Lovin’ That Great AC and Appliance Service

Our customers write to us each and every day about the technicians that have been in their homes, making their lives better.  Fixing AC units, getting stoves, dishwashers and microwaves running again is only a fraction of what Home-Tech technicians do daily.  They also represent Home-Tech and our company culture in a very professional, friendly way.  Today’s testimonials are all about Shaun.  We are very proud of Shaun and the way he does his job so that our customers LOVE HIM.  Congratulations, Shaun!  Good job!


Subject:  Technician, Shaun

Shaun arrived on time, explained the cost of the service call, listened to my concerns, tested the air handler, observed a noisy circuit breaker, made a recommendation and clearly documented the service call on the invoice.  Shaun was well trained, courteous, efficient and had great customer service skills.  Above all, he was an excellent listener.  Overall rating:  outstanding.

~ Thomas Hancock, Bonita Springs


Subject: Flood at Condo

Dear Home-Tech:

I wanted to let you know that Shaun is an outstanding employee.  I had a flood in my rental condo last week and was just panicked between mopping up all the water and the screaming neighbor whose residence is under mine.

I finally go the water mopped up and Shaun was at the door to repair the washing machine that caused the spill.  He examined the machine and fixed it and ran a cycle through and stayed on as the air conditioner also broke and a Home-Tech ac rep arrived later that afternon.  Shaun worked well past working hours reassuring me that the mess would get cleaned up and resolved.  He was very caring and thoughtful and sensitive to my distress.

I felt like he went over what most employeees would do in this situation and was a comfort when I was totally stressed with a tenant not being able to move in with wet walls that need to get dried out, etc.  I highly recommend him in any situation, especially in a stressful one.

Also the Home-Tech specialist who put in the new ac was also outstanding and did a great job.  All of the Home-Tech people have been a dream to work with.  You made my flood bearable.

~ Susan Barton, Naples, FL


Subject:  AC check up

Technician by the name of Shaun did my annual ac check-up yesterday.  He was polite, efficient and very thorough.  For whatever reason the overflow pipe was disconnected from my overflow pan.  Shaun thought it would be a good idea to reconnect it and he did.  Overall, he did a great job and I’m very satisfied!

~ Ed Keisling, Fort Myers, FL