June 30, 2015

Ditch TV Dinners – Try Steam Cooking with Thermador Steam Ovens

nomoretvdinnerTV Dinner Day was last week and it created feelings of nostalgia here at Home-Tech. Can you blame us? If you grew up before the days of microwaves, you remember the TV dinners of yesteryear from brands like Libbyland, Swanson, and Banquet. They came in tinfoil containers with individual sections for each serving. Do these tasty creations ring a bell?

Salisbury Steak

Turkey with Gravy

Classic Fried Chicken

Meatloaf with Tomato Sauce

Classic, right? Then there were the side dishes — a solid square of “mashed potatoes”, slightly soggy Tater Tots, and overly colorful peas and carrots. Lest we forget the desserts (which as kids, most of us went for first) — cobblers galore, like cherry, peach, and apple with lots more sweet, chewy crust than actual fruit preserves.

Convenience CAN be HealthyThermador Steam Oven

We’ll never forget our moms peeling the tin foil off the trays as our TV dinners came out of the oven, while she set us up in the living room in front of our favorite show (“Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” come to mind) with a glass of Nestlé’s Quik to accompany our Salisbury Steak. But, the truth is, while actually pretty yummy, TV dinners back in the day weren’t exactly known for their nutrients and health benefits. Those cardboard boxes of frozen, processed tastiness were more about convenience. Thankfully, times have changed and not only has convenience gotten healthier, it tastes better — and looks fabulous in your kitchen in the form of a Thermador Masterpiece Steam & Convection Oven (model #MES301HP).

Thermador MES301HPSteamed and Lean with Thermador Steam Ovens

Home-Tech loves this awesome appliance from Thermador for a number of reasons – it’s perfect for foodies who adore cooking – and it’s the best friend of people who’d rather throw a TV dinner in the oven. There are forty – yes, forty pre-programmed cooking modes that make life easier. Humidity and temperature are automatically set for the perfectly cooked meal. Instead of a boxed meal, throw some fresh veggies, some seasoning, and olive oil into a bowl and in ten minutes, you’ve got a delicious and healthy side dish, steamed to perfection. Thermador shares tons of recipes running the culinary gamut from Steamed Mussels with Tomato Garlic Wine Broth to Mocha Cream Filled Éclairs. Plus, at 24” this sleek built-in oven goes beautifully with any kitchen décor.  With the Thermador Masterpiece Steam & Convection Oven, your taste buds will thank you – and while you’re welcome to eat your dinners in front of the TV, what you’ll be cooking, WON’T be your mama’s TV Dinners.




An Inside Look at Home-Tech. An Interview with Jeff Hendershott

home-tech jeff hendershott sales supervisor appliancesName: Jeff Hendershott

Position:  Sales Supervisor

Number of Years with Home-Tech: 7

What other positions have you held with Home-Tech?

Dispatch and Outside Air Conditioning Sales

Tell us what is going on in the showroom?

During December, we will have a lot going on. There will be big deals on laundry, as well as the always anticipated Spin-to-Win promotion. Also, this year we will be giving away Gift Cards to Publix.

What is your favorite appliance in the showroom?

Oh, that’s easy. The 48′ Pro Grand Range from Thermador. That thing is amazing!

How are you enjoying the new building?

I really like it. I am enjoying how state-of-the-art it is.

What goes on up there in the Lakewood Ranch office that the Fort Myers employees may not know about?

Well, we cook together often and try out the working appliances. Its been great for sales because we can tell the customers more about the appliance because we have used them. Oh, and we have a pet alligator named Wally.

Tell us a secret?

I am a skydiver. (He has only gone once, so technically, he has gone skydiving.)

With the Home-Tech Christmas Party rapidly approaching, are there any memories that stand out?

A really cool thing happened at the party two years ago when we were at the Edison. A whole bunch of us stayed after the party and hung out. It was cool because there was a mix of people from all different departments that normally don’t get to hang out together. That was a great night.

