April 19, 2014

While You Putt and Pitch – Home-Tech Masters Appliance Repairs

Golf DayLast week, America celebrated National Golf Day, but we all know that if you live in sunny Southwest Florida and you love golf, EVERY day is Golf Day. The Masters Tournament — featuring a great Sunday afternoon with green jacket winner Bubba Watson and runner-up, Jordan Spieth, was this past weekend and golf is in the air – and if one of your appliances needs some work on its drive, Home-Tech won’t make you miss your tee time by sitting around and watching the Golf Channel while you wait for a repairman to show up. Home-Tech customer service will set up a time for your repair and you will get a call from your technician to let you know when he will be there.

You’ll Have Time for all 18 Holes

We know your time is precious and when it’s a gorgeous day on the course and there’s a beverage cart nearby, we want you out there, swinging away and giving Tiger a run for his money (okay, maybe that’s a stretch). We want to see you in your Ian Poulter-inspired pink plaid pants, a lime green shirt, and a white belt as you honor your favorite sport on a bogey-free day, hammering birdies, and trying not to throw your putter down in despair. That’s why so many SW Florida homeowners love being Service Agreement Members. They love the convenience of knowing who to call, when we’ll get there, and that your appliance repair will get done right the first time!service vehicle

Lightning Fast

While you don’t want any lightning strikes while you are on the course, we do know that you’d like a lightning fast appliance repair. Home-Tech has been providing fast, emergency service for 33 years – and we serve in five Southwest Florida counties. Unlike other companies, we won’t make you waste what could have been a great day on the golf course while you wait for one of our expert technicians. So, grab your clubs, get to the greens, and worry about your swing – not your appliance repairs.

Best Thing I Did – Get a Home-Tech Service Agreement

appliance repair attaboyShould I get a Service Agreement? What is the service like? Is it worth looking into?  Home-Tech answers these questions every day for our potential customers. Sometimes though it’s best to hear it from our actual Service Agreement Members.  Our blog is full of Attaboy testimonials where our customers are talking about how pleased they are with our service and that they made the investment in the Service Agreement.  Today’s testimonials are all about Shaun.  If you’d like to share a review with us, please do so on our Facebook page or review us on Google.

 Friendly, Helpful, On Time

We have wanted to write before, but with company visiting we have not had a chance.

We have unfortunately needed to use your services recently quite a bit. Fortunately the service techs have been great. Friendly, helpful and on time. The man who repaired our furnace answered some of my questions about the Fort Myers area and even recommended a book to read about it! Shaun has been here twice, once for our refrigerator and this time for the microwave and has been very professional and knowledgeable.

We certainly appreciate the calls telling us they are on the way and even the apology we received when one man’s GPS sent him in the wrong direction, but he called to let us know. In a time when it seems companies don’t care about the consumer it is nice to have one that does. Now if only you could talk to Comcast they could take a few tips from your practices.

J. Busack

 Happy with the ServiceService Agreement Technicians

We had services this morning from Shaun and Pedro to look at our microwave.  They provided the usual prompt and courteous service. We were happy with their service and we are glad to have this service available to us. Thanks!

J. Zentz

Jobs Well Done

Your guys Shaun and Jason replaced my broken AC thermostat. While here I asked them to listen too the fan on my Whirlpool refrigerator which I purchased from you last April. They agreed that it was too noisy, made some adjustments around the fan and the noise was lowered down to normal. Jobs well done.
J. O’Donnell

firstcall-nochargeI Purchased Your Service Agreement

I’d like to compliment your two service representatives Shawn and Tony.  They were both very professional and fixed my problem quickly and I enjoyed having them in  my home. After completing their work they explained your service agreement and were very thorough and well informed. Because I was so impressed by the work and attitude of both young men, I decided to purchase your service agreement.
J. Agle,  Ft. Myers, FL 33919

Best Thing I Did – Service Agreement

I couldn’t be happier with your service. Shaun just left. He was courteous, efficient, polite & solved our problem in minutes. I called for service this morning & then called again, deciding I couldn’t wait until our scheduled appointment on Monday. Shaun arrived Friday evening around 7:00.

Thank you- the best thing I did was get your service agreement.

Keep up the good work- we are impressed!!!!

