a customer wait days for a repair.

ghalogoTell Us More About Golden Home Advantage

Golden Home Advantage is a product Home-Tech has developed for customers who are involved in a real estate transaction. The Agents involved end up with a smoother transaction process.  The Buyers have extra confidence in the home and fewer worries about maintaining used equipment and systems.  And the Seller will get more showings because the home is more unique. Plus they have complete covered service during the listing time period which saves them from any unexpected repair bills. You can watch our video about Golden Home Advantage and learn more.

What is your absolute favorite thing about our Service Agreement?

The coverage is complete; No service call to get a man to the door and full parts and labor coverage.  Or, our ability to provide emergency service, even on national holidays and after hours.  You can reach us anytime for repair of your air conditioning, heat in the winter, or refrigerator (avoid food spoilage).

I love to use this scenario.  Let’s say its Christmas Day, you have a house full of guests, and the air conditioner breaks. Think about what that would cost to have another company come out for emergency service, let alone on Christmas Day.  It would cost an arm and a leg for anyone else to come out,  if they even would come out at all. With Home-Tech, we would be there.  It’s covered under the Gold Service Agreement, and you can focus on what is really important . . .  spending quality time with your family.

Has anything funny happened to you while driving the Home-Tech car?

Ha!  Yes.  In fact, there was one afternoon I had pulled into a Publix parking lot to put in some eye drops.  I am mid drop, when I hear a knock knock on the window.  It scared me half to death!  A nice couple had seen our commercials on television and wanted to know more about Home-Tech.  It’s really hard to miss that car, even in a crowded lot.

Zoned Heating and Air Conditioning

air conditioning comfort

Have you ever heard of the terms zoned heating and  air conditioning or zoned heating and cooling and really not understand what they are?  Yeah, it’s happened to all of us at one point or another.  So let Home-Tech break down the technical jargon into plain English for you.  A zone, in air conditioning terms, is an area of the house with independent heating or AC controls.

Cool Specific Rooms of Your House

Let’s say, you and your family spend more time in your family room than in your dining room.  You would want the air conditioning in the family room to remain cool, without having to completely cool your dining room, especially when you are not spending time in it.  Or maybe you need to keep the baby’s room a little warmer than the rest of the home.  That’s where zoned air conditioning comes in.  You can cool specific rooms of your home during certain times of the day.  How great is that?

Here is how it works.  Each area is controlled individually by separate thermostats, like Trane’s ComfortLink II.  Are you imagining all of the possibilities?  Your family members can keep their rooms at the perfect temperature for each of them.  Basically, instead of sending all of the cool air all over the house, you are sending it to the zones that need it.  Think of it like this. If all the lights in your home were controlled by one single light switch, lighting every room in the house all at once, and turning all the lights off in the house at once would be an inconvenience and a waste of electricity.  Well, that is what you are getting with a single thermostat air conditioning system.

Get In the Zone

Having a zoned air conditioning system is a bonus to your energy bill’s bottom line.  A typical or average home could have two or three zone systems.  Home-Tech recommends zoned air conditioning for homes with:

  • Large Glass Windows
  • Long, sprawling ranch-style homes
  • Multi-levels
  • Atriums or Sunrooms
  • Attic Spaces
  • Built-on Additions

air conditioning unitsTo establish a proper zoning strategy, contact Home-Tech’s Comfort Specialists.  We can help save you money on your air conditioning bills and keep you cooler in the process.   Call us today at 1-800-800-8356, or schedule an appointment online.  For additional information on Home-Tech’s air conditioning sales and service, visit our website:

Appliance Repair Success Again

Appliance Repair

June 2, 2012

Hello, just a little note concerning the repair done on my unit.  Your Tech, Richard,was as knowledgeable about the appliance as anyone could be.  He was courteous, prompt and a credit to your company.  When I first heard about Home-Tech, I was so impressed with the longevity in existence and quality of the service vehicles, that I signed a 4 year Service Agreement.  Am looking forward to the peace of mind that goes along with the great service.

Thanks –

D. Schreier

Appliances for Outdoor Kitchens

manly appliances‘Tis the season for grilling in outdoor kitchens.  But, do you really have the outdoor kitchen set up you have always wanted?  More than likely, the answer to that question is no.  So what are you waiting for?  Let Home-Tech help you find the right appliances to complete your outdoor oasis.  With just a few select outdoor appliances, you will be on your way to having the greatest of the grills on the block . . . and the greatest block parties and grilled creations ever.