A Perfect Pair. Poached Pears in Thermador Steam Ovens

steam oven appliances thermadoreDo you burn food easily? Have you been known to over-cook dishes? Not exactly a whiz in the kitchen? At Home-Tech, we hear many stories about kitchen nightmares and disasters. But, like so many customers we have advised before, we fill them in on an industry secret called cooking with steam and convection.  This has been a marvelous little secret in restaurant cooking for many years.  Through the power of steam ovens, food stays moist on the inside and is perfectly finished on the outside.

Steam Ovens Plus Convection Equals Perfection

Behold the Masterpiece Series steam ovens from Thermador. These ovens offer steam, true convection and steam and/or convection cooking modes. Imagine an oven that simplifies cooking. Well, this is it and you have to check out the 40 Easy-Cook food programs and pre-programmed modes that automatically set the oven temperature and humidity to ensure perfect cooking results.  The 24-inch oven shown is available at Home-Tech.

Right now, take advantage of the One – Two – Free  promotion at the Home-Tech Appliance Showrooms. When you purchase two Thermador appliances, receive the third for free, saving you up to $6,097. Now that is savings that sizzles.

Oven-Poached Pears with Lemon, Honey and Nutmeg

Our friends at Epicurious provided us with this delicious baked pear recipe. Enjoy.

steam ovens thermador appliancesIngredients

  • 2 large ripe pears, halved, cored, each half cut into 6 wedges
  • 4 tablespoons honey
  • 4 teaspoons honey
  • 4 teaspoons dried currants
  • 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel
  • Ground nutmeg
  • 3/4 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt


When cooking in steam ovens, use the steam only setting on the oven at 210° F and set time for about 35 minutes.  Place large baking sheet in oven to heat. Cut 4 sheets of foil, each about 12 inches long. Place 1 foil sheet on work surface. Arrange 6 pear wedges, overlapping slightly, on 1 half of foil. Drizzle with 1 tablespoon honey. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon currants, 1/4 teaspoon lemon peel and pinch of nutmeg. Fold foil over, enclosing contents completely and crimping edges tightly to seal. Repeat with remaining foil sheets, pears, honey, currants, lemon peel and nutmeg.

Place foil packets on heated baking sheet. Bake until pears are tender. Allow to cool completely.

(For those using a conventional oven, bake at 400° F for 5 – 7 minutes.)

Open foil packets into 4 shallow bowls to retain juices. Top each serving with 3 tablespoons vanilla yogurt.

ENJOY and post on our Facebook or Twitter your completed dishes.

Selecting Appliances with Style from Home Designer, Keffie Lancaster

Appliances keffie lancasterHome-Tech has wonderful professional relationships with many interior designers, architects and contractors in Southwest Florida.  Many of our customers are  likely to purchase appliances by the recommendation of their designer, contractor or the brands their friends and neighbors are recommended. Therefore,  we are pleased to introduce one of our very good friends, Keffie Lancaster, Associate ASID of Lancaster Interior Design in Sarasota. Keffie’s specialities include interior/exterior design, remodeling advice, window treatments, special event decor, staging, custom painting and faux finishings.


What are you seeing as the current trends in kitchen design?

Functional spaces and lots of room for friends and family! No matter the size of your home, guests always end up in the kitchen. I have noticed a shift lately, and I am designing less muli-level eating areas with bar stools and bar areas. The trend now is to create more room to work in the kitchen.  Many people have less square footage allocated to formal living spaces and choose to utilize their kitchen to display china and collectibles in glass cabinets.  Lighting and cabinetry made from reclaimed and recycled materials is also very high in demand.

What appliances, from your customers, seem to be in the most demand?

Energy-saving appliances, stainless steel appliances, and sleek designs.

Are you seeing more or less stainless steel?

