Best of 2012 Home-Tech Blog Posts – Top Loading Washers Take #1 Slot

home-tech best of 2012 blogsThere were so many topics we covered in our Home-Tech blog in 2012. From employee interviews to service agreements, all the new appliances and trends in the air conditioning industry, Home-Tech has covered a lot of ground. This year, we compiled our own ‘Best of 2012′ list based upon the page views from our blog. So without further ado, here is the Best of 2012 – Home-Tech Blog posts.

10. Appliance Rebates from Bosch. This blog post provided a fun before and after kitchen photo. It’s focus was on taking your kitchen from Blah to BAM!

9. Air Conditioning Repair Needed for Mold Control. I think this is something every Florida resident is worried about at one point or another. It destroys your indoor air quality and must be kept under control. There are some great tips in this blog to keep mold at bay.

8. Self Cleaning Oven Gets Steamy – An Evolution in Appliances. Tips and tricks to using the steam clean feature on Whirlpool ovens are what makes this a great blog entry. Steam cleaning your oven will do the trick in between the much longer self-cleaning process.

7. Appliance Rebates from Whirlpool. Well, we know our customers love to save money, especially when it comes to purchasing new major appliances for their homes. If we are posting about an appliance rebate, chances are, it’s a really good one that will save you a big chunk of change.  That is why it is a Best of 2012.

6. Falling Forward Into Autumn. Top 5 Energy Saving Tips. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Home-Tech is big on informing our customers and future customers on the best practices of air conditioning and appliance maintenance. Whether you need our repair services or not, we still aim to keep consumers informed on the latest industry insider knowledge.

5. NBC’s Today Show Highlights Unethical Air Conditioning Repair Services. We knew this would be a Best of 2012 when we posted this. Home-Tech strongly believes in ethical service, which is why all of our technicians are background checked, drug-tested and NATE certified. Go safe and go with Home-Tech.

4. Washing Machine Laundry Detergent Dispensing. Seems simple, right? Well, it’s the simple things that our customers ask us about the most, which is why this made it onto the Best of 2012 list. For those who still don’t know how much detergent is too much or too little, click on the link because it’s time to learn something new.

3. Preventing Induction Oven Cooktop Breakage or Cooktop Repairs. Wow! We were so glad you enjoyed this post about how to NOT break your cooktop. As we see this appliance repair often, we wanted to share the advice we give to our customers with a wider audience. Bottom line: if you think you are at risk of breaking your cooktop, read this or share this Best of 2012 post with friends.

2. Appliances – White is the New Stainless in the Whirlpool Ice Collection. This post gained traction really fast and we thank you. If you haven’t had a chance to see this appliance package, you should because it is truly beautiful. It’s sleek and modern, but casual and classic. Its features are top notch, and is deserving of the number 2 slot on the Best of 2012.

1. Best of Appliances – 2012 Best Top Loading Washing Machines. Who would have thought that this blog would have had more than 9,000 views! Home-Tech wouldn’t steer our customers in the wrong direction when shopping for appliances. Even if our customers don’t shop with us, we still feel as if it is our duty to keep them properly informed on the latest and greatest appliances.

Closing Thoughts on our Best of 2012 List

We could not be prouder to have been an information provider to you over this past year. Thank you to all of you who follow our daily blog. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. We will always keep you informed on the latest and greatest in air conditioning and appliances. Most importantly, remember to call Home-Tech if you need an air conditioning or appliance repair at 800-800-8356. Thank you for making 2012 great and we look forward to informing our readers again in 2013. Happy New Year!





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