Air Conditioning Repair Alva, Florida – Competent Performance

attaboy_sealblueDoes Home-Tech provide air conditioning repair in Alva, Florida?  Yes we do.  Here’s a customer testimonial about our service.  Way to go, Shawn.

Efficient and Courteous

August 13, 2012

Dear Home-Tech:

On Saturday night, 8/11/2012, Shawn visited our home to get our air conditioning working.  He called me at about 22:15 and arrived at 22:20.  After listening to my description of the vents leading up to the A/C failure, he immediately diagnosed the problem, changed out the capacitor, got the unit working again, thus cooling our home, discovered a freon leak, restored the outside unit to its working condition and departed at about 23:30.

He was efficient and courteous and promised to report the leak for future repair.  He also advised me of the services that Home-Tech offers for complete A/C unit replacement and described the approximate time frames for performance.

I followed up with your office this morning, 8/13/2012 and confirmed that parts were ordered for the forthcoming repair that a service call would be scheduled by your office once those parts were received by you, thus confirming that Shawn delivered on his promise.

All in all, with his late night scheduling and his competent performance and courteous presentation, Shawn represented your company very well, and I would be glad to have him return to my home in the future.  Shawn is an excellent representative of your company.  Thank you for employing him.  Employees like Shawn confirm to me that I have made the correct decision in keeping a Gold Service Agreement with Home-Tech.

J. Sands
Alva, Florida