May 29, 2015

Clean Off Your Desk – Less Paperwork with a Home-Tech Service Agreement

CleanYourDeskWell, it came and went – National Clean Off Your Desk Day – it was last week. And I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t cleaned off my desk. Clean Off Your Desk Day makes plenty of sense – it’s a new year, after all, and we’re still only around three weeks into it – an uncluttered desk means an uncluttered mind, right? Unfortunately Feng Shui is not always easily achieved when you’re trying to organize bills, loose change, paper clips, business cards, receipts (we won’t even MENTION that tax season is right around the corner – maybe on April 14th we’ll start thinking about that), and more.

De-cluttering and De-stressing

While cleaning off your desk is a worthy goal, I propose going even further, because frankly, at my level of disorganization, I could use Clean Out Your Closet Day, which will include finally donating those jeans that I haven’t been able to zip up since I was in my 20’s. Also, Clean Out Under Your Bathroom Sink Day – because, really, does anyone truly need four cans of almost empty hair spray, 16 different shades of brown eyes shadow, and countless prescription medications that expired in the mid-1990s? While we’re at it, I would embrace Clean Out Your Car Day because if I actually recycled my vast collection of empty water bottles, it could likely save the world.

First Step – Service Agreementappliance repair technician

Getting organized and de-cluttering can sometimes feel like a challenge, but studies show that the more streamlined you make your living space, your mind will follow suit. Sometimes, it starts with the first step – like getting the paperwork off your desk.

Being a homeowner requires you to hire lots of different companies for help and that means lots of bills and business cards and clutter.  With a Gold or Silver Service Agreement, you’re taking an important step towards organization. There is only ONE PHONE NUMBER you need for all or our services. Having a Service Agreement with Home-Tech means that when one of your appliances or your air conditioning stops working, all you have to do is make one call for 7 days a week service – even if it’s a weekend or a holiday. As well, Home-Tech offers plumbing and minor electrical repairs. Our friendly, professional technicians are at your beck and call – and you won’t have to file a bill on your desk, because if you have a Gold Service Agreement, service calls are free and unlimited (Silver Service Agreements mean only a minimal service fee).

Peace of mind comes with a Service Agreement and once you have peace of mind, you’ll be ready to tackle that desk – and closet, and car, and bathroom cupboard – and it’s the perfect way to start out a new year.

Home-Tech Mixed & Mingled in 2014

champaigne glassesAs we get closer to the biggest party night of the year, New Year’s Eve, we’re looking back at some of the most fun and festive parties and events that Home-Tech folks got to sparkle at in 2014.

At Home-Tech, it’s never all work and no play – we love getting out in the community, supporting great causes, and meeting our customers outside of the showroom and service calls – we enjoy mixing and mingling with you guys, getting your feedback, and raising a glass to the future with you.

We’ve been thrilled to honor your Service Agreements 7 days a week, help you choose the best appliances, and have you as part of our Home-Tech family. Here’s to a healthy, successful, and fun 2015!

American Heart Association Has Our HeartSonya Sawyer Community Home-Tech

April . . .  we got decked out in our best red and black outfits and hit the Hyatt for the American Heart Association Heart Ball – a cause we’ve loved supporting for years!

Sonya Sawyer Awarded the Apex AwardSteve and Sonya Sawyer Apex Award

September . . . we all got dressed to the nines and headed to the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa to celebrate our awesome CFO Sonya Sawyer being honored with the ultimate in honors, the prestigious Apex Award.

Breakfast Party – Key to the Cure

October . . . meant a festive sunrise party – the Key to the Cure Breakfast at Saks Fifth Avenue, where we had a great time decorating our table and supporting local cancer charities.

American Girl Fashion ShowIMG_1601

November . . .  meant it was time to get our little ones dressed up for the American Girl Fashion Show at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point in Estero where we thrilled to be a sponsor in support of Golisano Children’s Hospital.

WP_20141220_20_14_58_ProHome-Tech Christmas Party

December . . .  our whole staff got glammed up, as we celebrate all our hard work with a fabulous Holiday Party complete with awards, pats on the backs, and plenty of dancing.

And that doesn’t even count all the celebrations we have at the office – between birthday celebrations, the Fourth of July, Halloween and more. We love to have fun – and a happy staff loves to make customers happy.


