Home Seller Tips – Get a Service Agreement

Service Agreement Home-TechIf you are a Seller’s Agent in Southwest Florida, you and your client will both benefit when you assist them in purchasing a Service Agreement from Home-Tech.  How?

Service Agreement – The Best Home Seller Tips

  • Your Seller will have peace of mind.
  • Buyers will have fewer concerns, making your listing easier to sell.
  • The Service Agreement VALUE will set your listing apart from the other listings in the MLS.
  • There is the convenience of working with a top notch company if an air conditioning or appliance repair is needed during the listing time period.
  • It’s a helpful tool during the contract negotiation.
  • Your happy Seller is bound to refer you.

Peace of Mind

Sellers can be anxious about many things during the sales process.  They have to prepare their home, stage it and then keep it in pristine condition.  They worry if their listing price is right, how fierce the competition is, time on the market, how many showings they are getting and what buyers think of their home.  They also have concerns about the economy and if the right buyer is out there for them.  Many of them have moved on and are now in their next home.

Home Seller TipsTaking care of their air conditioning system and appliance repairs from afar can be a great concern and expense.

The Service Agreement from Home-Tech takes one of their main concerns out of the equation.  Any needed repairs can be taken care of immediately.  We offer emergency service, 7 days a week.  The homeowners do not even need to be there.  And most importantly, the crippling worries over the high costs of repair or replacement are gone.

Buyers Concerns Alleviated

Many Buyers are limited by budget, their loan considerations and just don’t want to have to hassle with appliance or air conditioning replacement or repair costs when they are in the market.  Buyers are more likely to choose a home with the security of a Service Agreement in place, especially a well known commodity like Home-Tech’s.  Get your Seller more offers and expedite the selling process.

Beat the Competition

Set your listing WAY apart from the MLS competition with help from a company that provides concierge-type service.  There are a many different kinds of agreements and home warranty companies on the market, but they don’t offer what Home-Tech does.  Many Southwest Florida residents have experienced the difference of having a clean-cut technician show up, that same day, within a two hour time window, and reliably and efficiently make needed repairs.  Our technicians repair every brand of AC and appliances.  Our customers have many reasons to recommend us to their friends, but they always talk about their excellent service experience.  You’ll feel good recommending the BEST to your client.

Use Our Toolsservice agreements gold

With the flexibility of Home-Tech GOLD and the many Options that go with it, we give you the tools to help each and every Seller have the coverage that pertains to their situation.  You will find it easy to explain to your clients and get them on board.  Our video series make our Service Agreement and Options very easy to understand. Clients can sign up online, in minutes.

sm-nofuss-alexThe After Glow

You will have a happy Seller and they will stay happy.  If an air conditioning or appliance repair is needed during the listing time period, Home-Tech will repair it.  We also offer plumbing and electrical coverage.  Our Agreements are transferable.  So after the sale closes, if there are problems, you will not have an upset client or Buyer’s Agent calling you.  Home-Tech will handle it with the new homeowner.  Best of all, your Seller is bound to refer you to other clients because of the smooth transaction and “after” period.

If you have any questions about our Service Agreement, please call us.  We have specialists standing by, ready to help.  1-800-800-8356.

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