June 29, 2015

Home-Tech Mixed & Mingled in 2014

champaigne glassesAs we get closer to the biggest party night of the year, New Year’s Eve, we’re looking back at some of the most fun and festive parties and events that Home-Tech folks got to sparkle at in 2014.

At Home-Tech, it’s never all work and no play – we love getting out in the community, supporting great causes, and meeting our customers outside of the showroom and service calls – we enjoy mixing and mingling with you guys, getting your feedback, and raising a glass to the future with you.

We’ve been thrilled to honor your Service Agreements 7 days a week, help you choose the best appliances, and have you as part of our Home-Tech family. Here’s to a healthy, successful, and fun 2015!

American Heart Association Has Our HeartSonya Sawyer Community Home-Tech

April . . .  we got decked out in our best red and black outfits and hit the Hyatt for the American Heart Association Heart Ball – a cause we’ve loved supporting for years!

Sonya Sawyer Awarded the Apex AwardSteve and Sonya Sawyer Apex Award

September . . . we all got dressed to the nines and headed to the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa to celebrate our awesome CFO Sonya Sawyer being honored with the ultimate in honors, the prestigious Apex Award.

Breakfast Party – Key to the Cure

October . . . meant a festive sunrise party – the Key to the Cure Breakfast at Saks Fifth Avenue, where we had a great time decorating our table and supporting local cancer charities.

American Girl Fashion ShowIMG_1601

November . . .  meant it was time to get our little ones dressed up for the American Girl Fashion Show at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Estero where we thrilled to be a sponsor in support of Golisano Children’s Hospital.

WP_20141220_20_14_58_ProHome-Tech Christmas Party

December . . .  our whole staff got glammed up, as we celebrate all our hard work with a fabulous Holiday Party complete with awards, pats on the backs, and plenty of dancing.

And that doesn’t even count all the celebrations we have at the office – between birthday celebrations, the Fourth of July, Halloween and more. We love to have fun – and a happy staff loves to make customers happy.


May Day! May Day! My Air Conditioner is on the Fritz!

air conditioning may dayMay has officially arrived and in Southwest Florida, that basically means the beginning of seven long months of heat and humidity. In other parts of the country, they’re happily waving goodbye to one of the most brutal winters ever, as they joyously open their windows and doors to allow a lovely spring breeze into their homes. But here, we’re doing just the opposite. We’re closing everything up and cranking our thermostats down (as I pen this missive, it’s 91 degrees and 60 percent humidity – and it’s only May 1st). But, what if, just what if, it stopped working?

Scary Summer

We all have fears – but if you’re like me, one of the most terrifying things imaginable is having your A/C die. A good, working, cold air conditioner is key to survival in our tropical climate. Some say they’re “fine” with opening windows and running ceiling fans, but I’d rather pay for air-conditioning than just about anything. I’m happy to give up a new pair of shoes or a handbag if it means keeping my thermostat at 70 degrees at night. And any woman who has ever experienced a hot flash KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

Home-Tech to the Rescue!

Last summer, my fear came to pass. Our A/C was not pushing out cold air – and it was August. It was also a Sunday evening (of COURSE). My first thought was to check into a hotel, but then I remembered Home-Tech. The Tech Rep was there lickety-split – and luckily it was an easy fix – he replaced some fluids and the A/C was doing its thing again before I was nearly forced to dunk my head in a sink full of ice water.

First Call’s On Us

Home-Tech is your May Day call on May Day or ANY day if your air-conditioner – or any appliance – needs a fix. And remember, the First Call’s On Us! That means Home-Tech will cover your first repair up to $200 when you purchase a Gold Service Agreement – taking the anxiety out of a long, hot summer is SO worth it. Personally, I’ll never forget the technician who saved my life with a May Day call last year – and my husband is grateful, too – menopausal women in non-air conditioned environments should be approached with caution. Trust me.

Air Conditioning Installation – What, Which, Who

air conditioning repair ductDid you know that in Southwest Florida most ac systems only last between 8 and 14 years?  Isn’t that surprising? It’s because of the conditions here in SW Florida and how often our air conditioning systems run to keep us cool. If your system is reaching the end of its lifetime you might be thinking it’s time to start considering an air conditioning installation.  And once you make that decision to replace, you have three more equally important decisions. At Home Tech we call these decisions WHAT, WHICH and WHO.

