Appliance Rebates From Home-Tech Made Easy


Whether it’s BOGO (buy one, get one free!), Groupon, or online savings – saving money and finding sales has become complicated. Not long ago, all we had to do was check the Sunday paper for coupons and sale flyers, but now there are a million ways to save – the trouble is in finding them all. Unless, you’re super Internet savvy, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of sales and … [Read more...]

Appliance Cleaning 101

Appliance Cleaning 101

Happy first day of Spring! It’s officially Spring in Southwest Florida and since most of us shudder at the phrase “spring cleaning”, we at Home-Tech have decided to go with spring sparkling instead! It’s time to make those beautiful appliances of yours sparkle – not just on the outside, but on the inside, too. While students get to be out of school and on spring break (by the … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Choose the Maytag Maxima XL Washer

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What if you had a washing machine that practically did laundry all by itself? Wouldn't it be awesome to get home late from your son's baseball game, throw his dirty uniform in the washer and then be able to completely forget about it and go to bed? When you got up in the morning you could pull it out of the washer and not only would it be spotless, it's also dry and ready for … [Read more...]

Laundry Game Changer: PureWash

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Do you have sensitive skin or are allergic to the dyes and additives in laundry detergent? Can you imagine a world without the need for chlorine bleach? How about saving energy use, does that excite you? Well, let us introduce pureWash, an environmentally friendly appliance designed to work with your washing machine. It adds enhanced oxygen and Photo Catalytic Oxidizers to … [Read more...]

Best Laundry Tips for a Better Wash – Tips for Laundry Appliances

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Does your washer have a funky smell? Are you over stuffing it full of laundry? Stop the insanity and get the most out of your laundry appliances by following these tips: Do Consider a Top Loading Washer. It's been approximately 10 years since the front loading washers made a big splash in the marketplace, but now, high-efficiency top loaders are gaining speed. These … [Read more...]