7 Tips to Guard Against Air Conditioning Repair Rip Off

AC Rip Off preventionWhen the weather starts heating up there is always a story on the news about an unethical air conditioning company.  Home-Tech is NOT one of these companies, nor would we engage in unethical business practices like those exposed in the news stories.

Home-Tech’s President and CEO, Steve Marino, provided the following statement, “Air conditioning repair and major appliance service has come a long way since the unregulated, unlicensed days of old.  However, like any business, there remain unscrupulous and unethical individuals that plague our industry.  I am proud of our company, Home-Tech, and our ability to stand out for our exceptional customer service.  You can go on our website at any time and read our positive customer testimonials.”

7 Tips to Guard Against an Air Conditioning Repair Rip-Off

After 34 years in the business, Home-Tech has 7 simple steps that homeowners can follow to greatly reduce the risk of an “in-home service rip-off”:

  1. Educate Yourself: People are taken advantage of because they are uneducated on the subject matter of air conditioning repair and appliance repair.  If a repair man informs you of a broken part, and the name of the part doesn’t sound right, it probably isn’t.  Go online and research the repairs and parts.
  2. Ask a friend:  Friends are more than willing to recommend an air conditioning repair company that has provided them with a positive experience.  With the use of Facebook or Twitter, that should be very easy.
  3. Be wary of “Too good to be true” ads and the quest for the cheapest price: Providing in-home service is costly.  When a company lures consumers with very low maintenance offer or air conditioning repair call ($19.95, $29.95, etc.) do not fall for it!  These tactics are designed specifically to get a repairman into your home, so they can take advantage of you and add in hidden costs to the bill or estimate.
  4. No Address – No Deal: They have your address.  Shouldn’t you have theirs? Any business that does not list an address should cause you to ask WHY?  Why do they not want you to know where they are located?  A reputable service business will always list their address in publications.
  5. Research the Service Company: Don’t just rely on BBB or Angie’s List; these are for-profit organizations.   Also, call your local County Clerk’s office for past lawsuits, Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development organizations or Home Owners Associations. Make sure the company is licensed and NATE Certified.
  6. Years in business do matter: Find a company that has weathered many economical storms and maintained a good reputation.  Select a company, like Home-Tech, who realizes the mutual benefits of supporting the communities it serves.  Companies like ours will never be the cheapest but will charge a fair price for services.
  7. Purchase a Service Agreement: A service agreement is a contractual obligation between the service company and the homeowner.  In the State of Florida these types of agreements are regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance. With a full parts and labor agreement, the homeowner never has to be concerned with “Who to call?” or “What will they charge me?”

Trust your Home to Home-TechAir conditioning truck

At the end of the day, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to decide who they allow into their home to provide air conditioning repair services.  Spend time to properly qualify companies you do business with.  This will save you money, time and considerable headaches.

We encourage you to research Home-Tech.  Our positive reputation for services in Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Manatee and Sarasota Counties is well-known, we have an A- rating with the BBB and we are very involved in the communities we serve.  Should you want more information about Home-Tech and our ethical business practices, please call us at 800-800-8356.


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