Decision 1 – WHAT – What Type of System?

You may be thinking . . . I’ll just replace the old system with the same type of system. But with all the technological advancements and improvements made in indoor comfort systems you will find that taking just a little time to choose the right type of new system that perfectly matches your lifestyle and comfort needs will give your home years of feeling just right and considerable savings.

In choosing which type the considerations are:

  • Straight cool system or
  • Heat pump

heat stripIn Southwest Florida we have few days that require heat so many systems are straight cool; meaning the heating source is a simple very inexpensive heat strip, kind of like a toaster in your air handling unit. The problem is it is very expensive to operate. So when we do have a cooler winter your electric bills will skyrocket.

The alternative is the heat pump. The heat pump actually reverses itself when indoor heat is needed and this type of heating is produced at one third the cost of the toaster. Home-Tech recommends the heat pump system because its efficiency is complete in both cooling and heating while the difference in installation cost is minimal. Both straight cool and heat pump systems are available in various efficiency and costs. The smart homeowner makes his efficiency decision by dividing the annual energy savings by the cost of the installation to find his best return on investment.

Decision 2 – WHICH – Which Brand of System?air conditioning installation Maytag

There are many brands of equipment on the market. So which one do you choose? Home-Tech has been servicing and installing air conditioning systems in Southwest Florida since 1981 and in our opinion two brands have consistently been the most reliable, cost efficient and cutting edge: Trane and Carrier.

Decision 3 – WHO – Who Do You Choose to Install Your System?

Who you select to install your new home comfort system is the most important decision that you will make. The contractor must be licensed, hold the required insurances, and have a proven track record of professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness and success. The sophistication of today’s equipment will only function to its full capacity if it’s installed properly. This requires skilled installers and technicians that are rarely found with the lowest bid. Like the old saying goes:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

air conditioning installersHome-Tech has serviced millions of air conditioning systems and installed tens of thousands of home comfort systems. Our employee owned installers and technicians are the best in the business and we have the history to prove it.

So what type of system –  straight cool or heat pump? Which brand of system? They are not all the same. And most important who to install the system. Employee owned Home-Tech of course. We have the passion, skill, history and experience to install your brand new indoor comfort system.

To visit with one of our experienced Tech Reps who will help you evaluate your home and give you a free quote, call today 800-800-8356  or just submit the Quick Quote Form.


The Best Appliance and Air Conditioning Blogs


Home-Tech has produced a lot of helpful appliance and air conditioning content this year for our customers through our company blog. Many of the blogs have been read by thousands and thousands of people and all over the world! We thought with the year wrapping up it would be a good time to share the ones that have been the most helpful and most popular. The list below is ranked by popularity. Check out other blog articles in our complete blog archive.

Best of Air Conditioning – 2013 Best AC Systems for Southwest Florida

In this blog post we talked to the air conditioning experts at Home-Tech, our tech reps, to see which systems they were recommending to our customers and why.  There is a lot of good information in this blog about the different high quality systems on the market today.

Best of Appliances – 2013 Best Top Loading Washing Machines

One of the great things about being a customer with Home-Tech is that we know which washers are the most reliable because we are repairing them every day.  We only sell the most reliable brands and the best models.  This blog is helpful if you are researching a new top loading washer. We know which ones you should get.

Air Conditioning – New AC System = True Savingsac sales experts

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?  This customer shares his story of how he invested in a new ac system installation with Home-Tech and how much money he is actually saving monthly since he made the commitment.  We love happy customer testimonials and our blog is full of them.  Thanks, customers for sharing! You are always welcome to comment on our Facebook page and review us on Google.

Air Conditioning – A History Lesson

We know there are a lot of history buffs out there. It’s fun to read about how things were invented. This blog about Willis Carrier was so popular we’ve decided to write about the history of some other common appliances in your home for 2014. So stay tuned.

steam2Self Cleaning Ovens Get Steamy – An Evolution in Appliances

Now we get to the titillating blogs. No one enjoys cleaning their oven. So anytime there is a fresh way to do it we take notice, right? The steamy title probably didn’t hurt the popularity of this blog either.