J. Green

Maytag Announces New Maytag Appliance Repair Man

maytag manMost of us grew up watching the popular Maytag commercials featuring “the loneliest guy in town”, the sad-faced, but always friendly, Maytag Appliance Repair Man. Maytag’s appliances were so well put together, that he didn’t have a thing to do (except complain about being bored). Jesse White originated the good-natured sad sack and starred in the television commercials from 1967-1988.

Well, now it’s time to make room for a brand, spanking, new, hunkalicious Maytag Man.

Millennium Maytag Man

This year, Maytag introduces us to a new Maytag Man for the millennium (gone is the word “repair”) — and he’s NOT your mother’s Maytag Man — this one is buff, chiseled, and comes with a dry wit. Played by actor Colin Ferguson, the new Maytag Man not only tells us about the excellence of the appliance — at the end of each ad, he actually becomes the appliance. This is a hip, new Maytag Man who’s so busy inhabiting various machines, that he never gets lonely or bored. Look for him in different commercials to become a refrigerator, an oven, and a washer and dryer – all while wearing the familiar blue uniform. As the tagline suggests, “It’s what’s inside that matters.” And what’s inside is a hot new Maytag Man. To see one of the fun new ads, just visit our Facebook page.new maytag man

Your Home-Tech Man

Here at Home-Tech, we’ve got 50 shades of guys to take care of your every need and you never know which hottie will be ringing your doorbell. With our Service Agreement membership, you never have to worry about appliance repair, because our expert technicians — who aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces and rolling biceps — know what they’re doing. Plus, they’re available and at your beck and call 7 days a week for your air conditioning and appliance service, saving you thousands of dollars versus hiring outside repairmen. So, enjoy the busy, young, new Maytag Man on TV, but know that your “Home-Tech Man” is busy too (we are in over 300 SW Florida homes a day) but always just a phone call away, live and in person.

Refrigerator Repair by Home-Tech

wif-picturePicture this. You come home from a fantastic round of golf. It’s celebration time! You have a couple of friends in tow. It’s time for a cold one. Happy hour is sounding good. You reach in the refrigerator to pull out a couple of ice cold beers and what do you find? They don’t feel quite right. They aren’t cold. You feel around frantically in the fridge and find that everything is warm. Your refrigerator is broken! Party foul! Anyone that has ever had the experience of needing a refrigerator repair has had these panicky thoughts:

“My food is going to spoil. What can I do? Who do I call?

Well if you live in SW Florida the best place to call is Home-Tech.  Refrigerator repair is one of our specialties.  In fact we repair all major appliances and air conditioning as well.  Ask around in your neighborhood.  One of your neighbors is bound to have had us out for service and will recommend us to you. When you call for your repair you will hear about the First Call’s On Us which is our program to get you started with our famous Service Agreement. You can save up to $200 off the cost of your refrigerator repair today.

How Much Does a Refrigerator Repair Run These Days?

Well, if you have a Service Agreement there is NO CHARGE for covered parts and labor.  If you are paying retail cost for a refrigerator repair you can expect to pay almost $700 for a compressor, over $1600 if your need a compressor and a condenser repair.  A motor repair can run from $200 to over $400 depending on what the problem is.  Control boards, relays, switches, cold controls, dampers, door repairs all run in the hundreds of dollars.  So you can see how it pays to have a Service Agreement which not only covers your refrigerator but every major appliance in your home and your air conditioning system.

Hear From Our Recent Customers

I would like to comment on the recent experience that we had with Home-Tech when our refrigerator developed a problem. Two things happened that confirmed that our decision to make Home-Tech our ONLY source to handle all of our appliance related problems was a good one. 1) although it took several trips, by different Home-Tech technicians to, solve the problem they didn’t hesitate to pursue the solution until it was resolved. 2) the quality, demeanor and technical expertise  of ALL the technicians that were here to work on the refrigerator was exemplary, to say the least.

It’s been a real pleasure and given us peace of mind to have been a customer of yours over the years.

J. Weliver

Working in No Time

Good Morning,

We just wanted to give an “attaboy” to Brian and Justin.    Justin did a great job diagnosing the problem(s) with my refrigerator and Brian came out a week later with new parts and had it working great in no time.
Thank you,
S. Nipper

New Year’s Resolution – No More Appliance Repair Bills

Appliance Repair resolutionHappy 2014!!! At this time of the year we resolve to better ourselves and our lives. Common resolutions are to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy, and spend more time with loved ones. Are any of those on your list? These are all life facets that resolutions rotate around.