I think stainless steel will always be in demand.  It goes with all styles of cabinets, matches many flooring types and is very timeless.  Second to stainless would have to be black.  I did hear a rumor that colored appliances are making a comeback, however!

Have you had any requests for redoing a laundry room?

Yes all the time!  Laundry rooms are more multi-functional than they used to be.  Families tend to need lots of work space in the laundry room.  A nice flat surface for folding, bins for organizing, and hanging space for drying clothes are all becoming important design elements. I always like to paint bright colors or hang a fun paper on the walls in the laundry room.  Let’s face it, no one wants to be in there.  Anything you can do to make it enjoyable could and should be done!

What advice can you give to a person trying to redo their kitchen on a budget?

We all have a number in mind when we start a project.  Some are big and some are small, but you can stretch your budget to make it work.  Figure out what items you might be able to do yourself, make a list of priorities, and make a list of wants and needs. Let’s just say you recently had new cabinets and floor installed in your kitchen. A corner you can cut would be to reuse your counter tops and paint them yourself.

I always recommend accessing what will give you the best return on your investment.  New appliances and cabinets are great for resale and increase the value of your home. My favorite DIY, super budget-friendly kitchen re-do  is a fresh coat of paint on your cabinets, some new hardware and a great new wall color.

How do you feel about mixing and matching finishes?

I love the idea of mixing and matching finishes!  Too much of one finish can be overwhelming, especially in a very large kitchen.  I really like to have a contrasting finish and counter top on the island,  if there is one.  I also love glass front cabinets with colored backs to highlight glassware or collectables in the cabinet, or better yet mirrored backs, my ultimate favorite!

I also am partial to layered finishes with depth and multi-toned wood.  Zebra wood and exotics are always fun, if you can work them in the budget.


Do a lot of your customers have custom cabinetry on their appliances?

Not as much anymore because of the trend towards stainless steel appliances.  My personal preference is paneled fronts on doors of refrigerators and dishwashers whenever possible.

More Design Ideas and Appliances

Thank you, Keffie for sharing your great design ideas for kitchens and laundry rooms. To learn more about Keffie or Lancaster Interior Design, check out her website. To check out the latest in kitchen appliance trends, stop into one of Home-Tech’s Appliance stores and try before you buy! From Thermador to KitchenAid, LG to Bosch and Maytag to Whirlpool, we have the appliances that are true trendsetters. Call today to speak with one of our Appliance Experts to help select the right appliances for your home: 800-800-8356.

Thermador Appliances User – Julia Child

Thermador OvenCulinary Icon, Julia Child, Taught the World to Cook on Thermador Appliances. Thermador Announces New Line of Wall Ovens.

Happy Belated Birthday, Julia Child

August 15, 2012 would have been Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Home-Tech wishes you a very Happy Belated Birthday, and thanks you for teaching the world your delicious recipes. For our fellow foodies, at-home chefs and culinary wannabees, Julia gave us all a gift that keeps giving, her Boeuf Bourguignon recipe. Not only are her recipes ever lasting, but so is her selection of appliances, in particular Thermador.

It is well documented that Julia herself purchased the Thermador range and wall ovens to cook on for her acclaimed PBS series. Millions of Americans learned how to cook from Julia, while she churned out hundreds of recipes on her Thermador appliances. Her appliances and kitchen are legendary, so much so that she has her own exhibit at the Smithsonian. If you have been, please share your photos with the Home-Tech team. We would love to see them.