Preventing Induction Oven Cooktop Breakage or Cooktop Repairs

Induction cooking is back in a big way. There are lots of questions about how it works and what to do about cooktop damage or breakage. This blog addresses all of this and more. There is a safety checklist included with tips to help you prevent breakage.

3 Sizes of French Door Refrigerators for All Spaces

This blog is helpful if you are shopping for a new French door refrigerator. Home-Tech’s showrooms are loaded with them and you can shop online as well.

Air Conditioning Installation – Which Systems are Best According to Dave Montejunas

If you are going to buy a new air conditioning system wouldn’t you love to sit down and pick the brain of  one of the leading ac technicians in the country? Well that’s what this blog interview does. It gives you the inside scoop – observations from one of the best. That’s why this blog has been so popular. Many people feel lost when trying to make this important of a decision. At Home-Tech, we guide you every step of the way.

2013 Top Kitchen Trends: Accessorizing Appliances with Color

Color, white, black, stainless steel; what is everyone doing these days with their kitchen remodels?Inquiring minds want to know. This blog delves into this topic with the help of a local designer. The Viking product line is featured.

So there you have it – the best appliance and air conditioning blogs of 2013.  It will be very interesting to see what 2014 will hold for all of us in the world of air conditioning and new appliances. We can’t wait and we’ll be writing about it for sure.




Count on Home-Tech’s A/C Service

Air Conditioning Maintenance ServiceDid you know that you should have A/C service on your unit at least once a year?  Home-Tech offers the best Clean and Check in the business.  Did you know that when you are a GOLD Service Agreement Member, the cost of that Clean and Check is included in your coverage (a $129.00 value)?  Today’s customer testimonials are about one of the many of our technicians who handle our a/c service calls.  Attaboy, Joe!  If you would like to share about a service experience you’ve had with Home-Tech please visit our Facebook page or give us a review on Google.

We Can Always Count on Home-Tech

Hello “Atta Boy”-
We have been using “Home-Tech” for approximately 10 years.  Today Joe was here to do A/C service on our unit and to add a surge protector to our house.  He is very friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. The service from Home-Tech is great and we have recommended them to our friends and family.  Other companies in Florida should follow their example as to how to treat customers.  It is no wonder they are very successful.  We know that we can always count on “Home-Tech”.
Very Satisfied Customers,
C Huffman, Estero, Florida

Very Pleased with Home-Tech

We wanted to thank you for sending Joe  to inspect our air-conditioner last Friday.  He was very good and explained in detail what he was doing.  We are very pleased with Home Tech.
P. Miller, Naples, Florida

An Asset to the Company

Joe came to service our air conditioner.  Joe was within 15 minutes of the promised time of arrival and immediately began the servicing.  Joe was extremely polite and courteous and it was a pleasure to work with him.  He explained very nicely every phase of his service and answered all my concerns very clearly.  I would say that Joe is an asset to your company.
G. Krumenaker

Lots of Attaboys

Joe came out this afternoon to work on our air conditioner and refrigerator.  Joe’s an excellent representative of your company and you should be quite proud of him.  He’s efficient, knowledgeable, thorough and very personable.  We give him lots of Attaboys.
B. Gruenwal, Sarasota, FL

Never Been Unhappy

Joe did our annual A/C service today. Nice, amicable, professional and interesting. He finished the job quickly and efficiently, hope he will do our service on another house next month. Thank you Home-Tech, never been unhappy.
D. Marconi, Bonita Springs, FL

13 Year Relationship With Home-Tech

Your tech, Joe deserves an attaboy for his care and efficiency in his maintenance and knowledge while performing our annual a/c maintenance. It is associates like him that keep our confidence in our 13 year relationship with Home-Tech. Please note that this email is being submitted genuinely. We have not been bribed in any way nor are we related. We are expecting that when Joe is promoted he will still be available to oversee the new employees who service our units.
J. Goodman

