Hot as an Oven – 5 Tips for Mastering the Chocolate Souffle

The Art of the Souffle

Any foodie, at-home chef or food television watching addict can tell you that one of the most difficult desserts to properly cook is the souffle. With so many variables at stake, why risk this pesky dish? Because, it’s delicious and always greatly appreciated by the ones you are making it for. The memory of the amazing warm chocolate deliciousness you have created will linger longer than the souffle itself, but it is still a worthwhile challenge for any cook.

The Oven Basics

Let’s talk frankly here. First of all, check out your oven. Do your hinges close all the way? Do you feel air escaping from your oven? If so, you know you should call Home-Tech for an oven repair before attempting this souffle. If you have an external oven thermometer, move it around your oven to ensure your oven is heating evenly. Nothing can make a souffle one-sided like an unevenly heated oven. For those who are appliance afficianados, check out KitchenAid’s Even-Heat Technology, which prevents hot and cold spots by warming the oven’s air, racks and walls continuously. Home-Tech recommends the 30″ Architect Series II Freestanding Electric Range (KERS303BSS ).

A Few Reminders

1. Be prepared. We recommend that you measure out all of your ingredients before you begin. This will decrease stress and make following the recipe much easier.

2. Eggs should be at room temperature. Make sure you remove eggs from the refrigerator at least an hour or more before putting them into the mixer.

3. Cleanliness is key to a souffle. The bowl you will use to whisk your egg whites must be free of all grease or debris. The slightest spec of food or oil can cause your egg whites to fall.

4. Peak perfection is a learned skill. Take the time to explore the stiffness and peaks of egg whites before attempting any souffle so that you can get your peaks just right.

5. Don’t open the oven! We can’t stress this enough, DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN. You will cause your souffle to deflate before it has had the chance to rise.

Souffle Success

Our new favorite recipe for this dessert is Bon Appetit’s Dark Chocolate Souffle with Caradmon Creme Anglaise. We hope your sweetie enjoys these sweets, as we can’t get enough of them! Should your souffles fall flat, not rise at all, rise on one side or have crusts that are too tough,  keep Home-Tech  in mind for an oven check up. And, if you are ready for an oven upgrade, we would be more than pleased to recommend a few ovens that will match well with your culinary skills. Home-Tech is ready when you are. Call us to learn more at 800-800-8356.


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