Home-Tech takes the Scare out of Appliance Repair

tombstoneFor many folks, a brain-hungry hoard of flesh-eating zombies is scary — a dude in a Freddy Kreuger mask with a chain saw is terrifying – and for most of us, a scary clown jumping out from around a dark corner makes us scream.

It Gets Worse…

But, if you’re like me – there’s nothing more horrifying than a broken appliance or one that’s missing a part. I’d rather watch a marathon of “The Exorcist”, “The Shining”, and “Psycho” over and over again than contend with an air-conditioner on the fritz in the Southwest Florida heat. Seriously — instead of seeing my thermostat rise into the high-80s, I’d be far happier to see those creepy twin girls appear at the end of my hall, Linda Blair spray pea soup all over my wall, or meet  Norman Bates in my shower than lay around fanning myself frantically while I wait for a repair man to show up. In fact, I think “Broken A/C” would be a much more popular costume (in terms of scariness) then, say, a Demon Vampire or an Evil Doll. I mean, at least you can run away from a Demon Vampire or an Evil Doll. When you have a broken air-conditioner, you’re too hot and sweaty to run. In fact, instead of using decorations to create a haunted house in your home, just turn off the air and invite guests to come in and sit in the heat – it’s much scarier – especially if you lock the doors.

Scare Your Appliances Straight With a Service Agreementpumpkin with logo

Whether it’s an air-conditioner, kitchen appliance repair, washer, dryer, or more, you can stop the nightmares about broken appliances or missing parts with the security of a Home-Tech Service Agreement. We have a Gold Plan for all you ghouls that want extra protection and a Silver Plan for all the spooks that need to pay a little less – either way, we answer the question of who you’re going to call when your appliance busts – and that’s Home-Tech. Not just on Halloween, but for security the entire year.

And with Halloween so close, I need to get to work on my sexy “Broken A/C” costume. I’m thinking two used filters and maybe some galoshes? Maybe a little dress with thermostat that reads 89 degrees on it? Perhaps just a bunch of strategically placed tangled wires and I can just walk around making creaking noises and blowing hot air with a portable blow-dryer? I think I’m on to something here…

Home-Tech Wants to See You in a Hammock

hammockdayThis summer, Home-Tech has been celebrating the good things in life that make these long, hot days not just bearable – but, downright enjoyable. Whether it’s iced tea, homemade ice cream, the comfy cool of air conditioning, or the Fourth of July, we’ve been applauding it. So, how fabulous is it that this week, we get to observe National Hammock Day?

Heavenly Hammocks

Of course, there’s plenty of expensive, fancy, designer outdoor furniture to choose from – and there are lots of folks that spend more on their outdoor living area than their indoor one – and that’s just fine. But, it’s hard to think of a more relaxing way to spend an afternoon than lying in a good old-fashioned hammock in the shade. Mind you, actually getting into a hammock can be a struggle and unless you’ve perfected the art, it’s not exactly graceful. Sitting in the middle and then swinging your legs in tends to be an issue of balance and not all of us have that. Running and jumping in is never a wise idea — unless, perhaps, you’re under the age of 10 or you’re wearing a helmet and knee pads. In the end, practice makes perfect and mastering the art of relaxing doesn’t sound like a bad way to pass the time. Finally, once you get into your comfy hammock and you’re blissfully swaying in a gentle breeze with a good book, the LAST thing you want on your mind is a broken appliance or worse in the heat, a broken air conditioner. That’s why we recommend a Service Agreement with Home-Tech.

Relaxation, not Agitationservice agreements gold

A Service Agreement is all about your peace of mind, as we’d much rather see you napping in a hammock than fretting about a refrigerator on the fritz or an air conditioner not doing its job. Our Gold Service Agreement means one of each of all major appliances and your air conditioning system are covered through the year, plus all service calls are unlimited and free – even on weekends and holidays. Our Silver Service Agreement features many of the same advantages, such as an annual air-conditioning clean and check, plus complete parts and labor coverage, and you pay only a minimal service call fee.

AC Repair Home-TechSo, get to practicing your hammock grace and agility so you can chill out and let Home-Tech handle any appliance or air conditioning surprises – when it comes to those, we’ve got you covered.