Represents Home-Tech Well

Good morning –
Yesterday your service tech Joe came out to our home for our annual inspection of the air conditioning unit. Received call from office to expect service tech between 10 and 1.  Joe called ahead and said he would be arriving in 30 minutes.  Joe arrived much sooner, got to work, checked the air handler visually and electrically.  Checked the condenser for pressure. Answered questions that I had. Very friendly and businesslike.  I think he represents himself and the Home-Tech company well.  Any other questions you have you may contact me.
C. Richard, Leigh Acres

Extremely Helpful and Very Polite

I just want to let you know I just had my first appointment with your Home-Tech technician and we were so pleased with his knowledge about a/c service.  He was extremely helpful and very polite. I knew I made the right choice leaving Broward Factory and switching to Home-Tech. I even got a surge protector.  Broward never recommended that to me. Thanks again.
Kathy K –

Air Conditioning Duct System – Should You Replace It?

air conditioniong duct replacement oldHave you ever noticed the air conditioning duct system in your home?  Do you know where it is located? Most duct systems in southwest Florida are located in the attic and/or between walls and floors.  These systems are installed during the “rough in” phase of home construction.  Little thought is given to replacement or repair of these systems when they’re installed.

Air Conditioning Duct System

This creates a real challenge when duct systems break down, leak or become undersized for today’s high efficient air-conditioning equipment.  Like most bids in new construction, the contractor awards the job to the lowest bidder.  Low bids rarely result in high quality material and workmanship. The time to look into replacing your duct system is when you are replacing your air conditioning system.

What’s The Cost?air conditioning duct system

The cost of air conditioning duct replacement varies, based on the difficulty, but be prepared to add 40% to 60% on top of the equipment cost.  Replacing duct systems is a labor-intensive job under the worst working conditions.  Attic temperatures can be about 130 degrees.  The work area is a tight, confining space and it can be filled with fiberglass materials.  Duct mechanics must be trained and skilled in air flow design and installation. When choosing a company to do the work, this is not a place to cut corners.  At Home-Tech, we have the best in the business; skilled craftsmen that ensure your job is completed to the highest standards.

Should You Replace Your Air Conditioning Duct System?

Maybe or maybe not.  Many existing air conditioning duct systems are adequate to accept new air conditioning systems.  To transition your new air conditioning system to your existing duct system, Home-Tech includes the cost of minor duct work adjustments and new duct material in all our estimates.  Your Home-Tech Comfort Specialists will give you the facts about the condition and size of your current duct system.

We wanted to share a customer testimonial from a recent installation so you could get an idea of how we do our work.

air conditioning duct replacementThey Cared About Our Home Throughout the Process

Re:  A Durant/S Tomaino
All New Duct Work

Dear Mr. Marino,

Recently we replaced all the duct work in my mom’s home through Home-Tech.  The project lasted four days and during  that time we had Josh and Steven there each day along with several others who were in and out.  Everyone who entered our home and worked on the project was great, but we wanted to let you know how much we appreciated Josh and Steven.  Not only did they seem to really know what they were doing, they also clearly cared about our home throughout the process.

Josh and Steven were very professional, but they were also friendly.  That friendliness opened the line of communication for us, and we felt free to ask questions or make comments.  We were thankful for that opportunity because we had a lot of  questions!  Their willingness to discuss various options or ideas I had was beneficial and because of that we added a little additional work.

Having people in your company like Josh and Steven is an asset.  I would not hesitate to open our doors to Home-Tech again because of our interaction with your team.

God’s blessings!

CALL NOWair conditioning duct replacement in attic

You might be ready to talk to some experts about getting a new air conditioning system and perhaps a new duct system.  We are happy to give you a FREE consultation.  Comfort Specialists from Home-Tech are always available to visit with you.  Call (800) 800-8356.  If you’ve had a duct replacement done by Home-Tech and would like to review us, please make a comment on our Facebook page or give us a Google review.

