Community Connections. Home-Tech Supports Public Broadcasting & WGCU

PBS WGCU Home-Tech Community “My wife and I watch PBS every night and the one thing I noticed is that we NEVER push the mute button. And years ago, I saw a Lexus spot, and while I don’t remember the details, it made such an impression on me that I said to myself, ‘I want my company to come across with the same class as Lexus. So, I decided that we [Home-Tech], would become a sponsor. I have had customers tell me they appreciate our support of public broadcasting.  And if we don’t support it, it may not be here for all of us to enjoy.”

– Steve Marino, President and CEO of Home-Tech

Click Here to see Steve’s PBS Testimonial Video.

More About Community Support for WGCU

Home-Tech is proud to be a community business partner of WGCU, PBS and NPR.  The programming these stations provide are more than news and  more than entertainment, they provide a voice for our local communities.  While Sesame Street and Antiques Roadshow may be your first thoughts when it comes to public broadcasting, to Home-Tech it represents local jobs and a long lasting tradition of excellence in programming. So, when Home-Tech aligns with WGCU it is because of the class and excellence of their network,  and the extraordinary opportunities that public broadcasting represents and provides to our local communities.

Your Community AC and Appliance Experts

While we support our community, we do hope that the community will support us in return by calling Home-Tech when you need an appliance or air conditioning repair.  We serve all of Lee, Collier, Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties and can even provide emergency repair service when you need it most. Nothing means more to us than supporting the communities where we live and work, and if we can get the word out through an organization like WGCU, even better. Have questions about a repair, call us anytime at 800-800-8356. 


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