New Appliances Announcement from Thermador

On August 14, our friends at Thermador proudly added and launched their new line of wall ovens to their collection of appliances. The next generation of Thermador’s industry-leading wall oven line features more than 20 design and product upgrades giving the entire lineup an impeccable fit, feel and finish, as well as a true convection cooking option and the appliance industry’s only SoftClosedoor, which now is available on all Thermador Wall Ovens and Warming Drawers.

appliances - thermador ovens wall

INNOVATION (Thermador Exclusives)

  • New SoftClose door ensures ultra-smooth closing of the oven door
  • Largest commercial style rotisserie with 12 pound capacity
  • Maxbroil® the largest, most powerful broil element on the market (5,000-watt, 12-pass broil element)
  • Largest oven cavity in the luxury segment at 4.7-cu.-ft.
  • Fastest preheat in the luxury segment (approx. 7 minutes) and superfast 2-hour self-clean mode – fastest on the market


  • True Convection baffle system offers precise airflow for cooking on multiple levels without flavor transfer
  • New two Full Access® telescopic racks that hold up to 45 pounds and feature integrated easy-grip handles
  • Industry leading Speed Convection system reduces cooking time by 30 percent with no preheat
  • Star-K certified, making it possible to use on Holy Days and the Sabbath


  • New side strips, manifold, exhaust baffle and chronometer now in bold stainless steel design
  • Restaurant-style stainless steel knobs and handle, plus a bold, chiseled professional design
  • Blue electronic graphic display controls all timer functions

thermador-logoGet Hands on with Thermador Appliances in Our Showroom

Home-Tech believes appliances, like Thermador, need to be cooked on to be fully appreciated. Come into our Lakewood Ranch showroom and see what all the buzz is about. Ever cooked in a steam oven? What about on a star burner? This is your chance! If you are looking to add to your Thermador collection, Home-Tech is offering the One-Two-Free promotion, when you buy two appliances from Thermador get the third free.

Do you have older Thermador appliances that are in need of repair? We can fix them, actually we can fix all brands of appliances.  Old appliances or new, Home-Tech has got you covered. We welcome you to visit our showrooms, shop our online appliance store and call us to discuss appliances, appliance repair, air conditioning repair or replacement and even talk about service agreements on your major appliances. You can reach us, day or night, at 800-800-8356. 

How Long Do Appliances Last – Appliance Repair

bosch washer dryerWe all want our appliances to last forever, but in reality, sometimes they need a little TLC and appliance repair to keep them running at their best.

How Long  Appliances Last?

According to our Appliance Repair experts here at Home-Tech, these are the average lifespans of your major home appliances with proper maintenance and repair:

  • Refrigerator: 10 – 15 years
  • Dishwasher: 10 years
  • Oven/Range/Cook top: 10 – 20 years
  • Microwave: 10 years
  • Washer: 10 – 15 years
  • Dryer: 10 – 15 years

Helpful Tips and Tricks

The website, dailyfinance.com, had these tips for consumer to consider before repairing or replacing a home appliance:

  • Is it really broken? Check the troubleshooting section of the unit’s instruction manual for the most common problems and solutions.
  • Have you had trouble with this appliance before? It might be worth fixing instead of replacing with something unproven.
  • How much will it cost to repair the appliance?
  • What would a similar appliance cost if purchased new?
  • Are there any hidden costs to purchase (removal, installation, disposal, tax, etc.)?
  • What energy savings will I get with the new appliance? Will they offset the cost of a new appliance vs. repair?
  • What tax credits are available for purchasing an energy efficient appliance? Will they offset the cost of a new appliance vs. repair?

Whirlpool cabrio best dryerFirst Call’s On Us!

Home-Tech is currently offering to cover your first repair, up to the cost of $200, when you purchase a Gold Service Agreement at the time of your repair. A Gold Service Agreement covers all of your major home appliances and their repairs, without a deductible. Imagine, peace of mind and never having to worry about appliance repair again!  

Appliance Repair Made Easy

We take the guess work out of appliance repair. For more than  33 years, Home-Tech has been the premier appliance repair company of choice for Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Sarasota and Manatee counties. Why do customers call us time and time again? That is easy, because we repair ALL brands. From Whirlpool to Bosch, Thermador to Viking, KitchenAid to Amana, and everything in between, we can fix your appliances right the first time.

