Laundry Appliances Questions and Answers


At Home-Tech, we don't just fix and sell new appliances, we also give you advice on how to make them last longer. We've been compiling our most Frequently Asked Questions about laundry appliances.  Our Appliance technicians out in the field and our Appliance specialists in our showrooms provided you with the following laundry-related questions and answers. Is it OK to use … [Read more...]

Service Agreement Should Include Honest Service

July 13, 2012 Man Arrested for Selling Fake Service Warranties in Port Charlotte Is it too much to ask for ethical service with your Service Agreement or appliance warranty program?  Just this past Tuesday, we posted about the Today Show's story on unethical air conditioning and appliance repairmen. The next day, a Home-Tech employee came across this story on NBC 2's … [Read more...]

Good Old Fashioned Service on AC and Appliances

Remember back in the "good 'ole days" when... How would you finish that sentence?  At Home-Tech we finish that sentence the same way every time. Whether it was the "good old days" when Home-Tech was founded or in our modern times today, we always have and will focus on Service That Works. Wow! What a Difference! We are constantly perfecting our service experience to be sure … [Read more...]

Electrolux Appliances are the New Status Symbol

In this new foodie-friendly world, kitchen appliances are quickly becoming the "it" thing.   With the all of the food challenge programming on television, and the rise of the Buy Local movement, the kitchen is no longer a room for three square meals a day. Rather, it is the epicenter of your culinary and  party hosting universe, a place where all flavors and perfectly  prepared … [Read more...]

A New Option For Air Conditioning Service

air conditioning service option

Trying to stay cool and fresh during the spring and summer months is not easy when you have an air-conditioner that isn't functioning at its maximum.  As the summer approaches, and you begin to notice that your house is not as "cool" as it should be, the thought of costly air conditioning service enters your mind. Air Conditioning Service When You Need It We say, take a chill … [Read more...]