May 25, 2015

Laundry Appliances Questions and Answers

ac101At Home-Tech, we don’t just fix and sell new appliances, we also give you advice on how to make them last longer. We’ve been compiling our most Frequently Asked Questions about laundry appliances.  Our Appliance technicians out in the field and our Appliance specialists in our showrooms provided you with the following laundry-related questions and answers.

Whirlpool Appliance Laundry Front Loading

Whirlpool Duet

Is it OK to use bleach in a High Efficiency (HE) front loading washing machine?

Yes, not only is it OK to use bleach in your HE clothes washer, it is really important to do so! Any water left behind inside the works of a HE appliance can be a breeding ground for bacteria that may transfer to subsequent loads. We hear a lot of complaints from front-loading HE clothes washer owners trying to figure out why their machines have a bad odor, and bacteria growth is usually the culprit.  Regular bleach usage prevents bacteria growth and keeps a HE appliance smelling fresh.

How can I be more energy efficient when doing laundry?

Our friends from Whirlpool provided us with the following gems of wisdom:

Washing Machine Efficiency Tips

  • Wash full loads, but don’t overload the machine. Washing full loads can save 3,400 gallons of water annually.
  • Use cold water for rinsing. Warm and hot water require more energy for heating.
  • Set water heaters to 120°F to achieve the most energy efficient temperature.  For each 1° reduction in water temperature, you can save between 3%-5% in energy costs±.

Dryer Efficiency Tips

  • Dry full loads, but don’t overload the dryer.  Air circulation is important to ensure proper drying.
  • Dry a few loads in succession to take advantage of leftover heat in the dryer.
  • Wash and dry similar fabric types together.  This ensures even drying and reduces the amount of time needed in the dryer.
  • Use moisture-sensing settings to avoid over drying, which wastes energy and can cause clothing to shrink.
  • Clean the dryer lint filter after each load to maintain proper air circulation and heating.
  • Keep the dryer’s outside exhaust clean.  A clogged exhaust lengthens drying time and increases energy use.

Is it true that more suds means cleaner laundry?

Appliance Laundry

HE Detergent for this Appliance

Excess suds actually hold onto soils and redeposit them on your laundry.  Try using a high-efficiency detergent with a front-loading washing machine like the Whirlpool Duet system.  This energy efficient appliance:

  • Uses up to 70 percent less energy and 70 percent less water as compared to a conventional top-load washing machine manufactured before 2004.
  • Is 62 percent more efficient than federal standards require.
  • Has a capacity load exceeding 3 cubic feet and uses only 5,286 gallons of water per year.
  • Spins at 1,200 revolutions per minute, ringing out more water than conventional washing machines, reducing drying time and energy use.

Do I really need to clean out the lint filter in my dryer?

Always clean the lint screen. This increases energy efficiency, speeds up drying and reduces the risk of overheating associated with clogging. If you clean it out, you may not  have to call Home-Tech for an appliance repair. 

Appliance Advice When You Need It Most

Home-Tech’s appliance specialists are readily available to answer any of your appliance questions, even if it is about doing your laundry.  We’ve got you covered from information about getting wine stains out of your favorite shirt to how many pairs of jeans you can do in one load of wash.  Come into our showrooms or shop our online Appliance Store to learn more about the brands we carry and the many laundry options we can provide. Should you have any additional questions about purchasing an appliance or to schedule service, call us at 800-800-8356.

Service Agreement Should Include Honest Service

service agreementJuly 13, 2012

Man Arrested for Selling Fake Service Warranties in Port Charlotte

Is it too much to ask for ethical service with your Service Agreement or appliance warranty program?  Just this past Tuesday, we posted about the Today Show’s story on unethical air conditioning and appliance repairmen. The next day, a Home-Tech employee came across this story on NBC 2’s website: Man arrested for selling fake appliance warranties.  This is another prime example of a rip-off and scam artist that reflects poorly on our industry.

