May 28, 2015

How Long Do Appliances Last – Appliance Repair

bosch washer dryerWe all want our appliances to last forever, but in reality, sometimes they need a little TLC and appliance repair to keep them running at their best.

How Long  Appliances Last?

According to our Appliance Repair experts here at Home-Tech, these are the average lifespans of your major home appliances with proper maintenance and repair:

  • Refrigerator: 10 – 15 years
  • Dishwasher: 10 years
  • Oven/Range/Cook top: 10 – 20 years
  • Microwave: 10 years
  • Washer: 10 – 15 years
  • Dryer: 10 – 15 years

Helpful Tips and Tricks

The website,, had these tips for consumer to consider before repairing or replacing a home appliance:

  • Is it really broken? Check the troubleshooting section of the unit’s instruction manual for the most common problems and solutions.
  • Have you had trouble with this appliance before? It might be worth fixing instead of replacing with something unproven.
  • How much will it cost to repair the appliance?
  • What would a similar appliance cost if purchased new?
  • Are there any hidden costs to purchase (removal, installation, disposal, tax, etc.)?
  • What energy savings will I get with the new appliance? Will they offset the cost of a new appliance vs. repair?
  • What tax credits are available for purchasing an energy efficient appliance? Will they offset the cost of a new appliance vs. repair?

Whirlpool cabrio best dryerFirst Call’s On Us!

Home-Tech is currently offering to cover your first repair, up to the cost of $200, when you purchase a Gold Service Agreement at the time of your repair. A Gold Service Agreement covers all of your major home appliances and their repairs, without a deductible. Imagine, peace of mind and never having to worry about appliance repair again!  

Appliance Repair Made Easy

We take the guess work out of appliance repair. For more than  33 years, Home-Tech has been the premier appliance repair company of choice for Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee counties. Why do customers call us time and time again? That is easy, because we repair ALL brands. From Whirlpool to Bosch, Thermador to Viking, KitchenAid to Amana, and everything in between, we can fix your appliances right the first time.

Trust in our appliance repair expertise and you can join the thousands of southwest Florida customers who call Home-Tech every time. You can schedule online or call to speak with a local customer service representative at 800-800-8356.

Whirlpool Gold Appliances – Go for the Win in the Kitchen

You may not be able to high jump, swim 100 meters in under one minute, compete in a decathlon, or hit the bulls eye in archery.  But, what you can do is cook.  Oh yes, you are a champion of kitchen appliances.  You are the winner of the “best dishwasher stacking” award, the “surviving the successful cooking of a thanksgiving turkey” certificate, a “most organized refrigerator” trophy.  You are the every day winners, and you deserve the best. You deserve Whirlpool Gold Appliances.

Whirlpool Gold cooktopCooktops

Whirlpool 30-inch Gas Cooktop with 5,000 BTU AccuSimmer® Burner W3CG3014XB

The 30-inch gas cooktop with cast iron grates and gas-on-glass surface offers control and flexibility to spare. The enamel steel grates on these appliances resist wear and cover the entire surface, so your largest cookware is not restricted to just one or two burners. The two Power™ burners let you quickly and accurately boil water, sear steaks, or stir-fry. Also, the AccuSimmer® burner produces a gradual, gentle heat that is perfect for melting chocolate or simmering sauces. Plus, the modern glass surface is easy to clean. So you get what you need, when you need it, for great results. Every time.

RefrigeratorsWhirlpool bottom mount refrigerator

Whirlpool Gold® ENERGY STAR® Qualified 26 cu. ft. French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator

This 26 cu. ft. ENERGY STAR® qualified refrigerator features sleek tap touch controls and crushed ice. The Accu-Chill™ temperature management system enabled by 6th Sense™ technology returns food to the desired temperature in half the time. This refrigerator is as efficient as you, with smart features designed to preserve food using less energy and save you money. Winning the gold in food freshness is always possible with appliances like this!

Whirlpool gold dishwasherDishwasher

Whirlpool Gold® Series Dishwasher with Top Rack Wash option WDT790SAYB

Breakfast bowls, glasses and coffee cups don’t need to sit in the sink all day thanks to this model’s specialized options. The Top Rack Wash option saves you time and energy by washing dishes in the top rack, so you don’t have to wait for a full load to wash a few itemsForget soaking and scrubbing.  Thanks to the Sensor cycle on these dishwasher appliances, it also cleans 35% better, while using just the right amount of time, energy and water.