Father’s Day – Give Dad What He Really Wants

Happy Father's Day

With Father’s Day coming up this weekend we thought we would share a unique gift idea for your Dad – a Home-Tech Service Agreement, so he doesn’t have to make repairs anymore.

Poor Dad, or poor hubby (whichever the case may be) — a new survey conducted by the Daily Mail says that over 70% of people rely on their Dad’s to fix things until they’re at least 41-years old.

No kidding.

Offspring are calling their fathers to pop on over at all hours to handle a variety of home emergencies.

Included in the Top Ten Dad Duties Are…

  • Repairing the air-conditioning and/or heat.
  • Fixing a sink.
  • Replacing fuses or light bulbs in appliances.
  • Installing a kitchen.

Children in your 40s, it’s time not only for YOU to get a Service Agreement from Home-Tech, it’s time for you to get one for your Dad too — and it’s the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Dad Deserves a BreakDad fishing

Let’s face it, Dad has tons of socks, plenty of aftershave, and if he needs a new putter, he’ll go buy one himself. What he really wants is rest, relaxation, and peace of mind. That means not driving over to the kids’ house to diagnose and repair appliances. And better yet, not having to worry about those emergencies in his own home either. You may picture Dad with a tool belt around his waist and his head behind the refrigerator, but trust us, Dad pictures himself on the golf course, on a boat, fishing or sitting in front of the TV with a cold beverage cheering on his favorite team. And that means the security of Service Agreement Membership from Home-Tech.

service agreements goldGo For the Gold — The Perfect Service Agreement for The Perfect Dad

Home-Tech offers a variety of options when it comes to Service Agreements and your Dad deserves the best — that means the gold treatment with the Gold Service Agreement, it includes:

  • Unlimited service calls with NO service call fee, deductible or co-pay
  • Parts and labor are included
  • Emergency service, 7 days a week, including Holidays (especially Father’s Day!)
  • An annual air conditioning Clean and Check service
  • Free replacement if not repairable (equipment under 10 years of age, excluding water heaters)
  • Special Member Discount Pricing on air conditioning systems and major appliances

The convenience of immediate and professional service is just a phone call away.

Meanwhile, you’re still allowed to call your Dad for his wisdom, advice, and to babysit grand kids (these are the duties they actually like). But, leave the repairs to Home-Tech — and have a fabulous Father’s Day!



Appliance Insurance – Beware the Middlemen

PrintEmployee owned Home-Tech has been repairing appliances and air conditioning for over 34 years and selling Service Agreements, the perfect hedge against expensive repair bills. We have seen a lot of “appliance insurance” products popping up recently from banks, insurance companies, home warranty companies and even utilities that offer a lot of “big talk” about taking care of your appliances and ac units when they break down. Well here’s the skinny on all of this.

Those companies are middlemen, desk jockeys, that only want to collect their fee and pass your repair off to unknown subcontractors. They don’t directly take care of your repairs like Home-Tech does. They are NOT local companies and they are not employee owned.

Ask These Questionsappliance repair technician

  • Do they offer any emergency, after hours service?
  • Is he in a marked vehicle?
  • Is he licensed, fully trained, background checked, and drug free?
  • When will he get there? Will it be days? Weeks?
  • Is he qualified to repair your equipment?
  • Will you have to pay a service call fee?
  • Will he have the necessary parts on his truck?
  • Is his work guaranteed in any way?

Let’s face it!  A bank, an insurance company, home warranty company or a utility company are not in the repair business. You are really rolling the dice when you go with one of these companies. So, beware the middleman. Learn how Home-Tech’s Service Agreement differs from what the middlemen offer.

Air conditioning Home-TechGo Local

Go with the local favorite in SW Florida -employee owned Home-Tech. Thousands of customers have been pleased with our service and continue to renew their Service Agreements year after year. Ask your neighbors who they use when they need an appliance or ac repair. Home-Tech repairs all brands, all makes and models. With over 90 trucks on the road every day you will see us over and over again out in your community making repairs.  Again and again you will hear about Home-Tech throughout SW Florida.

