Why Do Homes Have a Distinct Smell? Is it an Air Conditioning Issue?

air conditioning filterYou know that smell, right? It’s that smell when you walk into a home and you automatically recognize the place by that distinct odor. Have you ever wondered why places have a defining aroma and why others do not?

What’s That Smell?

Apparently there is something called “Occupant Odor.”  According to Glamzzle.com, these odors come from the detergents you use, cooking smells, cleaning supplies, and room fresheners. These scents then occupy spaces like curtains, carpets, cushions and pillows. Combined together, the meshing of these scents creates your distinct home smell.

While some homes have a more pleasant aroma than others, there are certain smells that you would prefer to avoid, like that of pet dander, mildew, or mold. Have you tried everything to eliminate these odors to no avail? Strong and lingering odors may be a sign that there could be a problem with your air conditioning.

Is Your Air Conditioning Creating  Stinky Smells?

Let’s say there is a strong and overpowering mold smell that occurs when you are running your air conditioning. It is possible that mold has grown on and/or around your condenser coil. This occurs when draining of the condenser pan is malfunctioning. Home-Tech calls this problem the odoriferous coil. This requires professional assistance, and Home-Tech should be contacted to clean your coils. We don’t want to see you suffer through another stinky day, so let us freshen up that air.

Simple Smell Solutions

If your odors are caused from environmental elements, try some of these easy solutions to stop those smells.

  1. Change out your air conditioning filter more frequently. Changing them on a regular basis will increase your unit’s effectiveness and reduce the chance of smells lingering in your house.
  2. To remove a lingering kitchen odor that comes from a pungent vegetable like cauliflower or cauliflower, add a tablespoon of lemon juice to the cooking water or dish.
  3. Cook with the fan on. Ventilating the cooking process can eliminate lingering odors. If it is something super pungent, like a curry or cumin dish, try opening the windows as well.
  4. Does your garbage disposal stink? Try using distilled white vinegar to neutralize the odor. Fill an ice cube tray with vinegar and freeze. Toss the cubes down the disposal and let the deodorizing begin. While the vinegar scent is strong, it does dissipate over time. Vinegar is great because it kills mold, germs and bacteria thanks to its high acidity.

A Home-Tech Home

We care about your comfort. While our technicians know first hand that each home has a distinct smell, we also know which smells are cause for concern. Have an odor that you are unsure of, call the experts with a trained nose. Home-Tech can evaluate any air conditioning problem, and are available when you need us most. We are here to answer your questions, even if it is about a lingering odor. Call us today at 800-800-8356.

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