Showrooms for Appliances at Home-Tech

Home-Tech has two appliances showrooms in southwest Florida, with one in Fort Myers and the other in Lakewood Ranch. If you aren’t close to either of these locations, you can shop our online showroom. Should you see something you like, and want to know more, you can speak with one of our Appliance Specialists by calling 800-800-8356 or fill out our request form.

Selecting Home-Tech for the Repair of Appliances

While brand new appliances may seem a bit out of reach, consider using Home-Tech for your company of choice to repair those broken appliances. We repair ALL Brands of refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, microwaves, washers, dryers, and air conditioners. If you never want to worry about your appliances, then you should purchase a Gold Service Agreement from Home-Tech. This agreement covers the repairs on your major home appliances, with no deductible. Now that’s a winning combination!

To schedule service or learn more about Service Agreements, call 800-800-8356.

Home-Tech Opens in Bradenton, Florida

Home-TechSAVE THE DATE – MAY 17, 2012 – Lucky Winner to Receive a New Kitchen Package!

All of us at Home-Tech couldn’t be more excited about the official open house and ribbon cutting for our Sarasota/Bradenton showroom, located on S.R. 70 in the Lakewood Ranch area. We moved into our new building, located at 5205 Lena Road (the road just behind Norman’s Liquor’s) in April and have been getting the showroom, warehouse and offices ready for the public.  And now, we are more than ready.  We are thrilled.

First thing in the morning, we are having our “Official” Ribbon Cutting, to kick off the celebration.  Both the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and the Manatee Chamber of Commerce will be represented, as well as Manatee County Commissioners.  It will be a proud moment for the construction team, our friends at Manasota Construction, the general contractor.  Nothing says “Open for Business” like a giant pair of scissors.

Serving Sarasota and Manatee Counties

Lakewood Ranch Home-Tech Location

More than 7,300 of our customers and Service Agreement Members have been invited to the open house, to tour the new showroom and learn about all of the great services Home-Tech provides.  From 10am – 7:00pm, there will be fun activities, a live cooking demonstration in the KitchenAid demo kitchen, door prizes, refreshments and the Spin & Win Mega Wheel of Savings.  The Mega Wheel will have discounts on all major appliance purchases and other fun Home-Tech items.  Once in a lifetime discounts will be available for air-conditioning systems only at this Open House event.

Samsung Kitchen Giveaway Details

Every person who attends has the chance to enter to win the Samsung Full Kitchen Giveaway, worth approximately $2,600.  The set includes:

  • 1.8 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave
  • 26 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator
  • 24″ Dishwasher
  • Range

We are very excited to welcome you, meet you and hopefully make you a loyal Home-Tech customer.  Remember, should you need air-conditioning or appliance repair or sales, think of Home-Tech.  Should you need a new appliance, think of us, and our two beautiful showrooms located in: Fort Myers and Lakewood Ranch. 

Service Agreement Membership- A Club Where You Are Always Welcome

service agreementService Agreement Members of Home-Tech receive more than they had bargained for, in a good way.  Besides the friendly and exceptional service we provide, there is still far more that is available to you.  Like what?  How about being able to shop in our appliance showrooms for new appliances.

Service Agreement Member Perks

If you are a Member, then you already know that your Service Call fees and the annual clean and check of your AC are covered.  But what happens if your appliance breaks down when you need it most?  Worry not, because we supply our Members with a FREE replacement of your air-conditioner and/or covered appliance*.

*(That is under the age of 10 years.  Excludes water heater.)

Appliance Experts on the Showroom Floorservice agreement

Home-Tech has two appliance showrooms (Fort Myers and Sarasota/Bradenton) that are open to our Members to shop for major appliances.  Think about it like this.  You have an appliance showroom carrying all the big names and the high quality appliances that meet your standards like Thermador, Bosch, GE, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool.  All that, without that big box store feel.

Our showrooms are designed for ease of use so our customers can easily shop for what they are looking for – dishwashers, ranges, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators,washing machines, dryers and of course, air-conditioners.  From high end beverage dispensers to outdoor kitchen equipment and grills, Home-Tech has created the ideal appliance showroom with our Service Agreement Members in mind.