This story is reposted from

A 36-year-old Punta Gorda air conditioner repairman was arrested on Tuesday for selling a fraudulent warranty to a Port Charlotte woman. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a woman on April 13th complaining about being scammed by Nathan Sasse. The victim said she hired {OMITTED COMPANY NAME} to service her air conditioner in January. When she asked about renewing or extending her appliance warranty, Sasse told her he had a friend who could provide service warranties cheaper than Sears, and handed her a brochure with the company name, “Service and Security Excellence.” Later that month, Sasse returned to the woman’s home and she provided him with a $400 check to purchase the SASE warranty. A representative contacted the woman in February and told him that Sasse had been fired from the company for stealing from them and that the warranty she purchased from him was likely a scam. On May 22nd, detectives with the CCSO Economic Crimes Unit contacted the Florida Division of Corporations on the status of SASE and were told it was a “rejected filing.”  The Charlotte County Tax Collector’s Office said they had no listing for SASE, and the Florida Department of Financial Services said home warranty sales are required to be licensed. Sasse was arrested Tuesday on charges of grand theft and violating licensing requirements to sell home warranties. If anyone has purchased a warranty from Sasse and his fake company, you’re asked to call CCSO at 941-639-2101.

The Home-Tech Level of Protection – We’ve Got You Coveredservice agreeement

With a Home-Tech Service Agreement, we provide you with peace of mind.  Not only is every technician NATE certified and background checked,  but Home-Tech’s license requirements protect our customers.  As a licensed Florida company, we adhere to stringent state requirements regulated by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation according to regulations defined in Chapter 634, Part II, Service Warranty Associations.

Florida licensed since 1985, Home-Tech:

  • Maintains cash deposits and/or surety bonds to ensure performance
  • Maintains sound financial stability
  • Reports all Service Agreements sold and premiums collected to the State of Florida
  • Submits to audits by the office of Insurance Regulations every two or three years
  • Holds reserves of all premiums collected until the expiration date of the Service Agreement

service agreementA Home-Tech Service Agreement Holds Up

For one low annual fee, you get unlimited service calls, including parts and labor at no additional charge on your covered air conditioning system and major appliance repairs with Home-Tech’s Gold Service Agreement.  There is never a deductible and an annual air conditioning clean and check is included!  With a Gold Service Agreement, you can expect to receive emergency service, 7 days a week and free replacement of your air conditioner and appliances.  You can trust Home-Tech.  We fix it right, the first time.

Good Old Fashioned Service on AC and Appliances


Remember back in the “good ‘ole days” when…

How would you finish that sentence?  At Home-Tech we finish that sentence the same way every time. Whether it was the “good old days” when Home-Tech was founded or in our modern times today, we always have and will focus on Service That Works.

Wow! What a Difference!

We are constantly perfecting our service experience to be sure that every interaction between our service personnel and our customers is one that ends with a wistful, “Wow!  What a difference!”  We are happy to share with you what we do to go the extra mile and make your life easier.

AC and Appliance Repair Service

Do you remember the old days when you went to the service station and actually got more than gas?  That’s our goal for our customers as well.  We want to give you more than just a professional repair on your appliance or ac.  We start the process by making it easy to find us when you need help.  We are still in the phone book for those of you who like to let your fingers do the walking.  As well, we are all over the internet.  If  you Google the type of repair that you need, Home-Tech’s Service hotline number will come up for you.  With one quick call, our professional technicians are dispatched and coming to your aid.  Your technician will even call you on the way so you will know exactly when he will be there.  And, once he gets there he will make your necessary repair and answer any questions that you may have or give you advice on other appliances or ac problems that might be around the corner.

Service Agreement

Home-Tech is so dedicated to providing excellent service that we have an agreement you can enter into with us that guarantees we will be there for you when you need us to make any necessary repair to your kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, ac, water heater, wine bar, or even your pool heat pump.  See the full details of our Service Agreement.  After you enter into the agreement with us, you even have your own Concierge in our Service Agreement Department to help coordinate your ac clean and checks, answer any questions and assist you with customizing your Agreement for your home.

Ultimate Service When Buying a New Applianceappliance sales service

Did you know we have an appliance showrooms?  Not everyone does, but for those who have shopped with us, they have certainly spread the word to their friends.  Buying an appliance from Home-Tech is a completely different experience than buying from a big box store.  We have REAL appliance specialists who will come to your home at your request, help you measure and determine exactly what you need.  And, when you visit one of our showrooms, an expert is there waiting to answer any questions you have and guide you through all of the changes in technology in the new appliances.  They are thoroughly trained and know the features of each appliance and can explain them to you.

