May 30, 2015

Clean Off Your Desk – Less Paperwork with a Home-Tech Service Agreement

CleanYourDeskWell, it came and went – National Clean Off Your Desk Day – it was last week. And I don’t know about you, but I still haven’t cleaned off my desk. Clean Off Your Desk Day makes plenty of sense – it’s a new year, after all, and we’re still only around three weeks into it – an uncluttered desk means an uncluttered mind, right? Unfortunately Feng Shui is not always easily achieved when you’re trying to organize bills, loose change, paper clips, business cards, receipts (we won’t even MENTION that tax season is right around the corner – maybe on April 14th we’ll start thinking about that), and more.

De-cluttering and De-stressing

While cleaning off your desk is a worthy goal, I propose going even further, because frankly, at my level of disorganization, I could use Clean Out Your Closet Day, which will include finally donating those jeans that I haven’t been able to zip up since I was in my 20’s. Also, Clean Out Under Your Bathroom Sink Day – because, really, does anyone truly need four cans of almost empty hair spray, 16 different shades of brown eyes shadow, and countless prescription medications that expired in the mid-1990s? While we’re at it, I would embrace Clean Out Your Car Day because if I actually recycled my vast collection of empty water bottles, it could likely save the world.

First Step – Service Agreementappliance repair technician

Getting organized and de-cluttering can sometimes feel like a challenge, but studies show that the more streamlined you make your living space, your mind will follow suit. Sometimes, it starts with the first step – like getting the paperwork off your desk.

Being a homeowner requires you to hire lots of different companies for help and that means lots of bills and business cards and clutter.  With a Gold or Silver Service Agreement, you’re taking an important step towards organization. There is only ONE PHONE NUMBER you need for all or our services. Having a Service Agreement with Home-Tech means that when one of your appliances or your air conditioning stops working, all you have to do is make one call for 7 days a week service – even if it’s a weekend or a holiday. As well, Home-Tech offers plumbing and minor electrical repairs. Our friendly, professional technicians are at your beck and call – and you won’t have to file a bill on your desk, because if you have a Gold Service Agreement, service calls are free and unlimited (Silver Service Agreements mean only a minimal service fee).

Peace of mind comes with a Service Agreement and once you have peace of mind, you’ll be ready to tackle that desk – and closet, and car, and bathroom cupboard – and it’s the perfect way to start out a new year.

Air Conditioning and Appliance Repairs Done Well by Joe from Home-Tech

appliance repairsAppliance repairs and air conditioning repairs are dreaded by most people, but not by Home-Tech customers.  They know they are going to get a quality technician like Joe showing up and doing the job right.  Also if they are GOLD Service Agreement customers that service call and repair (parts and labor) on covered items is going to end up being NO CHARGE. You can’t beat that.  Attaboy, Joe.

Nice, Personable Tech

Joe just left and before I forget to do this–he was a very nice,  personable tech.  I have found all Home Tech employees to be easy to talk to and very considerate.   Kudos to Joe and to Home Tech.
P. Simones, Fort Myers

Asset to Your Organizationappliance repairs

Re: Tech Name—Joe

Joe is friendly, customer focused and quite technically competent. He is a asset to your organization.

G. Iwaskow

Neat, Considerate and Polite

On July 8, 2014 we had service on our Whirlpool washer performed by Shawn and Joe at our residence in Catalina Isles. We commend Home-Tech for hiring such quality individuals. The overall experience with them was excellent. They were on time, neat, considerate, polite, unobtrusive, and knowledgeable. Basically, everything good one could hope for. As work-at-home husband and wife, we were able to continue working seamlessly throughout the service period. We recently transferred our AC service to Home-Tech in addition to our in-home appliance coverage and recommend others to do the same.
E. Iannarella, Ft Myers

Excellent Ambassador for Home-Tech

Hi, we just had our air conditioner serviced by Joe.  He was very efficient, polite, and helpful.  He is an excellent ambassador for your company.

