Best of Appliances – 2014 Best Top Loading Washing Machines

best top load washerSelecting the right appliances for your laundry room may be easy or difficult, depending on how you tackle it. Either you can do all of the research on the best appliances for your buck, or you can trust Home-Tech’s appliance experts to direct you to the two top performing washers of 2014. Standard or high efficiency, we know our appliances inside and out, have the most popular Service Agreement in southwest Florida, and are well informed as to which appliances are leading the consumer markets nationwide.

The top performing appliances in the top loading washer category are the LG WT4801 and the Samsung WA5451ANW. Both washing machines are top of the list in the laundry category and are best sellers in the Home-Tech appliance stores.  Whether you wanted a roomy machine or the best possible cleaning performance, one of these appliances is sure to please.

LG 3.7 cu.ft. Large Capacity High Efficiency Top Load Washer

Large 3.7 cu.ft. Capacity

Towers of towels, piles of sweatshirts, and a mountain of jeans.  Go for it. The Large 3.7 cu.ft. washer lets you do more laundry in fewer loads. That’s time saved and sore backs avoided.

Direct Drive Motor, 10 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

When you buy a washer, you don’t want to worry that it won’t last. Because the Direct Drive Motor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, LG confidently backs the motor with a 10-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Vibration System TrueBalance™

You shouldn’t know your washer is on from the next room. The LG TrueBalance™ anti-vibration system is designed to minimize washer noise and vibration for smooth, quiet performance in any room of the house – even on the 2nd floor.

Clean Small Loads in Just 15 Mins

It’s not like you always have time on your hands to wait around for the wash. The SpeedWash™ Cycle can have clothes clean and fresh in just 15 minutes.

Effective Rinsing Penetrating Water Spray

Saving water doesn’t mean compromising cleaning power. At least not when you have the SmartRinse™ Jet Spray System. The tub quickly spins as a powerful water jet sprays into it, forcing the water to penetrate through the clothes for effective rinsing.

Detergent, Bleach and Softener all at Once

No need to watch the clock while you wash. EasyDispense™ takes the guesswork out of doing laundry by allowing you to pour in your detergent, bleach and fabric softener all at once, while releasing them at just the right time.

Cleans and Dries the Washtub

The TubClean Cycle is designed for easy, periodic maintenance to keep your washer fresh. The cycle uses water jets to clean the wash tub, and high spin speeds to remove excess moisture, helping to keep your high-performing washer in tip-top condition.

NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum

Just because you want your dryer to last for years doesn’t mean you want it to look its age. The NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum is built to keep drying your clothes more efficiently without showing wear and tear.


Samsung 4.7 cu. ft. VRT™ Top Load Washer

Capacity that fits more wash – so you can fit more in your day

With this super capacity washer you can wash more in fewer loads, saving you water and electricity. Wash a large number of bath towels in a single load, freeing up time for the more important things in life.

Samsung appliances laundry best ofVibration Reduction Technology (VRT) reduces vibration and noise

Samsung’s Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) allows installation on second floors or near bedrooms because it provides smooth operation at spin speeds up to 1300 revolutions per minute, significantly reducing vibration and noise while improving handling of unbalanced loads.

PureCycle for a washer that cleans itself

Clean your machine with the press of a button! PureCycle removes dirt and detergent residue from the drum using high speed spinning and hot water instead of special cleaners with harsh chemicals that you must purchase. It saves you money as well as helps preserve the environment.

Diamond Drum™ for Gentler Washing

Stainless Steel Diamond Drum™ reduces wear and tear on fabrics.

Peace of mind with NSF® certified sanitization cycle

Samsung’s NFS certified washers eliminate 99.9% of household germs from laundry.

ENERGY STAR® certified to save power and money

ENERGY STAR certification means this model helps the environment by using less energy, which means less money you spend on electricity. ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting energy efficiency.

11 Washing Cycles to meet your washing needs

Normal, Heavy Duty, Permanent Press, Sanitize, Towels, Bedding, Active Wear, Delicates/Hand Wash, Wool, Quick Wash, Rinse and Spin

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Regardless of what appliances you are shopping for, our In-Store Appliance Specialists are educated and up-to-speed on what the top performing appliances are in every single category. With Home-Tech you get top of the line appliances and access to the Home-Tech’s appliance repair when you need it most. For more information on our appliances or appliance repairs, please call us at 800-800-8356.

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