Women in Management at Home-Tech: An Interview with Marketing Manager, Margo McQueen

hometech marketing manager margo mcqueenName: Margo McQueen

Position: Marketing Manager

How many years have you been with Home-Tech: 4 years

What other positions have you held? 

I started in the Marketing Department and have worked in the IT department as well.

What gives you the greatest satisfaction?

To be perceived correctly by the public and our customers is our ultimate goal in the Marketing Department.  We are an employee-owned company where each individual truly cares that our customers receive an outstanding concierge-like service experience each time.  It is very satisfying to have a website, advertising materials and commercials that truly reflect our company culture so that others can understand the high quality services we offer.  I am satisfied each time I hear of one of our customers sharing with another how much they love Home-Tech’s service.  Our customers’ satisfaction is my greatest satisfaction!

What is unique about the marketing department? 

In all of southwest Florida, I doubt there is another marketing department that has the quality of manpower and woman power that ours does.  We do all of our work in-house, including our own PPC, video production, social media  and public relations.  Our CEO has assembled an awesome marketing department and under his steady hand we have built our excellent brand now for over 3 decades. I have spoken to marketing firms that would like to work with us, but in almost every case, the services that they are offering are something we are already doing.  They are always amazed that we do everything in-house, but that’s the Home-Tech way.

How would you describe your management style?

I bring what I have learned in the past managing a sales team of 200 women as well as techniques I have learned from other Home-Tech managers.  I believe and trust in everyone in our department.  They are gifted and creative.  I try to provide the environment for them to flourish.  Creative people do best when they have time to dream and think and have as little stress as possible.  I carve that space out for them so they can do great work.  All brainstorming is welcome. We have fun every day!

Home-Tech is a woman-friendly organization, wouldn’t you agree?

Yes! It may surprise people that a business based on the repair of air conditioning and appliances has so many opportunities for women to thrive.  The CEO and employee owners have created a culture, though, where everyone can thrive.  If you want to work hard, learn every day, “play well with others” and always keep the customer in the front of your mind, you can be successful at Home-Tech.

What advice do you give to newer employees?

In your free time talk to as many other employee owners as you can.  Learn what their job description is.  The faster you get the whole picture of what Home-Tech does in your mind, the better.  The most successful employees understand everything we provide and why we do what we do.  

What is your favorite saying?

My favorite saying is “You gotta’ eat the frog first thing”.  This is a concept I learned a long time ago and live by every day.   You look at your task list for the day, pick the one thing you are dreading and knock it out first thing.  You get it over with or “eat the frog”.   Once it’s done, the rest of your day just flows so nicely.  

What is the best advice you have ever received?

You need to move to Ft. Myers!  I had dear friends support me and encourage me to move here 4 years ago and I’m so glad they did.  It’s so beautiful here and conducive to healthy living.  I’m in love with southwest Florida.

What are your interests outside of Home-Tech?

I’m interested in learning about every little nook and cranny here in southwest Florida and capturing it with my camera.  Most of my free time is spent out and about with my dog enjoying the beauty of Florida.

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