Best regards,
R. Loprete

Home-Tech Wants to See You in a Hammock

hammockdayThis summer, Home-Tech has been celebrating the good things in life that make these long, hot days not just bearable – but, downright enjoyable. Whether it’s iced tea, homemade ice cream, the comfy cool of air conditioning, or the Fourth of July, we’ve been applauding it. So, how fabulous is it that this week, we get to observe National Hammock Day?

Heavenly Hammocks

Of course, there’s plenty of expensive, fancy, designer outdoor furniture to choose from – and there are lots of folks that spend more on their outdoor living area than their indoor one – and that’s just fine. But, it’s hard to think of a more relaxing way to spend an afternoon than lying in a good old-fashioned hammock in the shade. Mind you, actually getting into a hammock can be a struggle and unless you’ve perfected the art, it’s not exactly graceful. Sitting in the middle and then swinging your legs in tends to be an issue of balance and not all of us have that. Running and jumping in is never a wise idea — unless, perhaps, you’re under the age of 10 or you’re wearing a helmet and knee pads. In the end, practice makes perfect and mastering the art of relaxing doesn’t sound like a bad way to pass the time. Finally, once you get into your comfy hammock and you’re blissfully swaying in a gentle breeze with a good book, the LAST thing you want on your mind is a broken appliance or worse in the heat, a broken air conditioner. That’s why we recommend a Service Agreement with Home-Tech.

Relaxation, not Agitationservice agreements gold

A Service Agreement is all about your peace of mind, as we’d much rather see you napping in a hammock than fretting about a refrigerator on the fritz or an air conditioner not doing its job. Our Gold Service Agreement means one of each of all major appliances and your air conditioning system are covered through the year, plus all service calls are unlimited and free – even on weekends and holidays. Our Silver Service Agreement features many of the same advantages, such as an annual air-conditioning clean and check, plus complete parts and labor coverage, and you pay only a minimal service call fee.

AC Repair Home-TechSo, get to practicing your hammock grace and agility so you can chill out and let Home-Tech handle any appliance or air conditioning surprises – when it comes to those, we’ve got you covered.

Appliance Repair – Girls Don’t Wanna Worry

appliance repair red hat ladiesThis past week, we celebrated Red Hat Society Day, when thousands of Red Hat Ladies around Southwest Florida did what they do best – they dressed up in red and purple with some feathers and some sparkles thrown in – and got together for lunch, the theatre, shopping and more. And Red Hat ladies don’t relegate these outings for just one day a year, they have fun every chance they get. We can all learn a lesson from our lovely friends in the Red Hat Society. Life is far too short to fret about appliance repair or air conditioning repair needs when you could be out having fun. That’s why we here at Home-Tech are so thrilled to offer options when it comes to our Service Agreements. Your air conditioning and every major appliance in your home can be covered and you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing it.

All That Glitters is GOLD and SILVERhometech red hat ladies

Our Home-Tech GOLD ($379 – $499, plus tax, per year) gives you unlimited service calls, including clean and check – plus parts and labor, and is designed to help you with a worry-free lifestyle. Or check out Home-Tech SILVER  ($99 – $199, plus tax, per year). That means all parts and labor are included (customer is responsible for service call fees). Our Service Agreement Department can help you with the various options within both levels of Service Agreements, so come stop by and say hi (red hat is optional) and let them explain the details or just give us a call today.

So, gather your girlfriends, raise a glass, and let Home-Tech handle your appliance and air conditioning repairs.


March Madness – Home-Tech Appliance Style

appliance-money-wheelThe college basketball world is well into the hoopla of March Madness and our very own Florida Gators get to dance at the Sweet Sixteen Party this week (chomp, chomp!) and while we here at Home-Tech are rooting on our respective teams, we’ve also got some very merry March Madness of our own happening in the world of state-of-the-art appliances and serious savings for you. So, come on down to the court and let’s shoot for some cash back!