Trust in our appliance repair expertise and you can join the thousands of southwest Florida customers who call Home-Tech every time. You can schedule online or call to speak with a local customer service representative at 800-800-8356.

Appliances Women Love – The Magic Mike-rowave

Thermador convection microwaveMany American women hit the theaters to enjoy the antics and “cooking up of hot, steamy fun”, that was Magic Mike.  Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Matthew McConaughey and Joe Manganiello all stole the hearts of the mainly female crowds.  And now Magic Mike 2 has been announced with a 2015 release date.  Well, at Home-Tech we appreciate our female customers having a good time and we want that experience to be duplicated with appliances in the kitchen.

Therefore, we introduce to you the Thermador Stainless Steel Convection Microwave MES.  Thermador already describes this appliance as “chiseled, bold, sleek looking.” If you can’t get your hands on Magic Mike, you can surely have a Magic Mike-rowave.  Yes, we know it’s not the same, but trust us.  You are really going to like it.

Cook with Hot Air Circulation

With temperatures soaring around the nation and female hearts swooning during certain dance numbers during the movie, it was HOT in the theater and there wasn’t much air circulation.  So what’s the secret to this convection appliance?  Hot air circulation is a key to the convection microwave because circulating hot air ensures a more even heating and faster cooking results without any loss of flavor.

Keep Foods Warm for 30 Minutes After Cooking

We are sure that many women found that they were still feeling warm 30 minutes after Magic Mike was over.  Let’s apply that beautiful concept to microwave cooking. For instance, let’s say you were talking recapping Magic Mike with your friends over the phone, and forgot that you had heated up your lunch in your microwave. Obviously, this conversation is too juicy to end it so soon, and your lunch remains heated in microwave. Your lunch will still be nice and warm when you want it.

appliances women love

Photo Courtesy of Thermador

10 Power Levels

With Magic Mike grossing over $39 million it’s first weekend, it is obvious that American women like to go out for girls night, spend money and have fun. We like powerful appliances and like the never ending abs of the men in this movie, this microwave packs a ton of power when you need it most.   10 levels of power provides flexibility and the ultimate control in your kitchen. Let’s see how your next girls night can come together quickly cooking in your Thermador Convection MES.

Quick Defrost By Weight

Magic Mike’s opening scene got the ladies’ attention and temperatures rising very quickly.  We won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.  Getting your foods defrosted quickly is really important as well. There are no complicated formulas to enter into the keypad. You can defrost foods such as meat, poultry and seafood simply by entering the weight.  It is a lot easier to defrost frozen food than it is to explain to your husband why you have to go and see this movie for the third time.

Smart Sensor Senses What You Need

The cast of Magic Mike worked hard to deliver spectacular dance routines for the audience.  It’s like they just knew what women would want to enjoy on a night out.  Not everyone is lucky enough in life to have someone “sensing just what you need”.  At least your appliances can do it!  Seriously, the smart sensing technology knows how to heat any food item perfectly.  It is PMS and blonde-moment proof!  These appliances use humidity sensing to achieve perfect results with a minimal amount of programming.  Even your man can do it!

May All Your Appliance Fantasies Come True

While having our own Magic Mike’s may be far fetched, having your ideal kitchen is not. Have fun with it.  Select appliances that are sexy, bold and fun.  Let the food and surroundings inspire more steamy evenings.  Go ahead, have an affair with your kitchen.  After all, aren’t you worth it?

Home-Tech can help.  As Thermador dealers, we can help you select the perfect appliances.  You can call us at 1-800-800-8356 or see and lay hands on these gorgeous appliances in person in one of our two showrooms.  Or, you can shop in the privacy of your own home in our Online Appliance Store.

