Women in Management at Home-Tech: An Interview with Kerri Bigelow

Customer Service Manager hometechName: Kerri Bigelow
Position: Customer Service Manager
How many years have you been a Home-Tech employee?  
On March 31st, it will be 5 years.
What other positions have you held here at Home-Tech or elsewhere?  
I have been a Customer Service Representative and the Assistant Dispatch Manager for Home-Tech. Previously, I was in management for Publix Supermarkets.
Tell us about the Customer Service Department. How difficult is it managing this department? 
Customer service is the “Front Line” of the company and can be very challenging at times, but we like to strive in making our customers “Home-Tech fans“. Not only do we take care of our customers, but we also complete invoicing, clear technician calls, and in some cases, share responsibilties with other departments.  Managing the Customer Service Department can be challenging, but that’s what keeps me on my toes.  I strive to implement policies and develop procedures to ensure constant customer service satisfaction.
What advice do you give to newer staff members of your department or Home-Tech in general? 
Our first priority is answering the phones and taking care of customers, above anything else.
What is your biggest pet peeve?
Dishonest people.
What is your personal motto or unique approach to being a successful manager? 
Self-confidence grows not from what you can do, but what you know you can do.
home-tech interview kerri bigelowWhat are your interests outside the walls of Home-Tech?  
Motorcycling, fishing with my boys, cooking and being with my dogs Deuce & Hope.
What is the best piece of advise you ever received? 
From my Mom: Be happy & LAUGH. Always have a jovial look on life and don’t be too serious.  (And if anyone knows me – that’s me!)
Tell us a secret? 
I grew up as a Navy brat. I always wanted to go into the Military, but my Dad said No!

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