Run and Gun With Rebatesappliances - electrolux - laundry

You can score a $100 rebate with the purchase of a qualifying Frigidaire refrigerator or range if you make a run to Home-Tech by March 31st. Also, playing only during the month of March, a $300 rebate with a purchase of qualifying Electrolux Laundry Pairs – and trust us, that’s no foul. You get a bonus free throw when it comes to Bosch appliances – that means up to a 10 percent rebate of qualifying Bosch Kitchen Packages. You’ll hear the swishes when you get those rebate checks or gift cards!

bosch kitchen packageDon’t be a Bench Warmer

There are more money shots where those came from in one of our two appliance stores, and when you score, Home-Tech has your back with our Service Agreement Program. So dribble on down to one of our appliance showrooms and let one of our best team members show you what March Madness means at Home-Tech!


Knock the Daylight Out of Savings on Appliances and More

appliance savingsOn March 9th at 2 a.m., we spring forward an hour, which means longer days filled with Florida sunshine (uh-oh! Time to get swimsuit-ready – yikes) and, most importantly, major savings at Home-Tech.

Reluctant to Spring Forward?

If you’re reluctant to spring forward, you can always fall back with our fabulous Fall Back Plan – a Home-Tech Service Agreement. It’s the perfect solution to repairs that happen when you least expect them and it saves you thousands of dollars – money better spent on a springtime beach getaway somewhere where you’ll find fruity frozen beverages with umbrellas in them!

First Call’s On Ustrucksar1

We knock the daylight out with even MORE savings with our First Call’s On Us offer. This means no charge on your first service call when you need a repair. With our First Call’s On Us special Home-Tech will cover this repair up to $200 when you purchase our popular GOLD Service Agreement. We’d much rather see you out and about enjoying the longer days rather than sitting at home worrying about a repair that could have been costly.

kitchenaid refrigeratorMoney Back Rebates

As if we hadn’t knocked the daylight out of savings enough, we’ve got a few more punches left. How about a $100 rebate on a qualifying Frigidaire Refrigerator or Range (valid until 3/31/14)? Or a $300 rebate on Electrolux Laundry Pairs? See all of the appliances rebate offers at

 Spring-Pic2Open House

There’s plenty more appliances and air conditioning savings where those came from and to introduce you to them, we’re hosting a fun Open House at our Fort Myers Showroom on Saturday, April 5th with exciting appliance giveaways and awesome savings. So, save the date and stay tuned for more info, as Home-Tech keeps on knocking the daylight out of savings!

Best Thing I Did – Get a Home-Tech Service Agreement

appliance repair attaboyShould I get a Service Agreement? What is the service like? Is it worth looking into?  Home-Tech answers these questions every day for our potential customers. Sometimes though it’s best to hear it from our actual Service Agreement Members.  Our blog is full of Attaboy testimonials where our customers are talking about how pleased they are with our service and that they made the investment in the Service Agreement.  Today’s testimonials are all about Shaun.  If you’d like to share a review with us, please do so on our Facebook page or review us on Google.

 Friendly, Helpful, On Time

We have wanted to write before, but with company visiting we have not had a chance.

We have unfortunately needed to use your services recently quite a bit. Fortunately the service techs have been great. Friendly, helpful and on time. The man who repaired our furnace answered some of my questions about the Fort Myers area and even recommended a book to read about it! Shaun has been here twice, once for our refrigerator and this time for the microwave and has been very professional and knowledgeable.

We certainly appreciate the calls telling us they are on the way and even the apology we received when one man’s GPS sent him in the wrong direction, but he called to let us know. In a time when it seems companies don’t care about the consumer it is nice to have one that does. Now if only you could talk to Comcast they could take a few tips from your practices.

J. Busack

Happy with the ServiceService Agreement Technicians

We had services this morning from Shaun and Pedro to look at our microwave.  They provided the usual prompt and courteous service. We were happy with their service and we are glad to have this service available to us. Thanks!