AC and Appliance Company Lakewood Ranch Grand Opening

AC Ribbon Cutting

On Thursday, May 17, 2012 Home-Tech proudly opened the doors of its 10,400 square foot showroom during an official Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  At 8:30 am, Steve Marino, Founder and President of Home-Tech, alongside Manatee County Commissioners Donna Hayes, Carol Whitmore and Robin DiSabatino, the Manatee Chamber of Commerce and the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, cut the ceremonial ribbon with a giant pair of scissors.  Our contractor, Manasota Commercial Construction, who built our beautiful Lakewood Ranch showroom, was there to share in the celebration.


The Home-Tech employee-owners were especially proud of this moment.  “It had been a long time coming, and to see this day finally happen was a joyful moment for all of us,” said Corporate Sales Director, Mike Hendershott.  “More than six years of planning went into this Sarasota/Manatee location.”

Following the ribbon cutting, the County Commissioners had a question and answer session with CEO, Steve Marino.  They were quite curious about our employee ownership program, which is very unique to this area.

Working AC Units – See and “Feel the Difference”

AC unitsThe event was an excellent way to showcase Home-Tech’s leadership in the AC field.  Steve Marino addressed this by saying, “Home-Tech is different from other AC companies in this area.  We want to educate our customers about the difference between AC systems so they can make a wise choice.  A large part of the new Showroom has been designated to showcase the different brands of AC that we sell.  Our customers can come in and compare the difference between 3 working AC systems and air handlers.”  The guests of the Open House were quite fascinated by the systems.  One of the guests commented that it was great to see what the air handlers actually looked like and how the plumbing was set up on them.  It gave her an idea of which would fit the best in her home.

Live Kitchen Displays

Of course, all of the brand new appliances in the working kitchens were a big hit too.  Our Service Agreement customers were invited to attend, and many of them had no idea we carried brands like Thermador, Bosch, Whirlpool,  Electrolux, Maytag, KitchenAid, LG, Samsung and more.  They had fun strolling down Refrigerator Row and Laundy Lane.  In each area of the showroom, informative videos played, teaching our customers about the many special features of these brands.

Thank You, Friends!

We wish to thank our friends in the community for attending:

  • Robin DiSabatino, Donna Hayes & Carol Whitmore – Manatee Board of County Commissioners
  • John Barnott – Manatee Building Department
  • Heather Kasten  
  • Marianne Goldrainer -Manatee Chamber of Commerce
  • Lauren Kratsch – Manatee County EDC
  • Lori Basilone – Lakewood Ranch Community Activities
  • Robin Parsons & Amanda Vercheski – Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance
  • Brady Chapman & Vera McGill – PACE Manatee
  • Ladd Waldo & Caroline Tanner – Easter Seals of Southwest Florida
  • Jennifer Moss – Florida Public Relations Association
  • Gabriele Vest & Valarie Wadsworth – Sarasota Young Professionals Group
  • Dave Kramer – Leadership Sarasota


Home-Tech Opens in Bradenton, Florida

Home-TechSAVE THE DATE – MAY 17, 2012 – Lucky Winner to Receive a New Kitchen Package!

All of us at Home-Tech couldn’t be more excited about the official open house and ribbon cutting for our Sarasota/Bradenton showroom, located on S.R. 70 in the Lakewood Ranch area. We moved into our new building, located at 5205 Lena Road (the road just behind Norman’s Liquor’s) in April and have been getting the showroom, warehouse and offices ready for the public.  And now, we are more than ready.  We are thrilled.

First thing in the morning, we are having our “Official” Ribbon Cutting, to kick off the celebration.  Both the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and the Manatee Chamber of Commerce will be represented, as well as Manatee County Commissioners.  It will be a proud moment for the construction team, our friends at Manasota Construction, the general contractor.  Nothing says “Open for Business” like a giant pair of scissors.