A Place to Chill

Uline’s Outdoor Series, 5.4 cubic foot stainless steel refrigerator is the ideal size for your outdoor kitchen set up.  This tiny but mighty appliance is Energy-Star qualified, with a digitally controlled passive cooling system.  It’s just the right size to keep your ingredients cool while your grill heats up.  It’s also a great place to keep a chilled beverage to help you cool down once the cooking begins.

The Gear to Searcook out hot dogs

Want the most amazing sear marks?  You know you do!  It’s all about Artisan’s Sear Zone™.  It has a special ceramic burner that preheats to over 1,400 degrees in about 4 minutes and flash-caramelizes food, locking in juices and flavor.  The unique U-grate in this appliance catches food drippings, instantly vaporizing them to create flavor-enhancing smoke.

Ice, Cubed

You have to check out this compact powerhouse of ice making magic.  With a 15” cabinet in width, the Scotsman SCN60 produces over 80 lbs. of nugget ice in 24 hours and stores up to 26 lbs. which is plenty for an all day barbecue extravaganza.  Nugget ice is made from bits of compacted ice that are soft, chewable and absorb the flavor of the beverage. What is amazing about this ice maker is how it uses 40% less energy and more than 50% less water than stand-alone ice machines.

TRUE® TUR-24BDTapped into Frosty Beverages

We know you want one.  The TRUE® TUR-24BD Undercounter Refrigerator Beverage Dispenser is what separates the men from the boys.  Approved for outdoor use, this is the ideal for the beer connoisseur or for those who love to entertain.  True’s draft beer dispenser uses  airflow technology to deliver a frosty and refreshing beverage, every time.  Best of all, this versatile appliance is a beer keg cooler and is completely convertible to a Beverage Center, Wine Cabinet or All Refrigerator.  This is one of those appliances that is adaptable as your needs change in your outdoor kitchen.

For more outdoor kitchen appliances and design ideas, call Home-Tech at 800-800-8356 or try out our appliances before you buy them. Come by one of our two showrooms: Fort Myers and Lakewood Ranch.


A Retirement Farewell to Air Conditioning Expert Cindy Broadus

air conditioning expert Cindy Brodus

June 15, 2012

Air Conditioning Warranties Are Her Specialty

When Cindy Broadus was hired at Home-Tech, in 1994, we were a smaller company.  She has experienced 20 years of our growth, and relished all of the achievements Home-Tech has accomplished over the last two decades.  As we all say our sentimental goodbyes to her, we thought we would share some of her special memories of her years with Home-Tech.

Name: Cindy Broadus

How many years have you worked for Home-Tech? 18.5, if you count the half year.

How many different positions have you held within the company? Well, technically, four.  I have worked in Customer Service, Dispatch and the Purchasing Departments.  I was the Purchasing Manager and most recently I worked as the Purchasing Agent.

air conditining expert

Cindy Broadus

Has Home-Tech changed much since you first started working here? Oh yes it has! Over time, I have seen the company grow in more ways than one.  The addition of the plumbing and electrical departments was a real game changer.  I have seen us grow our presence into more areas in Southwest Florida, and with that came the addition of more employees.  Even the addition of computers and technology into Home-Tech was a big deal.

How has Home-Tech played an important role in your life? I have loved my job and this company for the past 18 years.  I greatly admire and respect Steve Marino, and have since the day he hired me.  He has been very good to me as I raised my children and cared for the health and well being of my aging parents. Did you know I only called in sick twice in 18 years?  The staff depends on me, and I love that.  I remember Steve telling me, many moons ago, to get really good at “something”.  I certainly followed that advice, and am proud to say I know the most about air conditioning warranties in the entire company.  I am good at parts, but I am BEST at air conditioner information.

Did you enjoy working with our vendors and suppliers? I can honestly say I have had more job offers from our vendors should I ever decide to leave here.  But, not to worry, I am not going to work for any of them.  My relationship with our suppliers was one of mutual appreciation and respect.  They knew me by name, and automatically knew I was from Home-Tech.

Tell us a secret. Many people don’t know that I am the voice of Home-Tech.  When you call in, it is my voice that you hear.  Also, I teach bible study to children.

What are you most looking forward to in your retirement? I am really looking forward to spending more time with my father and am really excited to welcome a new grandchild into the world very soon.  My husband and I are both looking forward to enjoying more quality time together.  I plan on learning more about electronics and digital photography.  I have a Kindle and I don’t know how to use it.  It is time to learn more.

What advice would you give to the newer Home-Tech employees? Home-Tech is an excellent company.  The grass will always look greener.  If you don’t work hard, you don’t stay.  When you work hard, and become great at something, you will be successful.  The boss sees your hard work, even when you think he doesn’t.  Hard work is rewarded. Thank you very much, Cindy, for all of your hard work and dedication to Home-Tech.  We will miss you!