J. Zentz

Job’s Well Done

Your guys Shaun and Jason replaced my broken AC thermostat. While here I asked them to listen too the fan on my Whirlpool refrigerator which I purchased from you last April. They agreed that it was too noisy, made some adjustments around the fan and the noise was lowered down to normal. Jobs well done.
J. O’Donnell

firstcall-nochargeI Purchased Your Service Agreement

I’d like to compliment your two service representatives Shawn and Tony.  They were both very professional and fixed my problem quickly and I enjoyed having them in  my home. After completing their work they explained your service agreement and were very thorough and well informed. Because I was so impressed by the work and attitude of both young men, I decided to purchase your service agreement.
J. Agle,  Ft. Myers, FL 33919

Best Thing I Did – Service Agreement

I couldn’t be happier with your service. Shaun just left. He was courteous, efficient, polite & solved our problem in minutes. I called for service this morning & then called again, deciding I couldn’t wait until our scheduled appointment on Monday. Shaun arrived Friday evening around 7:00.

Thank you- the best thing I did was get your service agreement.

Keep up the good work- we are impressed!!!!

J. Green

Six Appliance Repair Happy Customer Testimonials

attaboy_celebratewhiteyellowHome-Tech Service Agreement members recommend us to others because of  our knowledge of air conditioning and appliance repair.  Today’s customer testimonials are all about Shaun.  When you request service from Home-Tech a friendly, knowledgeable, well trained technician like Shaun will show up and get to work solving your appliance repair problem. You can read more testimonials from our customers on our Facebook page and we encourage you to give us a review on Google as well.

Favorably Represents the Company

Attaboy to Shaun! Shaun replaced my garbage disposal today. He is a very professional and courteous young man. He showed his expertise by quickly evaluating our problem and replacing the disposal. He worked very quickly and neatly. Shaun is truly an asset to Home-Tech, and favorably represents the company!

Very ThoughtfulAppliance Service Tech

Shaun  came out to our house with regard to the water filter replacement in our Samsung refrigerator. This was due to contradictory information provided by the Samsung manual and the instructions with the filter replacement itself. Because of the discrepancy, we sought out the advice of Home-Tech. When Shaun arrived, we explained the situation and he immediately provided us with the answers necessary to change the filter and then proceeded to do so. He also explained a few other things to us about the filter and its replacement time and function. He was prompt, courteous and very knowledgeable. He was the first technician to remove his shoes prior to entering out home. We found that to be very thoughtful. Immediately after completing the work and leaving our home he returned to remind us that there may be residual air in the water line and it would take a short while for that to clear. He was absolutely right. We continue to be very pleased with the level of attention we receive from Home-Tech as service contract holders.
L. Friedman

Extremely Pleased with Your Service

I am writing in response to our service today. Shaun has been to our home before on other calls and  feel very confident in his assessment of situations and also provides direction on other issues (back flow issues, etc).  We are extremely pleased with your service and the staff you send out.  So much that I referred my in-laws to you and they recently renewed their agreement.

Thank you,
R. Mercado, Fort Myers, FL

Solved the Appliance Repair

I just wanted to let you know of the excellent service performed by Shaun on or dishwasher today.  He solved the problem and placed a larger clamp on the water hose to prevent the problem from happening again.
Shaun was very professional and courteous – you have a very valuable employee!
W. Massey, Ft. Myers, FL  33908

He’s a Good Guy

Shaun was the tech who came today. He was prompt, polite, professional, and clean. He fixed the problem, he’s a good guy.

J. Orsino

Not Rattled by Appliance Repair

What a relief to have Shaun so efficiently and quickly fix the broken part on my washing machine.  He is a very pleasant young man who didn’t even seem rattled to be arriving at our house after quitting time!!