Serving Sarasota and Manatee Counties

Lakewood Ranch Home-Tech Location

More than 7,300 of our customers and Service Agreement Members have been invited to the open house, to tour the new showroom and learn about all of the great services Home-Tech provides.  From 10am – 7:00pm, there will be fun activities, a live cooking demonstration in the KitchenAid demo kitchen, door prizes, refreshments and the Spin & Win Mega Wheel of Savings.  The Mega Wheel will have discounts on all major appliance purchases and other fun Home-Tech items.  Once in a lifetime discounts will be available for air-conditioning systems only at this Open House event.

Samsung Kitchen Giveaway Details

Every person who attends has the chance to enter to win the Samsung Full Kitchen Giveaway, worth approximately $2,600.  The set includes:

  • 1.8 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave
  • 26 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator
  • 24″ Dishwasher
  • Range

We are very excited to welcome you, meet you and hopefully make you a loyal Home-Tech customer.  Remember, should you need air-conditioning or appliance repair or sales, think of Home-Tech.  Should you need a new appliance, think of us, and our two beautiful showrooms located in: Fort Myers and Lakewood Ranch. 

Mom Will Love a Thermador Star Sapphire Dishwasher

thermador star sapphireHas your mother told you, “Buy me a dishwasher for Mother’s Day this year?”  If she has, you are one of the lucky ones because most of us never know what to get her.  Let’s face it, buying any Mom a gift on Mother’s Day isn’t exactly easy.  There are the automatic go-to’s: flowers, chocolates, mani/pedi or massage.  Then there is the not-so-personal gift card type gift, which was selected out of convenience to you while shopping for the Mother’s Day greeting card at Walgreen’s.  And then, there is the last resort, making a hand-made gift.  The hand-made option is usually received by Mom with a half-smile, and is then put in the way back part of the closet to never be seen by the likes of day ever again.

A Sparkly Thermador Star Sapphire

This year, make it worth her while, and get her an amazing Star Sapphire Dishwasher from Thermador.     Moms will love using the powerful Star-Sapphire to the height of its abilities. Thermador’s newest dishwasher takes at-home entertaining to new levels thanks to features such as its StarSpeed™ 20-minute residential hot water wash cycle, Flexible Chef’s Tool Drawer®, Time Remaining PowerBeam® and the industry’s largest wine glass capacity of 18 glasses.

Appraising this Fine Gem

Thermador Star Sapphire 6 Program Series

Thermador 6 Program Series

Thermador Star Sapphire Innovation

  • Star Speed™ is a full wash cycle in just 20 minutes
  • Largest Wine Glass Capacity- 18 large wine glasses
  • Piezo Touch Control communicates slick design and performance
  • Time Remaining PowerBeam® shines the actual remaining time of the cycle on the floor
  • Sapphire Glow™ internal light illuminates glassware
  • Blue PowerBeam® operating indicator lets you know when the unit is running
  • Flexible 3rd Rack delivers added loading capacity as well as adjustability to accommodate larger items, wider ends and utensil handles
  • Flexible Folding Tines fold down to accommodate larger pots, pans and dishes and add flexibility to hold items twice as wide as standard models and significantly wider than competitors
  • Dosage Assist optimizes break down of detergent tablets

Thermador Star Sapphire Performance

  • Crystal Protection™ System ensures perfect results for fine crystal
  • PowerBoost® option increases temperature and pressure in the lower rack for the ultimate in heavy-duty cleaning
  • Sens-A-Wash® ensures superior washing and drying guaranteed
  • Extra Dry option ensures perfectly dry dishes
  • Hand Wash allows you to delicately wash fine items and wine glasses
  • Accommodates 15 plate settings for your dinner parties
  • Powerfully Quiet® – 44 dBA for peaceful kitchen experience
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified – uses only 260kWh/Yr
  • Extra-Tall-Item™ Sprinkler allows large items (22″ high) to be washed

Should you have any questions about Thermador or the Star Sapphire 6-Program Dishwasher, you can call one of Home-Tech‘s Appliance Specialists at 1-800-800-8356 or come into one of our two showrooms.  Also, you can shop our Online Appliance store day or night!