While You Putt and Pitch – Home-Tech Masters Appliance Repairs

Golf DayLast week, America celebrated National Golf Day, but we all know that if you live in sunny Southwest Florida and you love golf, EVERY day is Golf Day. The Masters Tournament — featuring a great Sunday afternoon with green jacket winner Bubba Watson and runner-up, Jordan Spieth, was this past weekend and golf is in the air – and if one of your appliances needs some work on its drive, Home-Tech won’t make you miss your tee time by sitting around and watching the Golf Channel while you wait for a repairman to show up. Home-Tech customer service will set up a time for your repair and you will get a call from your technician to let you know when he will be there.

You’ll Have Time for all 18 Holes

We know your time is precious and when it’s a gorgeous day on the course and there’s a beverage cart nearby, we want you out there, swinging away and giving Tiger a run for his money (okay, maybe that’s a stretch). We want to see you in your Ian Poulter-inspired pink plaid pants, a lime green shirt, and a white belt as you honor your favorite sport on a bogey-free day, hammering birdies, and trying not to throw your putter down in despair. That’s why so many SW Florida homeowners love being Service Agreement Members. They love the convenience of knowing who to call, when we’ll get there, and that your appliance repair will get done right the first time!service vehicle

Lightning Fast

While you don’t want any lightning strikes while you are on the course, we do know that you’d like a lightning fast appliance repair. Home-Tech has been providing fast, emergency service for 33 years – and we serve in five Southwest Florida counties. Unlike other companies, we won’t make you waste what could have been a great day on the golf course while you wait for one of our expert technicians. So, grab your clubs, get to the greens, and worry about your swing – not your appliance repairs.

Best Thing I Did – Get a Home-Tech Service Agreement

appliance repair attaboyShould I get a Service Agreement? What is the service like? Is it worth looking into?  Home-Tech answers these questions every day for our potential customers. Sometimes though it’s best to hear it from our actual Service Agreement Members.  Our blog is full of Attaboy testimonials where our customers are talking about how pleased they are with our service and that they made the investment in the Service Agreement.  Today’s testimonials are all about Shaun.  If you’d like to share a review with us, please do so on our Facebook page or review us on Google.

 Friendly, Helpful, On Time

We have wanted to write before, but with company visiting we have not had a chance.

We have unfortunately needed to use your services recently quite a bit. Fortunately the service techs have been great. Friendly, helpful and on time. The man who repaired our furnace answered some of my questions about the Fort Myers area and even recommended a book to read about it! Shaun has been here twice, once for our refrigerator and this time for the microwave and has been very professional and knowledgeable.

We certainly appreciate the calls telling us they are on the way and even the apology we received when one man’s GPS sent him in the wrong direction, but he called to let us know. In a time when it seems companies don’t care about the consumer it is nice to have one that does. Now if only you could talk to Comcast they could take a few tips from your practices.

J. Busack

Happy with the ServiceService Agreement Technicians

We had services this morning from Shaun and Pedro to look at our microwave.  They provided the usual prompt and courteous service. We were happy with their service and we are glad to have this service available to us. Thanks!

J. Zentz

Job’s Well Done

Your guys Shaun and Jason replaced my broken AC thermostat. While here I asked them to listen too the fan on my Whirlpool refrigerator which I purchased from you last April. They agreed that it was too noisy, made some adjustments around the fan and the noise was lowered down to normal. Jobs well done.
J. O’Donnell

firstcall-nochargeI Purchased Your Service Agreement

I’d like to compliment your two service representatives Shawn and Tony.  They were both very professional and fixed my problem quickly and I enjoyed having them in  my home. After completing their work they explained your service agreement and were very thorough and well informed. Because I was so impressed by the work and attitude of both young men, I decided to purchase your service agreement.
J. Agle,  Ft. Myers, FL 33919

Best Thing I Did – Service Agreement

I couldn’t be happier with your service. Shaun just left. He was courteous, efficient, polite & solved our problem in minutes. I called for service this morning & then called again, deciding I couldn’t wait until our scheduled appointment on Monday. Shaun arrived Friday evening around 7:00.

Thank you- the best thing I did was get your service agreement.

Keep up the good work- we are impressed!!!!