But what about a resolution for your home and your personal finances? What would it be like to never pay an appliance repair bill or air conditioning repair bill in 2014? Fantastic, right?!

We know the uncertainties about “the repair man” coming to your house abound.

  • What will he be like?Service Agreement Technicians
  • Will he be clean?
  • Will he be nice . . . and hopefully not a criminal?
  • Will he know what he’s doing?
  • Is he licensed?
  • Is he going to make a mess in my home?
  • And, most importantly, HOW MUCH WILL THIS COST ME?

Home-Tech has a better solution for you than just dealing with repairs as they come along. Resolve today to get a Home-Tech Service Agreement.  That way, anytime you need a repair you know exactly what you are going to get – a clean, safe, knowledgeable technician showing up, making your repair and then handing you a NO CHARGE invoice.

Our Service Agreement sales people were asked about the top 3 reasons they recommend the Service Agreement to potential customers. Here’s what they came up with.

1. It’s Easy

You only have to make one phone call. Whether it’s an appliance –  refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer, water heater or your air conditioner is broken down, one call solves it all. We will send a qualified technician to handle that repair.

2. It’s Cost Effectivefirstcall-nocharge

Most customers do not realize the major cost of getting something repaired these days. You have to pay to get the technician to your door (a service call fee) and then for parts and labor. A typical refrigerator repair could cost around $400, for example. Each repair is different depending on the model and the cost of the parts. With the GOLD Service Agreement you just pay once for your annual coverage and then let us take care of the rest. You don’t even have to pay a service call fee when we come out. Even if a whole year goes by and you don’t need us, you still had the peace of mind knowing that you were covered. Not having to worry is worth a lot!

3. Emergency Service

Speaking of no worries, this is the time of year that many of our visitors from the north are here enjoying better weather. We know you are having fun, hosting parties and get-togethers and relaxing with friends. If your refrigerator stops working, it’s an emergency. You need fresh foods, cold wine and beer after your day at the beach or on the golf course. Home-Tech provides emergency service every day of the year – even on holidays. We do our absolute best to get a technician there the same day. And if you have a Service Agreement you are priority one for scheduling!

Appliance educationStill Not Sure?

Check out the customer testimonial videos on our home page. These are all Florida residents – just like you. Our Service Agreement page has a series that explains the details. So many SW Florida residents and visitors have already resolved to have Home-Tech as their service provider.  WHY NOT YOU?

Ask your neighbors if you are having any doubts and then give us a call at (800) 800-8356 ext. 2. Our friendly Service Agreement sales people will walk you through the process over the phone or your can buy an Agreement online today.

Air Conditioning Repair Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota

air conditioning repair ShawnToday’s customer testimonials are all about air conditioning repairs.  Shawn, Shaun and Brian came to the rescue.  Home-Tech is here for you when your air conditioning is not cooling, overheats, makes funny noises, leaks or has any other kind of problems.  If Home-Tech has solved an air conditioning problem for you and you’d like to share about your experience we’d love to hear about it on our Facebook page.

Easy to Work With

We returned from a 10 day trip and discovered that our air conditioning unit was not working.  We left it at 80 degrees and the humidistat at 50 when we left.  Called the service # and were pleased that Shawn was on island and would stop in.  I believe that he said that the unit had overheated and after checking everything he hosed it down to cool it off.  It did restart and we cooled enough to sleep that night.

This is the second trip that we have returned with the air conditioning not responding to our cooling zone.  The first time it did very slowly start but we weren’t gone as long.  The unit was working fine.  Shawn was polite and listened to our complaints.  He has been to our house before and is easy to work with.

R. Woodham

Couldn’t Be Happier

Shawn answered my call about my leaking air conditioner in ONE HOUR!  He was very polite and competent.  The unit was frozen and he checked outside and found a faulty switch which he repaired.  I had previously scheduled the annual AC check up and he gave me a few items for that technician to check.

Couldn’t be happier with the service I have received at Home-Tech and recommend you to everyone!! Thank you.

