Air Conditioning – Fighting Allergies with Improved Indoor Air Quality

air conditioning filterStop holding your breath for cleaner air.  Sneezing, wheezing, coughing and sniffling are the symptoms of the all-too-familiar Florida allergy sufferer. Is that you?  Well, here’s some good news!  Home-Tech could help improve your symptoms by improving the air quality inside your home.  Our Comfort Specialists can outfit your current air conditioning system with ventilators, UV lamps, humidifiers and air purifiers to create a cleaner, fresher and healthier environment for you and your family.

Trap the Pollutants in Your Air

Home-Tech’s goal for our customers is to not only provide cool comfort, but cleaner air as well. For allergy sufferers, it means providing air conditioning solutions that trap and kill bacteria, viruses, mold spores, allergens and other pollutants from the air you breathe. Here’s a great product you should know about.  The Infinity® air purifier, for example, cleans indoor air as many as 8 times an hour with an enviable MERV rating of 15 and removes pollutants from the air that are up to 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin.

The standard features of Carrier’s Infinity Air Purifier include:

  • Whole home air purification system
  • Long-life MERV 15 filter
  • Patented Captures and Kills technology
  • Captures up to 95% of particles .30 to 1.0 microns in size
  • Kills or inactivates up to 99% of germs, pollen and mold captured
  • Proven effective against 13 common pathogens including influenza, common cold, measles, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus and Aspergillus versicolor (a common fungus).

Shedding Some Light on Airborne Allergens

Our ultraviolet germicidal lamps mean “lights out” for mold and bacteria. The indoor coil inside of your air conditioning system is part of what cools your home, but it and its drain pan can also be a favorite hangout of mold and bacteria. Growth of these organisms can affect efficiency and reduce airflow. They can even become airborne. Eliminating these bad boys does more than help improve your air quality, it increases your air conditioning system’s performance as well. That’s because when mold is allowed to build up on your coils, airflow can be reduced by as much as 9%. With UV lamps, coil cleaning can be a thing of the past. Simply replace the lamps once a year.

The standard features of these UV lamps include:

  • Intense UV light is designed to kill bacteria and mold growing on and around the indoor coil
  • Minimizes microbial build-up on coil and drain pan and prevents it from becoming airborne
  • Enhances air flow
  • Helps maintain system efficiency
  • Silent operation
  • 10 year limited warranty, 90-day limited warranty for bulbs

air conditioning comfort specialistTake a Breather

Want to reduce those annoying allergens from inside your home? Call Home-Tech and our Comfort Specialists can assist in providing the air conditioning products to improve the quality of your conditioned air. Don’t let allergies rule your home, take control over them and breathe easier. Call now to schedule an appointment with our Indoor Air Quality Experts at 800-800-8356.

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