J. Green

Maytag Announces New Maytag Appliance Repair Man

maytag manMost of us grew up watching the popular Maytag commercials featuring “the loneliest guy in town”, the sad-faced, but always friendly, Maytag Appliance Repair Man. Maytag’s appliances were so well put together, that he didn’t have a thing to do (except complain about being bored). Jesse White originated the good-natured sad sack and starred in the television commercials from 1967-1988.

Well, now it’s time to make room for a brand, spanking, new, hunkalicious Maytag Man.

Millennium Maytag Man

This year, Maytag introduces us to a new Maytag Man for the millennium (gone is the word “repair”) — and he’s NOT your mother’s Maytag Man — this one is buff, chiseled, and comes with a dry wit. Played by actor Colin Ferguson, the new Maytag Man not only tells us about the excellence of the appliance — at the end of each ad, he actually becomes the appliance. This is a hip, new Maytag Man who’s so busy inhabiting various machines, that he never gets lonely or bored. Look for him in different commercials to become a refrigerator, an oven, and a washer and dryer – all while wearing the familiar blue uniform. As the tagline suggests, “It’s what’s inside that matters.” And what’s inside is a hot new Maytag Man. To see one of the fun new ads, just visit our Facebook maytag man

Your Home-Tech Man

Here at Home-Tech, we’ve got 50 shades of guys to take care of your every need and you never know which hottie will be ringing your doorbell. With our Service Agreement membership, you never have to worry about appliance repair, because our expert technicians — who aren’t just a bunch of pretty faces and rolling biceps — know what they’re doing. Plus, they’re available and at your beck and call 7 days a week for your air conditioning and appliance service, saving you thousands of dollars versus hiring outside repairmen. So, enjoy the busy, young, new Maytag Man on TV, but know that your “Home-Tech Man” is busy too (we are in over 300 SW Florida homes a day) but always just a phone call away, live and in person.

Refrigerator Repair by Home-Tech

wif-picturePicture this. You come home from a fantastic round of golf. It’s celebration time! You have a couple of friends in tow. It’s time for a cold one. Happy hour is sounding good. You reach in the refrigerator to pull out a couple of ice cold beers and what do you find? They don’t feel quite right. They aren’t cold. You feel around frantically in the fridge and find that everything is warm. Your refrigerator is broken! Party foul! Anyone that has ever had the experience of needing a refrigerator repair has had these panicky thoughts:

“My food is going to spoil. What can I do? Who do I call?

Well if you live in SW Florida the best place to call is Home-Tech.  Refrigerator repair is one of our specialties.  In fact we repair all major appliances and air conditioning as well.  Ask around in your neighborhood.  One of your neighbors is bound to have had us out for service and will recommend us to you. When you call for your repair you will hear about the First Call’s On Us which is our program to get you started with our famous Service Agreement. You can save up to $200 off the cost of your refrigerator repair today.

How Much Does a Refrigerator Repair Run These Days?

Well, if you have a Service Agreement there is NO CHARGE for covered parts and labor.  If you are paying retail cost for a refrigerator repair you can expect to pay almost $700 for a compressor, over $1600 if your need a compressor and a condenser repair.  A motor repair can run from $200 to over $400 depending on what the problem is.  Control boards, relays, switches, cold controls, dampers, door repairs all run in the hundreds of dollars.  So you can see how it pays to have a Service Agreement which not only covers your refrigerator but every major appliance in your home and your air conditioning system.

Hear From Our Recent Customers

I would like to comment on the recent experience that we had with Home-Tech when our refrigerator developed a problem. Two things happened that confirmed that our decision to make Home-Tech our ONLY source to handle all of our appliance related problems was a good one. 1) although it took several trips, by different Home-Tech technicians to, solve the problem they didn’t hesitate to pursue the solution until it was resolved. 2) the quality, demeanor and technical expertise  of ALL the technicians that were here to work on the refrigerator was exemplary, to say the least.

It’s been a real pleasure and given us peace of mind to have been a customer of yours over the years.

J. Weliver

Working in No Time

Good Morning,

We just wanted to give an “attaboy” to Brian and Justin.    Justin did a great job diagnosing the problem(s) with my refrigerator and Brian came out a week later with new parts and had it working great in no time.
Thank you,
S. Nipper