R. Howard

Appliance Service TechVery Knowledgeable

We placed a call to Home-Tech last evening.  They scheduled someone to check our air conditioning which was not cooling for today.  Shaun came to us, and checked several things on our air unit.  It seems there was not anything he could find.  When we turned it back on it seemed to work.  He told us that his happens from time to time.  Shaun seemed to be very knowledgeable about our unit.

We discussed with him buying a Home-Tech contract.  We had one for years when we lived here before.  He came in and checked our appliances, etc. and we bought the contract from him.

Shaun did a great job, we extremely courteous and knew what he was doing.  We hope if we need Home-Tech again that Shaun comes with the call.

The Faulkners

Air Conditioning Repair TechQuality Personnel

We had the occasion for an air conditioning repair on our air conditioner because of an unusual noise when it was running on stage 1.  Brian arrived as promised, introduced himself and went about his business in a professional, businesslike manner.  He corrected the problem and left assuring us that they would be there for us if any future service was required.  The company should be commended on the quality of the personnel working for you.

J. Russo

Air Conditioning Service Rated Off the Charts

air conditioning repairToday’s testimonials are all about Kevin.  Attaboy, Kevin! Every day we get loads of emails from our customers who have just had our technicians out to service their appliances or air conditioning.  Did you know if you are a Gold Service Agreement Member you don’t have to pay a service call fee for those visits?  Besides the excellent service, we know our customers appreciate the savings as well.

We welcome the feedback and appreciate the time it takes to compose the messages.  If you have had a service experience with Home-Tech and would like to review us we welcome your visit to our Facebook page.

An Exemplary Representative for Home-Tech

We wanted to let you know what a fabulous employee you have in Kevin!! Kevin came to our house for service today on our washing machine and our air-conditioning unit.

From the moment he arrived he was professional, polite, informative, thorough and an exemplary representative for Home-Tech. We learned so much from him today and it is clear he knows his profession.  It was a true pleasure and if there was a rating of 1-10, Kevin would earn a 12! You should be very proud to have him as a member of the Home-Tech family. He will go far!

Kind regards -

R. Lewton

Positive and Engaging

What a great young guy.  He came for a first-time service of our 2 air conditioning units in our new house.  He took great care in checking them thoroughly.  Very polite, positive and engaging.  I would like it if he always took care of them.  I can tell he takes his work seriously and cares about quality service.

Thank-you -

C. Ganjamie

Very Proficient

This is to let you know Kevin provided excellent (semi-annual) service today for our Trane air-conditioning filters.  He cleaned and checked the units at both our residences and was very proficient.

G. Bridger, Naples

Fine Service

This is to confirm that we had excellent service from Kevin today for the repair of our washer.  He was very professional and prompt and the washer works well this afternoon.  Thanks for the fine service.

B. Finkbeiner, Fort Myers


Women In Management: An Interview with Regional Service Agreement Manager, Sheryl Stahl

service agreement home-tech managementName: Sheryl Stahl

Position: Regional Service Agreement Manager, from Collier to Manatee County.

How many years have you been a Home-Tech employee? 25 years

What other positions have you held? Office Manager

What gives you the greatest satisfaction?

Offering our customers a great product and seeing them renew year after year. We have many long term customers that have been with us for over 20 years.

What is unique about the Service Agreement Department?

The product itself is very unique and ever changing, which keeps it interesting and challenging.

What is your unique approach to being a successful manager?

Hiring great people, bringing out the best talent in them and then watching them soar. Let them be the best they can be. But, you also have to challenge them to do more than what they think they can do.

What is the future for Service Agreements?

Growth, growth, growth.

Home-Tech is a very woman-friendly organization, don’t you agree?

Yes! I don’t think there are many companies locally that have as many female managers as Home-Tech. Home-Tech watches newer people, and we recognize talent. We nurture them, and allow them to grow.

What is your favorite saying? 

My all time favorite quote is, “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.”  I read it in a poetry book in high school.

What is your organization style?

I am a mental organizer. I have my whole day planned out before I ever get to the office. However, my day gets interrupted all day long. So my day doesn’t always go as planned.

What is the best piece of advise you have ever received?

Don’t oversell your point. Make your point and let it go.

What are your interests outside the walls of Home-Tech?

My 5 beautiful grandchildren. I spend most of my free time with them.


