Air Conditioning Trivia – 10 Very Cool Questions

air conditioning repair ductHome-Tech has a healthy obsession with providing superior air conditioning service. While, we are more than pleased to provide quick and reliable AC service, we also sell the latest in air conditioning systems.  We study air conditioning from its roots to preparing for the future technological advances in heating and cooling.  But, in order to know where air conditioning is heading, lets engage in some friendly trivia about air conditioning’s past and present. Good luck!

Air Conditioning Trivia Questions

1. Who invented the air conditioner, and for what purpose? 

It was Willis Carrier who invented air conditioning. He originally created the air conditioner for the publishing company he worked for in Brooklyn, to keep the temperature and humidity low enough for paper to refrain from expanding or contracting.

2. True or False: Before Air Conditioning, industrial workers had month long vacations in August?

TRUE. Industrial workers were sluggish in the hot buildings during the summer, slowing  or even stopping production during the sweltering summer months. Even the government shut down during parts of the summer for the very same reason!

3. How has architecture changed since the advancement of air conditioning?

Gone are the cool brick structures with high ceilings, transoms, breezeways, strategically placed shrubbery, and sleeping porches, all of which were designed to keep inhabitants cool. Today’s glass skyscrapers and low-slung tract housing don’t have the same ventilating and heat-defeating features, so going without air conditioning today feels more unbearable than it used to.

4. True or False: The development of effective temperature control, refrigeration has revolutionized almost every aspect of industry?

TRUE. Without air conditioning, the following things would be virtually impossible: the manufacture of computers and chipsets; data storage centers; the production, delivery, and storage of food; pharmaceutical manufacturing; and chemical manufacturing.

5. How has air conditioning allowed for exponential advances in medicine and human life expectancy?

Air conditioned hospitals helped defeat malaria, decrease infant mortality, inhibit bacteria, and advance developments in surgery.

6. True or False: Air conditioning has affected education nationwide?

FALSE.  Summer vacation exists because at the near the turn of the century, hot, stuffy schools were intolerable, and some advocates worried about the spread of disease in such poor conditions. Although air conditioning has made it possible for students to be comfortable year-round, the vacation schedule never changed.

repair of air conditioning7. What assisted in a 60 percent of all economic growth in the United States since 1960? 

Air conditioning, of course.  Since 1960, 60 percent of all the economic growth in the country has taken place in the South, where air conditioning made year-round factory work and apartment-living possible. Demographers agree that the population explosions in places like Arizona, Las Vegas, Florida, and Texas can be directly attributed to air conditioning.

8. True or False: Air-conditioning conditions us to want more air-conditioning. 

TRUE. There is scientific evidence showing that spending too much time in cool environments erodes humans’ natural tolerance for heat.

 9. In 2009, what percentage of homes in the United States have a central air conditioning system?

The United States Census Bureau, and the American Housing Survey revealed that 72 million homes, or 65% had central air conditioning and the other 22% have room or window units.

10. If you need an air conditioning repair, who do you call?

Home-Tech, of course. With more than 90 service trucks on the road every day, ready and able to provide fast and emergency service to air conditioning customers. Our expert technicians will get your air conditioning repaired and running quickly. For questions or to schedule service, please call: 800-800-8356 or just fill out our request form. 



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