Air Conditioning Sales Process Done Right

Air conditioning sales repShout Out to Derek, Home-Tech Air Conditioning Tech Rep

Dear Sir:

I wanted to do a “shout out” for Derek.  Our air conditioning broke down.  I called you and a tech came out the very next day.  He pronounced the system dead and referred us to Derek.  Derek came out the following day and explained the different systems available and their strengths and weaknesses.  I decided on the Maytag IQ. The system has been installed for a few weeks now and my family and I could not be happier, not just because of the impressive unit itself, but because of the overall experience and especially Derek. He did everything right from the get-go, recommended the good-better-best systems, and made sure that the install and financial parts went smoothly.  I would also like to say that the installation was excellent, the craftsmanship and attention to detail first class.  Thank you, Derek and God bless Home-Tech!

Sincerely –

T. Howard

Air Conditioning Advice

Home-Tech’s air conditioning tech reps really do know their products.  If you are considering a new air conditioning system give Home-Tech a chance to give you a quote and walk you through the process.  If you’d like to share about an air conditioning installation you’ve had with us, we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page or review us on Google.


The Best AC Unit For Humidity Removal – Trane XL20i Review

Trane xl 20iThe “Inside Scoop” on the Trane XL20i From Air Conditioning Comfort Specialist, Dave Montejunas

So, Dave if a customer wanted the best air conditioner for controlling humidity in their home what would you recommend?

I’m going to give a Trane XL20i review.  The Trane XL20i has great dehumidification control.  It has an all aluminum coil and plastic air handler made like a refrigerator, where it has plastic on the inside, foam in the middle and another sheet of plastic on the outside.

What’s the advantage to a plastic air handler?

No rust, no rot, no sweat.


Never.  The other nice feature is it’s super energy efficient. Highly, highly efficient.

So you’ve seen people save money?

Yes.  Like $50 – $75 a month.  In some cases even more if you do more than one (unit).  It makes a huge difference.

So you’ve had some happy customers?

Lots of happy customers.  I’ve put in like nine of them the last month.  All successful.

Why is the humidity control better on  the Trane 20i than on other brands?Trane xl 20i interior

Because it runs at multiple speeds.  It goes to a lower speed so it runs longer and runs the air through the coil slower which gives the air more time to release water to the coil. And the coil gets rid of more water which lowers the humidity of the house.  So instead of your humidity running 60% to 65% it’s in the upper 40’s.  So it makes a huge difference.

So that’s only happening when it’s running at the lower speed?

No it’s happening all the time.  It’s always dehumidfying. But when it goes into dehumidification mode or lower speed it maintains that lower dehumidification.

When you have a 2 speed like that, is it going to run all the time?

The Trane 20i is designed to run more than normal but it will shut down from time to time.

But when it’s on a lower speed it’s not using as much energy?

Instead of using 18 or 19 amps it’s running at 4 or 5 amps. So it’s running more but it’s running at such a lower amperage it’s going to save you a bunch money.

So it’s running all the time . . .

It’s normal.  That’s what it’s designed to do.  All of your electrical waste is at start up and shut down.  Running is not wasteful.  It’s when it starts up and shuts down that it wastes power.

How High Can You Set Your Thermostat for Humidity Control?

So what temperature should people in Florida keep their homes?

Whatever makes them comfortable. (He laughs.)

But what is good for humidity protection though?  What do you have to be at?

Below 80 is where you should be.  But I tell people wherever it makes them comfortable.

But if you are below 80 your house isn’t going to have a mold and mildew problem?

With the Trane 20i it doesn’t matter where you set it because it’s automatically going to adjust for the humidity. But on a normal system where it’s not a multi-speed system, below 80 is where you should set it.

Trane thermostatGet A Wireless Thermostat

They can get a whole package, right, including a thermostat?

They can do the whole thing (it’s the XL940 Wireless Zone Thermostat).

Do you like the thermostat combo? Do you recommend it to your customers?

Yes, it works really well.

What do they like about it?

Well it depends on the customer.  It’s very easy to operate.  You get some people that are “techy people” that hook it up to the wi-fi and like to look at it in Europe and do all of this other stuff, and then you have other people that just think it looks cool.

What about someone who may have vision issues?  Is the screen easy to read?

Yes, it’s back lit.  It’s very bright. It’s very easy to operate, very simple, very user-friendly.  It’s a lot like an iPad.  It’s very simple to use.

So if someone is interested?