C. Shaw


Air Conditioning Service Included with Gold Service Agreement

air conditioning serviceOur Service Agreement Members are always pleased with the value they get out of their agreement.  Part of the value of being a GOLD member is receiving air conditioning service – a  clean and check for free annually. It’s really important to have your ac unit thoroughly checked.  It’s also important that you take the time to do your part and change your ac filters.  Today’s customer reviews are all about Matt. If you’ve had a service experience with a Home-Tech technician and would like to share about it you can do so on our Facebook page or give us a Google review. We are always glad to hear from you.

Pleased with Service

We had Matt service our air conditioning and furnaces yesterday. He was excellent and we could not be more pleased with our service.  He explained everything that needed to be done, was neat and was done in a reasonable time.
R. Nate
Bonita Springs, Fl. 34134

Excellent Experience

I just wanted to send a quick email to say that the technician who came out to do our Air conditioning service and install a safety float switch was extremely professional, helpful, and friendly.  He did a great job and was very thorough.  Our experience with Home-Tech, since signing up for a service agreement, has been excellent: one of the best decisions we have made as home-owners.

Thank you!

M. Hamer, Sarasota, FL

Pleasure Doing Business

Matt left me the AttaBoy card and asked me to take a few seconds to email you about our satisfaction with his work on the AC system and the heating system.
It was a pleasure to do business with Matt.  He explained to me thoroughly what he was doing and we discussed the length of time left for the AC system–3 or 4 years–which is good news.  He showed me how to change the filter on the AC unit and told me how frequently that should be done. He told me what to expect with the aging hot water heater…signs that indicate trouble…like leaking water. He was very courteous –shook my hand, told me his name, made eye contact throughout.  Matt’s a very poised young man.
S. Ennis

Answered All Questions

Matt came today to service our air conditioner/furnace as part of our service contract.  He was very nice and helpful.  He answered all questions and was very patient and respectful.  He was very good at explaining what he did and documented everything. He represented the company well.
F. Lanciotti
Fort Myers, FL 33967

Professional Air Conditioning Clean and Check

air conditioningHave you ever had the experience of melting in the heat when your air conditioning was down?  It’s not pleasant and we want to help you avoid it.  Maintain your air conditioner by having a professional clean and check.  It’s vital.  Home-Tech technicians are experts at keeping your air conditioning unit up and running.  And, BONUS – your annual clean and check is included with your Service Agreement coverage when you are a GOLD or Silver member!  If you’ve had Home-Tech come and do a clean and check for you recently and would like to give us feedback please visit our Facebook page or review us on Google. Today’s testimonials are all about James.  Way to go, James!

We Renew Each Year

James was at our home today for our annual air conditioning “clean and check”.  He was very thorough and professional.  We have been with Home-Tech since we purchased our first home in 1999.  Employees like James are the reason why we keep renewing our contract each year!

C. Bantner

Feeling of Security

This is just a quick note to let you know how impressed I was with the air conditioning technician, James, who serviced my air conditioning for its yearly inspection this a.m.  James was a very cordial, upbeat individual who did his checking and followed through with all details in connection with my A/C inspection. He found one problem which he readily fixed giving me the feeling of security with my A/C performance.  It was a pleasure having him do my inspection and seeing how knowledgeable and courteous he was with my questions.You should be proud of this employee as he helps make your company what it is – a worthwhile A/C company with great service.  Each and every time I have had to contact Home-Tech I have had great response time and very accommodating individuals to follow-up with my service.   

Keep up the good work. 

A. Schwindt, Fort Myers, FL  

Careful of the Furnishing and Floors


A technician named James completed our air conditioning clean and check.  James did a great job and kept me informed of all that he was doing.  He was very professional and was careful of the furnishing and floors.  Thank you.

J. McAllister, Ft Myers, FL

Very Professional

Would like to compliment James for being very professional and helpful in doing our service.  Thank you.

D. Swanson

Pleasant and Informative

Today your Tech, James serviced our air conditioner.  We found him to be pleasant and informative and explained what he had done and made sure we were satisfied with his work.  This is the type of service we have grown to know from your company.

W.Reynolds, Estero