Appliance Rebates from Whirlpool

The following Blog post was written in March 2012.  The rebates listed are no longer being offered, but check our online site for current rebates at

Have you ever wanted to change up the look of your whole kitchen by adding fresh, new appliances?  Maybe you’d like to update your refrigerator and dishwasher to stainless steel finishes.  Do you want to start SAVING MONEY on your electric bill and water bill with a new washing machine/dryer set?  Are your appliances broken, too noisy, inefficient, or just “has beens”?

There May Be Appliance Rebates For You There are nine bottom-freezer refrigerator models with $50 in appliance rebates and seventeen side-by-side models with $100 in appliance rebates.  The Whirlpool® GSS26C4 side-by-side model, which is very energy efficient, features roomy storage space for all of your groceries, plus spill-proof shelving.

There are six dishwashers with up to $75 in appliance rebates.  Model WDT770P is recommended by Home-Tech because of its efficiency.  It only uses half the electricity and water.  With its sensor capabilities it knows exactly how long to wash your dishes, (based on soil level) and how long to dry them.  For dishes covered in baked-on food, it has a designated area with forty water jets to power scrub.  And, it’s also one of Whirlpool’s quietest dishwashers.

There are eight top-loading washing machines, plus sixteen dryer models with up to $75 in appliance rebates.  If you would like to upgrade to a front loading pair, there are five washing machine models to choose from and ten dryer models.  You can get back up to $250 on a pair with the appliance rebate.  Home-Tech recommends Dryer Model WFW97HEX and Washer Model WED97HEX.  This state of the art washing machine has the precision dispense feature and also an air circulation system that allows you to dry a small load in the washer.

Whirlpool® will be mailing a prepaid MasterCard® to customers who complete the Mail-in Rebate Form, postmarked by 5/1/12.  You can receive a total of up to $425 on the card, depending on which models you purchase.

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