Air conditioning sales repA Cool Breeze for Service Agreement Members

Should your AC be on the fritz and you want to shop for a new cooling system, our showroom is there for you to experience each different system.  We carry Carrier, Trane, Maytag and Amana in both locations.  Feel free to come in and cool off.  Should you have any questions about these systems, one of our NATE certified technicians or manufacturer trained sales specialists can assist you.

Service That Works!

With your Gold or Silver Service Agreements, you get the reliable and reputable Home-Tech service that you deserve.  Additional options, coverages and services are available, such as adding an additional appliance or adding on an additional clean and check.  Our Service Agreement Department is always more than happy to speak with our Members to make sure your agreement meets your needs. Our showroom is also open to the public.  Please feel free to bring your neighbors and friends.

Preventing Induction Cooktop Breakage or Cooktop Repairs

Thermador Induction Cook topHome-Tech is your local expert when you want to learn about induction cooking, buy a cooktop or replace one.  We carry many brands and our appliance experts can give you guidance about the differences between them. In this blog you will learn how to maintain the glass on your induction stove or oven to prevent cooktop repairs.

Induction Cooktop 101 

Before you may require a glass cooktop repair, you must first learn about the cooking element itself.  Induction oven cooking is quite different from traditional forms of cooking.  This uses electromagnetic energy that turns into the heat source.  Instead of heating the area under a pan like a traditional gas or electric burner, induction cooktops heat the pan directly.  Oscillating induction coils are set underneath the cooktop, and those coils are connected to an electronic power source that when activated generate a magnetic field.  When a pan with a magnetized base is placed on the burner, the oscillating magnetic field causes the electrons in the bottom of the pan to move back and forth rapidly.  This movement results in the pan getting hot enough to cook food.

The heat is generated directly in the pan, keeping the induction cooktop surface cooler than a traditional element.induction cooktop with ice

Induction cooking does not lose as much heat as traditional forms because all the heat is created in the pan itself. The cooktop heats up or cools down quickly after the controls are set. It also stops heating when the pan is removed without turning off the power.

Benefit #1:

The good news is food that is spilled on the cooktop surface will not burn because the glass is not heated. Induction cooking allows for immediate and easy cleaning after use because the heat is created in the pan.  A cooktop scraper tool is recommended for stubborn soils.

Benefit #2:

The cooktop surface area stays cool, making it safe for children.

Benefit #3:

There are specialty cookware sets that allow for “stacking.”  You can prepare more foods at one time by stacking a small pan on top of a larger one.

Benefit #4:

The Performance boost function allows the temperature to exceed the maximum setting to quickly achieve a rapid boil, allowing for fast heating.

How to Prevent Breaking or Damaging your Cooktop

A broken induction cooktop, either cracked or shattered, cannot be repaired. It must be replaced. As we aim to keep our Home-Tech customers happy, we think you will enjoy some recommendations from our friends at KitchenAid.

  • Avoid storing jars or cans above the cooktop. Dropping a heavy or hard object onto the cooktop could crack the glass.
  • Do not leave a hot lid on the cooktop. As the cooktop cools, air can become trapped between the lid and the cooktop, and the ceramic glass could break when the lid is removed.
  • For foods containing sugar in any form, clean up all spills and soils as soon as possible. Allow the cooktop to cool down slightly. Then, while wearing oven mitts, remove the spills while the surface is still warm. If sugary spills are allowed to cool down, they can adhere to the cooktop and can cause pitting and permanent marks.
  • To avoid scratches, do not slide cookware or bakeware across the cooktop.
  • Do not allow objects that could melt, such as plastic or aluminum foil, to touch any part of the entire cooktop.
  • Do not use the cooktop as a cutting board.
  • Use cookware about the same size as the surface cooking area. Cookware should not extend more than ½” (1.3 cm) outside the area.

Home-Tech is Here for You When the Worst Happens

You can always rely on Home-Tech to respond quickly, courteously and professionally. If you are a Home-Tech Service Agreement Member, the cost of the service call would be covered.

If you have any questions or are considering purchasing a new induction cooktop, call one of our appliance specialists. You can also stop in our Sarasota/Bradenton Showroom or Fort Myers Showroom and shop online at our convenient Appliance Store.

Home-Tech is here when you need us. 1-800-800-8356