They should call 800-800-8356 and ask for Extension 3.  We will schedule an appointment to answer any questions they may have.

Air Conditioning System – Now’s the Time to Service It

Air Conditioning GaugeFriends, we all know it’s hot in SW Florida right now!!  It’s the perfect time of the year to get your air conditioning system inspected, cleaned, and other maintenance issues taken care of so you can stay cool and comfortable.  Home-Tech’s technicians perform an annual Clean and Check for FREE as part of the terms of our Gold Service AgreementBut even if you don’t have a Service Agreement, you can call Home-Tech any time for air conditioning service.

Today’s customer testimonials are about James.  Attaboy, James!  If you would like to share an experience you’ve had with Home-Tech’s service please visit us on our Facebook page.  We welcome your comments.

Summer ServiceJames Goodwin

Today I had James do my summer service on my A/C system.  He was on time, pleasant, efficient and thorough.  He completely checked my system, replaced A/C filters, installed my UV replacement lights and debriefed me on my system’s status.  He was very good and finished in a timely manner, neat and clean.  He is an asset to your Company and deserves an “Atta Boy” for his work at my home today.  He and every Company Tech I’ve met are the reason I use Home-Tech and will continue to do so!!  Thank you.

R. Hoskins, Estero, FL

Good Hiring Decision

James just completed the annual service to the air conditioning system.  He was very polite and knowledgeable and went about his business in a professional manner.  I understand that James has only been with Home-Tech for seven or eight months.  I would say that it was a good decision to hire him.

J. Russo

He Truly Cares

Wanted you to know that James did a fantastic job of the annual inspection of my home A/C system.  He truly cares about the customer and doing the job to the best of his ability.

B Guttag

Home-Tech ReviewsVery Pleased

My husband and I were very pleased with the air conditioner annual checkup James performed this afternoon.  He arrived on time, was courteous and friendly and performed the job professionally.  Thank you for sending this tech to do the annual job.

N. Pace

An Excellent Representative

I am very happy to report the service provided today by James was on time, efficient, very satisfactory.  James is an excellent representative for Home-Tech.

G. Spearly

Very Satisfied

James the serviceman who checked my A/C system today was very courteous and professional.  Also, the time at which he came worked out well for me, as it gave me a chance to get back from my doctor appointment.   I am a very satisfied customer.

M. Kloosterman


Air Conditioning Terms – What is SEER?

SEERLast weekend Home-Tech had a special event in our showroom in Bradenton.  There were quite a few of our appliance and ac experts on hand to answer questions from customers.  I was visiting with customers in our air conditioning educational area in our showroom and happened to overhear a customer ask our salesperson, “What is a Seer?”  We understand that for the average customer, much of air conditioning terminology can be a mystery.  After all, we aren’t all engineers or ac specialists.  So let’s tackle this topic today.  What does SEER mean?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – SEER

This term is a way to rate the efficiency of an air conditioning unit.  The higher the number the better.  It’s like getting a higher score on a test.  Speaking of tests, here’s the math part of the rating.  SEER is actually the cooling output during a typical season divided by the total energy input during the same season.  Starting in January of 2006 all residential ac units sold in the US had to have a SEER of at least 13.  To be qualified as an ENERGY STAR air conditioner the unit had to have a SEER of at least 14.  Now there are units with much higher SEER ratings.

The longer your cooling season (ehem – Florida for example) the more you can justify the cost of installing a higher SEER air conditioning unit because the cost savings on your utility bills will ultimately pay you back for the purchase cost of your new system.  One note:  it is very important to do the maintenance on your system as the SEER will decrease if you don’t.  It doesn’t make any sense to spend the money on a high efficiency system so you get a great SEER rating and then not do the minor maintenance to take care of it.

Let Us Do the Equation For Youair conditioning service

Call today to set up a complimentary visit from one our air conditioning experts.  In just a short visit they can do the calculations and show you what you can save by upgrading your ac system to one with a higher SEER.  Want more information about some of the best systems out there today?  Check out our BEST Air Conditioning System recommendations.

For over 33 years, Home-Tech has been helping our customers get the best air conditioning system possible for their homes.  Call today at 800-800-8356.  We are always here to help.