Best AC Systems to Install According to Home-Tech’s Dave Montejunas

best ac systemsIt’s hot out there, and we know your air conditioning is working overtime. Perhaps, you have been putting off purchasing and having a new air conditioning installation, and now is the time to find the best ac systems and make a choice.  

AC Installation Experts On Hand at Home-Tech

Today we’d like to introduce you to one, Dave Montejunas.

Hometown: Tewksbury, MA

How many years have you lived in Florida: 27

How many years have you worked for Home-Tech: Six

Which air conditioning systems are you recommending to Home-Tech customers?

“The Carrier Infinity System, the Maytag iQ Drive and the Trane XL 20i“.

What is unique about these three air conditioning systems?best ac install

“The Carrier Infinity System is what I have in my own home and the humidity control is fantastic.  The comfort on this system is truly remarkable, and that is why I give this AC my #1 rating.  The Maytage iQ Drive is great because it comes with a 12 year warranty.   No other air conditioner operates like an iQ Drive. Its inverter-rotary technology constantly adjusts to exactly offset the cooling demands on the home.  It is the kind of air conditioner you need to feel to appreciate.  And, the Trane 20i, is a tested and proven system.  This quality system has been recently upgraded with a new hyperion air handler.  With the recent upgrades,  rust and rot of the coils and ac exterior have almost been eliminated, making this Trane highly efficient and nearly indestructible”.

air conditioning installersWhat can you say about Home-Tech’s Air Conditioning Installation Crews?

“As far as air conditioning installation, we have the best crews in southwest Florida. Our teams truly care about your home and our customers.  We take a close look at your duct work before we install, recommend upgrades to get the maximum performance out of your new ac system and then perform an air conditioning installation service that is second to none”.

What is the difference between Home-Tech and other air conditioning installation, sales or service companies?

Home-Tech is an integrity-based company, first and foremost.  When I worked for other companies, they cared more about the dollar and cents rather than the customer.  When you are held back as a salesperson by quotas, you can not do what is best for the customer.  Home-tech doesn’t have that strict sales/quota mentality.  They want you to take care of the customer first and the company second”.

Please share a memorable client experience.

“There was a customer in Naples who had contacted Home-Tech after they had been taken advantage of by a competing company.  I hear horror stories like this all of the time and I don’t approve of anyone taking advantage of the elderly.  I train the Comfort Specialists for Home-Tech to be respectful of our aging customers.  Home-Tech has specific policies in place, ensuring that our clients are protected from any deceptive practices“.

Thank you, Dave for all of your insight!

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