Give Seasonal Tenants a Warm Welcome with Home-Tech Service Agreement

It’s that time of year again. Time to spruce up the furniture, make everything merry, bright,  and just right for your seasonal guests and tenants. As much as your guests may want to enjoy a worry-free time, condo and home owners can do even more to make their stay the best it can be, with a service agreement from Home-Tech.

Stress Less with Home-Tech

Imagine what it would be like for you, as the owner, to not receive another phone call about a broken dishwasher or air conditioner leak. Your tenants can just call Home-Tech, and a licensed technician will come out and perform the service. Here is the best part, with a Gold Service Agreement there is  NO SERVICE CALL FEE and no fee for parts and labor, service charges or deductibles. And, you have the luxury of unlimited service calls.

Be the best landlord you can be. Provide peace of mind for your tenants, and let them enjoy their time here, instead of wasting it inside the condo waiting on a repairman. Our service agreements cover your major home appliances, air conditioning, and even plumbing and electrical.  If you are the type of landlord or property manager that is on the road and hard to reach, your tenants won’t have to worry with trying to track you down when a repair needs to be made. Give them the only number they need, 800-800-8356.

Service Agreement for Condo Owners

Here is what makes a service agreement great:

  • home tech gold service agreementPriority scheduling for appointments
  • Emergency service included
  • No limit on service calls
  • Annual air conditioning Clean and Check included

The Gold Service Agreement covers: (1) Air-Conditioning System, (1) Heating System, (1) Refrigerator, (1) Icemaker (including replacement, in covered refrigerator), (1) Microwave, (1) Range, (1) Dishwasher, (1)Disposal (including replacement), (1) Washer, (1) Dryer and (1) Water Heater (electrical system only). 

This premier level of service rivals any home warranty. What makes a Home-Tech’s service agreement the best choice for your condo is the high level of customer service we provide. Home-Tech is a local, employee-owned company, and we perform the repairs, not a subcontractor. You are getting a Home-Tech employee-owner when our repairmen show up at your door. Our technicians are background checked, drug tested and highly trained.

Trust Home-Tech, we’ve got you covered. Call today to speak with a Service Agreement representative to learn more about our plans, 800-800-8356 or sign up for a service agreement online.



The Results Are In! Service Agreements from Home-Tech Win!

It’s a great day to be an American, isn’t it? Think about how much we have to be thankful for as we sit in our homes tonight, in air conditioned comfort, watching the election results. We know we are lucky here in southwest Florida. Not every citizen in every country in the world has the personal freedoms that we do.  So tonight, regardless of the outcome, let’s celebrate our right to choose. Let’s celebrate our civil liberties, our abilities to support our local businesses in our communities and how lucky we all are to be Americans.

Exercise Your Right to Choose

Is your home warranty coverage not all it was cracked up to be? Are you having trouble keeping up with major appliance breakdowns?  What if there was a solution to these problems that was easier than standing in line to vote? The quick fix you are looking for is a service agreement from Home-Tech. Big homes or small, condos or mansions, Home-Tech can cover all of your major home appliances and air conditioning system as well as plumbing and electrical. You can even apply online for a new service agreement.

If something goes wrong with your air conditioning and major home appliances, we will be there for you, and that’s not just a campaign promise! This is the confidence and comfort that comes standard with Home-Tech service agreements. This is what we cover: (1) Air-Conditioning System, (1) Heating System, (1) Refrigerator, (1) Icemaker (including replacement, in covered refrigerator), (1) Microwave, (1) Range, (1) Dishwasher, (1)Disposal (including replacement), (1) Washer, (1) Dryer and (1) Water Heater (electrical system only).

The Clear Winner – Home-Tech Gold

home tech gold service agreementsIf our Gold plan had to run for election it would certainly beat out the competitors because of  its VALUE and benefits. For one low annual fee your air conditioning system and major home appliances are covered. You also get the luxury of a premier level of service with unlimited service calls and no fees, deductibles or service charges on parts and labor. But wait, there is more! How about priority scheduling for appointments, emergency service, no limit on the number of times you call for service, and an air conditioning Clean and Check included.

Do you not have all of this with your current home warranty? It may be time to make the switch and experience the Home-Tech difference. Call us today at 800-800-8356 to speak with a Service Agreement representative who can fully explain each detail.