Maytag Announces New Maytag Appliance Repairman

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Most of us grew up watching the popular Maytag commercials featuring “the loneliest guy in town”, the sad-faced, but always friendly, Maytag Appliance Repairman. Maytag’s appliances were so well put together, that he didn’t have a thing to do (except complain about being bored). Jesse White originated the good-natured sad sack and starred in the television commercials from … [Read more...]

Best of Air Conditioning – 2013 Best AC Systems for Southwest Florida

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We're just past going into hottest time of the year in Southwest Florida and Home-Tech, the leader in installation, service and Service Agreements is here to help our customers with their air conditioning needs.  It's time to share the facts and our recommendations on the best air ac systems on the market for this year. It is never easy when researching a major purchase, like … [Read more...]

The Top 5 Household Appliance Repair Warning Signs

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Can you read the appliance repair warning signs? What to look for so you know when it's time to call for appliance repair. At Home-Tech, we get all kinds of calls about appliance repair. We've heard it all. But, you may be surprised to learn that many appliance users don't call us soon enough. Here is a simple rule of thumb: If an appliance isn't working exactly right then … [Read more...]

Best Laundry Tips for a Better Wash – Tips for Laundry Appliances

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Does your washer have a funky smell? Are you over stuffing it full of laundry? Stop the insanity and get the most out of your laundry appliances by following these tips: Do Consider a Top Loading Washer. It's been approximately 10 years since the front loading washers made a big splash in the marketplace, but now, high-efficiency top loaders are gaining speed. These … [Read more...]

New Air Conditioning Savings

Air Conditioning Amana

Just how much can you save with a new air conditioning system? A happy Home-Tech customer spills the beans on savings. New Air Conditioning Savings and System Review Ladies and Gentlemen, Almost one year ago, the original AC system that [Home-Tech] installed in my home back in 2000 reached the end of its life. It became clear that it was time to replace the unit. After … [Read more...]