Delivery and Installation Service

Once you have made your appliance purchases, your good service experience will leap to the next level.  We do not contract out our delivery process.  Our own Home-Tech employee owners, who are full time employees, will professionally and oh so carefully deliver and install your new appliances.  They will also take the time to answer any questions you have and explain the operation of your new, shiny appliances.

We Still Offer It

Dependable, on time, friendly, professional service given by clean, polite, safe technicians is what Home-Tech offers.  Just like the good old days . . .   A Service contract that is actually worth the paper it’s written on.  Just like the good old days . . .  More value than what you planned on getting.

Call us at 800-800-8356!  We are always here to help!

Electrolux Appliances are the New Status Symbol


Electrolux Appliances are a Status Symbol

In this new foodie-friendly world, kitchen appliances are quickly becoming the “it” thing.   With the all of the food challenge programming on television, and the rise of the Buy Local movement, the kitchen is no longer a room for three square meals a day. Rather, it is the epicenter of your culinary and  party hosting universe, a place where all flavors and perfectly  prepared dishes are possible.

Appliances with Luxurious Design from Electrolux at the Home-Tech Showrooms

All of us at Home-Tech love kitchens and especially kitchen appliances. To us, they are the most important room in  the house. This is where everyone congregates, shares and unwinds. A kitchen provides the tools, or appliances, for great dishes, failed souffles and comfort foods when you have had a rough day. When you are planning to re-do your kitchen, think about what kind of kitchen is the extension of your lifestyle.

The Kelly Ripa Appliances

There is no need to beat around the bush here. Americans have associated the Electroluxbrand with their spokesperson, the bubbly and delightful Kelly Ripa. While there are so many more features to these appliances than their spokesperson, she does make them more identifiable in the showrooms.


Look! There is Kelly Ripa Again!

Electrolux has taken an unique approach to designing their appliances, meaning, they have designed many features with the end user in mind. Take for instance the Perfect Turkey Button that comes on their Induction Range. Think about it? Christmas or Thanksgiving without the looming fear of an overdone, dried out turkey. It’s a holiday miracle!

Another great feature of this range is the Wave-Touch™ Controls, on the base of the cook top surface. With one simple touch,  the control panel is illuminated, showing the  cooking options. After you make your choices, all but the option selected will fade away. What a smart appliance! This range is also sleek in its design.  It has a distinctive curved-front design, signature blue LEDs electronic controls and first-in-class features.

Eye Candy is Dandy

If you want to see what an Electrolux kitchen would look like, then venture onto their Kitchen Gallery page. These are truly drool-worthy. Make your kitchen a status symbol of your own.

Let our Appliance Specialists assist you in selecting the perfect Electrolux kitchen appliances for your home. With two showrooms in Southwest Florida, we can surely provide even more inspiration for creating the kitchen you have always dreamed of. We carry Electrolux ovens, microwaves, cooktops, ranges, dishwashers and refrigerators, as well washing machines and dryers. Call us at 800-800-8356 or visit our online showroom.




A New Option For Air Conditioning Service

air conditioning service optionTrying to stay cool and fresh during the spring and summer months is not easy when you have an air-conditioner that isn’t functioning at its maximum.  As the summer approaches, and you begin to notice that your house is not as “cool” as it should be, the thought of costly air conditioning service enters your mind.

Air Conditioning Service When You Need It

We say, take a chill pill because Home-Tech offers our Service Agreements to homeowners. Instead of service calls, costly repairs, and replacement costs consider Home-Tech’s Service Agreement and Option that covers both your condenser and air handler for full replacement – the AC System Replacement Option.   Service Agreements are for your air conditioning unit or multiple units of any brand. They are designed to reduce inconvenient breakdowns, lower your monthly operating costs, while extending the life of your investment.  We offer flexible scheduling for service to fit your busy lifestyle. Home-Tech wants to provide the kind of Service Agreement and Options that meet your needs.

Curious About More Options for Air Conditioning Service?air conditioning service option

Call our Service Agreement department to learn more about the AC System Replacement Option. Call 1-800-800-8356. We also have a series of videos all about our Service Agreements and valuable Options that we invite you to watch.